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  1. LTNGames

    Simple House.PNG (For my First Game)

    Looks really good! I like the crisp edges and lighter colors you use, it really makes it all pop out. Keep up the good work.
  2. LTNGames

    Hide Level-Up Skills Learned

    This is rather simple, if you have a look at the source code inside rpg_objects.js is the Game_Actor class. This is the class that determines when to level up and it also activates the message window to display all relevant information. This is the original method here Game_Actor.prototype.displayLevelUp = function(newSkills) { var text = TextManager.levelUp.format(this._name, TextManager.level, this._level); $gameMessage.newPage(); $gameMessage.add(text); // You can see here, that it's going to loop through all new skills and add a message to the message window newSkills.forEach(function(skill) { $gameMessage.add(TextManager.obtainSkill.format(skill.name)); }); }; To remove those message, remove the whole loop, it's a better idea to create a new .js file with the following code. Be sure to place it at the bottom of the list and cross your fingers other plugins are not using this method. Game_Actor.prototype.displayLevelUp = function(newSkills) { var text = TextManager.levelUp.format(this._name, TextManager.level, this._level); $gameMessage.newPage(); $gameMessage.add(text); // Poof! };
  3. FeniXCLI - Open source RPG Maker MV plugin development tool FeniXCLI is a lightweight, easy to use RPG Maker MV plugin development CLI that helps you generate and setup entire project with no configuration required, just an easy to follow guided setup. It helps you develop plugins for RPG Maker MV by combining necessary development tools. These tools help with the building of all your plugins and serving files to a server for easy testing and streamlined productivity. Project Website | Gitlab Repository | Guide Features Project Setup Generate and entire project, download an MV demo game and automatically install and configures packages Live Server Start a live development server and reload when changes have been made to your plugin source code. Modern JavaScript Start writing with next generation JavaScript, split code into modules and import packages, no setup required! Roadmap Babel support Auto configuration for all packages in setup nwjs live reload support Live package install (install packages simply using the import keyword) Frontend GUI (For those who are terminal illiterate) Quick Start Create a new directory and open the terminal(Linux) or command prompt(Windows) and run the following commands. Install npm install -g fenix-engine-cli Setup a new project fenix Run the development server fenix dev F.A.Q Q: Is it ready? A: Yes and no! However, I only say no because it is in no way ready for a child to pick up and use, but it is ready for any developer that feels like giving it a try! Q: How will this make plugin development easy? A: It provides a consistent and easy to follow workflow and environment so that every plugin is developed in the same manner and with the same standards as any other developed using FeniXCLI. It also makes things easier by letting you develop your plugins in separate files which are bundled together to create a production ready plugin. Q: How can I get started? A: Follow the getting started guide Q: What is FeniXEngine? A: FeniXEngine is the name of the project which includes tools like FeniXCLI and FeniXTools. This open source project's mission is to make plugin development easy enough for a child, powerful enough for a developer.
  4. LTNGames

    Menu option help

    You can try this, I have taken the proper commands from the LMBS plugin and inserted into what Soul has previously created for you, I've never tested it but i don't see why it wouldn't work. /*: * @param Load Text * @desc The load option name shown in the menu. * @default Load */ (function(){ var loadName = PluginManager.parameters('LoadOption')['Load Text']; Window_MenuCommand.prototype.makeCommandList = function() { this.addMainCommands(); this.addFormationCommand(); this.addOptionsCommand(); this.addOriginalCommands(); this.addSaveCommand(); this.addGameEndCommand(); }; Window_MenuCommand.prototype.addOriginalCommands = function() { this.addCommand(loadName, 'load', DataManager.isAnySavefileExists()); //Taken from LMBS plugin and inserted. this.addCommand(String(Moghunter.lmbsEquipComWord), 'lmbs_equip', true); // }; Scene_Menu.prototype.createCommandWindow = function() { this._commandWindow = new Window_MenuCommand(0, 0); this._commandWindow.setHandler('item', this.commandItem.bind(this)); this._commandWindow.setHandler('skill', this.commandPersonal.bind(this)); this._commandWindow.setHandler('equip', this.commandPersonal.bind(this)); this._commandWindow.setHandler('status', this.commandPersonal.bind(this)); this._commandWindow.setHandler('formation', this.commandFormation.bind(this)); //Taken from LMBS Plugin and inserted this._commandWindow.setHandler('lmbs_equip', this.commandPersonal.bind(this)); // this._commandWindow.setHandler('options', this.commandOptions.bind(this)); this._commandWindow.setHandler('load', this.commandLoad.bind(this)); this._commandWindow.setHandler('save', this.commandSave.bind(this)); this._commandWindow.setHandler('gameEnd', this.commandGameEnd.bind(this)); this._commandWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.popScene.bind(this)); this.addWindow(this._commandWindow); }; Scene_Menu.prototype.commandLoad = function() { SceneManager.push(Scene_Load); } })();
  5. LTNGames

    Help with TDDP: Bind Pictures To Map

    I'm not too sure what it could be. The setDimensions sounds like it's trying to adjust an image, so you could try the plugin command STOP_BindPicturesToMap before the transfer to the menu to see if it stops trying to set the dimensions. Without actually seeing the project or the events leading up to the issue I won't be much of a help, unfortunately.
  6. That has happened to me yes, I can't remember if I solved it or not. Have you tried the notetag Enemy Dead Pose = true for the enemy. I think this is what I used and it uses the knockdown switch as the dead pose as well.
  7. My game is being streamed here http://www.twitch.tv/wizewun1

    1. LTNGames


      If you have never seen it, come check it out :)

  8. I have never seen this script until today and I am really happy I found it. Thank you for making this script KilloZappit, it has increased my FPS using Pearl ABS and Khas lighting effects, my debug room has 6 lights turned on in a 21x15 map, with at least 15 enemies and a few other events, I noticed a +5-10fps diffrence compared to without this script on. The good thing is that the debug room is the biggest map in my game so this means smooth fps in the rest of my maps. Awsome,. Thanks again
  9. LTNGames

    Health bar HUD

    This one is diffrent than the video, and this tutorial is only available through that link. The link I showed you is done through common events and is directly linked to your hp, it will shrink the hp image according to the health you have available. There is also a lot of script which create a hud for you and all you have to do is input the images. I would reccommend Sixth Map HUD if you decide to use a script.
  10. LTNGames

    Health bar HUD

    There is a tutorial for how to make a HUD using events with a tiny snippet of ruby here. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/431/entry-1384-creating-a-hud-beginner-intermediate-using-common-events/
    1. Seriel


      Yay more free games i'm never going to play.

      I hope they pick MV next xD

    2. LTNGames


      MV would be fantastic :D

  11. LTNGames

    Sugar Sweet

    WHOA!!! I have never seen this post yet and I must say its totally amazing I love your art and maps are looking beautifull. I am excited to see this releasedand will be sure to follow the topic from now on.
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    2. Seriel
    3. magic2345


      I'd say this is turning out to be quite epic.

    4. LTNGames


      You know what magic, I agree 100%. It's totally epic.

  12. LTNGames

    YEA GAB WINDOW Error Help

    There is no script call to allow you to set the y and x position while in game. so your gab_x and gab_y should not be in that event... If you want to change position of the window do it within the script itself. These are the script calls available
  13. LTNGames

    Help with Ruby Scripts

    The top 2 pictures wont load for me, strange. Anyways make sure you put all the scripts in the same order as the demo. "Kernel" must always be on top. This should stop all your errors. If not come back and let us know.