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  1. Hi! I have searched the internet up and down, but have been unable to find working links to any plugins that offer this function. I found maybe 5 or 6 but the links are either broken or leading to something else. Basically I am looking for an MV plugin that will allow it to receive inputs from any keys on the keyboard, in addition to the default ones. For example I would like to assign functions to the 1-4 keys in my game, but that's not possible by default. Cheers
  2. minotaur

    Is there a "dictionary" for RPG Maker scripts?

    Thank you Soulpour777 you are too kind.
  3. minotaur

    Is there a "dictionary" for RPG Maker scripts?

    Thank you, had a quick look at the tutorial and it looks very informative. I can see how this will be far more beneficial than a simple "dictionary".
  4. I suspected this may have been the case. I've checked all my events and I can't find the confict anywhere. There are no other events that change Variable 1, no events that turn off Switch 3. Not using any scripts. The character names are set in the database. I'm really stumped, don't know what to do, looked over everything and can't find what's wrong here x.x EDIT: I have fixed it!! On the first screen I added the condition of "Switch 3 is ON" to my cutscene event in the beginning of the game and now it works as intended. Really appreciate the help devonm0 and shadowblack, I will learn from this! Thank you very much
  5. Yeah, I'm test running the game each time and checking in multiple maps + multiple characters. I screenshotted all relevant things: The autorun event in the beginning of the game (Event Page 1): http://i.imgur.com/cJs3rYC.png (Event Page 2): http://i.imgur.com/hk9Pfis.png One of the text boxes used for testing this: http://i.imgur.com/sxZovlL.png How it appears in game: http://i.imgur.com/IxQEHU5.png How it appears while using a different character: http://i.imgur.com/BUNB3Ee.png
  6. Added the blank page for the autorun event with the switch on, still not working. Got the screenshot of my common event: http://i.imgur.com/5soyZSs.png
  7. I understand what you have written here, and I followed all the steps and checked over everything several times. I somehow can't get it to work correctly. When using \N[\V[1]] in a text box, it appears as a blank space. (example:"\N[\V[1]] took the vase" = " took the vase") This happens regardless of which character is member #1 of the party. If I use \V[V[1]] it displays as 0, regardless of which character it is, which suggests the Actor ID is not being collected properly. I am stumped!
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