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  1. GayaXLuna

    Game Idea - X Marks

    It sounds cool, as long as you executed it right it'd be sweet. I'd like to see gameplay once available.
  2. GayaXLuna

    Project Neon

    Thanks! Not sure if I'd call it like batman, but Hey Batman is awesome. There'll be a demo, eventually.
  3. GayaXLuna

    A rough idea for a side-project

    It sounds rather cool, i'd definitely Play a game like this. It seems to be a big thing right now, brain transplant stuff that is.
  4. GayaXLuna

    Project Neon

    Alright so my main project is condemned Project Neon. It's a futuristic cyberpunk game set in a city that's Dark, dirty, and overall realistic. There is no fairy tales here, I aim to make a awesome emotional rollercoaster. It has custom graphics (Just started so not many yet), custom music, and is it's own style. Story: You play a Girl who has One mission, stop the corruption of Neon city. You'll find secrets, be betrayed, fall in love, become something different. I don't want to ruin too much of the story since a bit I want to be an "WHOA"reaction. Sorry it's not too detailed as of now. It'll have traditional Jrpg mechanics along with new. I'm trying to make custom scripts as well. I aim for a big game that will take time to beat, and even more to truly complete. Tell me what you think, what you would like to see in it. Thank you for reading.
  5. GayaXLuna

    My story idea "The Nobody"

    It'll be standard Jrpg mechanics, as for progression. It's an bigger project than I normally do, this is due to two endings. You'll complete quests but with more decisions. Too many points in one way and you end up with that ending. It's regular progression I think.
  6. GayaXLuna

    My story idea "The Nobody"

    There will be home turf most definitely. Some like the Sinjar are out for Blood, but I can't say too much besides the uncovering of the last know "Blood" will make things interesting. And thank you for the awesome reply! I actually had a class and a part of nature in each faction in mind while creating them.
  7. GayaXLuna

    Judgment Chronicles (Working Title)

    This is definitely different from other ideas, I'd definitely check this out!
  8. GayaXLuna

    Futuristic Cops?

    I really like this idea, if done right it would be awesome! Especially with options that change the game.
  9. GayaXLuna


  10. I've been working on two projects, One is a side, the other is my main. So my side project I thought I have a cool story for it but wanted to see what everyone thought. "The Nobody" In the land of Xaliar, a great ware broke out. This war tore the people and land apart equally. The three factions split into six after the war due to moral conflicts and interests. Their cultures have split and became different. The Zendar, known for their greed and belief of the right to own anything. Not always smart but hateful of others. They hate even each other. The Ghalon, follow a strict honor written in the Hakashi resolution. Anyone who breaks it is stripped of their honor then killed. The Airaiths, are introvert people, they constructed their floating city in the sky. They claim the skies theirs, besides uncommon airship traffic there's no competition. Not much is truly known about them. The Larok, they are hardened warriors. Not very civil, but masters of the battlefield, they spend their lives fighting. Never giving much thought to the world's business. THR Sinjar, they're a small faction of pyromaniacs. They have been known to set entire towns on fire for their entertainment. The Falone, besides nature they don't pay attention to much. They're naturalists, they live in the forests typically living off the land. To other factions they are a joke and mocked. There is a faction, was a faction, that was so grand others claimed them gods. Epics have been written of them, they are the blood.Their name derives from their activities. They used Blood in everything,even magic. But who knows, this is just myth as nobody really knows anything about them. Their existence is pure myth. But you (Main character) are special, you are of the bloodline. You are the changer of this World. Will you finish what your kind started, or will you watch the world burn. Sorry for being so long, tell me what you think!
  11. I don't like comedy Sci-fi things like this, but the art looks on fleek. It has a good dose of silly comedic art. I wish you luck and have fun! It looks good.
  12. GayaXLuna

    Animated Race Selection Screens

    I think this is really cool! Very different than anything I've seen to choose races, classes etc. I really like it.
  13. GayaXLuna


    Hello! I'm Gaya or GXL, I'm a game developer/designer. I also draw and do digital art, make music, and much more! I am improving my skills and plan to be making epic games eventually! I'm 17,a transgender female my preferred name is Faith though GXL is my preferred name or my username or name. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy me and my friend's projects! Maybe even help some of you guys!!