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  1. Just a little fun with PyxelEdit before bed. 



    1. Kayzee


      Look at that sassy tree, sticking her butt and chest out like that. That afro is pretty big though, no wonder she has to hold it up like that.

    2. Capt_Elfimis


      I didn't even notice until this comment, i'm fucking dead....🤣

  2. Been doing a fair amount of dev work over the past week and I will be moving my new project entirely to Godot. It's just over all better than what I can accomplish with RPG Maker and it's very python like in the language so coding is really simple to pick up on quickly, plus GD Script is a breeze to utilize.

    I'll still be doing some work and fun stuff around here as well :P

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Bonne chance with that. I wanna try Godot at some point, but my hardware won't run it.
      (My hardware doesn't run a lot of things #LMAO)

    2. Capt_Elfimis


      It's legit amazing, i'm freaking loving it so far. For a free open source engine, it's pretty damn solid. 

    3. Arrpeegeemaker


      I've read about it, my friend is a graphics designer and raves about GoDot all the time. It's features are fantastic, and the licensing weirdness with Unity isn't an issue there because of the Open Source nature. Good luck!

  3. Getting back into a little bit of pixel work and animation, a bit rusty but i gave myself 20 minutes to create and animate a simple slime to get the brain working. * You have to go to my profile to see the actual animation :D


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RavenBlueIndigo


      Ace is still strong on its own, I feel. I still use it. How long were you gone?

    3. Kayzee


      Yay for slime! Though I prefer slime girls...

    4. Capt_Elfimis


      @RavenBlueIndigo Oh I don't know, like a solid 3 years lol

  4. Capt_Elfimis

    Story Concept Brainstorming

    My solid advice and opinion on this is to literally sit down just write. Much like every other aspect of game design, story concept and story board are crucially important to flow and determine the over all development pipeline as well. Just practice. Write some short stories that fit the narrative of your idea and don't be afraid to have people critique it and give feedback. 99% of the time, no developer sticks with the original story and script, it is often modified and revised numerous times for balance, cohesiveness, flow, and narrative. TL;DR Practice, write some stories.
  5. I guess in my hiatus it seems traffic here has really slowed. Also, wondering if I should upgrade from VX Ace.  

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Very inactive here, yup.

      I own MV. It's decent; my hardware doesn't run it well (if it weren't for a compatibility DLL file it wouldn't run at all lolz), but I do like what it brought forward. However, I use VX Ace most often, with XP being my second most used for mapping fun (separate map layers!)

  6. *Drags himself out of a dark multi-year slumber and cracks knuckles*.....*sips coffee*

    I'm back and I guess I could get some work done. Only been a few years

    1. Kayzee


      Yay for more people awaking from multi-year slumbers!

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Welcome back. Likely, I wasn't around when you went into slumber, but all the same, let's go!!! lolz

  7. Capt_Elfimis

    make crops wither all at once

    Make a switch and set the condition of this event to run if the Switch is on. As of right now this is just a parallel process with no handling information, the engine doesn't have a defining trigger to run the event because it has no conditions.
  8. picked up a brand new Wacom Draw for $30 today. What a deal :D

    1. Necromedes


      (Steals Tablet)




      (Runs away)

  9. Capt_Elfimis

    make crops wither all at once

    Disclaimer: Name your events for the love of all the is sweet and pure......! Your first page has the Trigger as Autorun and your second page has the Trigger as Action button and you have no Self-Control switch to handle switching the event page over so Page 2 is taking precedence over page 1. At the end of the autorun event on page one add Self Control Switch A = On and then on page 2 set the Self Switch to A and the Trigger to Autorun.
  10. Capt_Elfimis

    Incredibly New to RPG Maker

    Welcome to the community There is a TON of tutorials out there on literally every aspect of using VX Ace. My advice to get started: Make a very short (1 hour-ish tops) game using the default RTP editor assets and get your feet wet, share it, get it critiqued, and learn from it. It will help you massively. Thing's to not do: Plan a major project or try to make a massive game until you have the experience to do so. (This happens way more than you'd think. New people wanna make a 50 hour game with no experience, ends in disaster everytime)
  11. Capt_Elfimis

    Looking for team....artist, programmers, voice actors, etc

    Do you have links to your previous work or titles? Is this Paid/Unpaid/Revenue Share, etc? is this even a commercial project? Do you have any progress on the title so far, any type of proto-type/concept work to share?
  12. It's literally working 100% fine now. I literally deleted and pasted the event back and now it works? No idea why or why it wasn't.
  13. *Flips desk* THAT MAKES NO SENSE! Why....why does it hate me... I have no idea why it's sticking the move speed even when I transfer from ID:0. This. Is. Stupid. *I fixed it. Copied the event, deleted it, pasted it back and now it works.....im so over it.
  14. I deliberately have the speed set below the normal of 4 because the world map is small and the normal speed feels too fast for the size of the game world, the further speed reduction is for different terrain that slows your speed even more to encourage you to stay on the roads/paths blah blah blah game dev stuffs. "If you are transferred to another map WHILE on Region ID 1" None of the transfers occur on Region ID 1, they occur on ID 0/nul so that's where I'm confused as to how it even messed up in the first place.
  15. Capt_Elfimis

    Looking for a Team for Our Upcoming RPG Project

    Do you have any concept art, sketches, alpha proto-types, or anything at all you can share to show your own skill? Links to previous work/games you have completed or worked on is also helpful. I love your ambition here but a simple and short explanation of a game most likely will not motivate any kind of team members in your favor. You need something ready before hand to at least show them you have already got the ball rolling. Explanation of your production pipline and required positions you need filled with specific jobs would be substantially more helpful than "We need everyone", which also begs the question are you the sole member or is there already a small base team?
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