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  1. Uhhhh... hi! My name's Jem but I also go by Wintyr (very long story), and I've been using RPG Maker(s) consistently for the past year and a half. About eight years ago, in middle school, one of my friends introduced me to 2k3, and while I didn't use it for very long, it gave me a fondness for games made with the program. After playing a few of them (Yume Nikki and OFF as notable examples), I started out once more with 2003. When the Humble Bundle came around, I couldn't pass it up, and picked up VX Ace (talk about future shock). Then I got MV for X-mas. Currently I'm alternating between VXA and MV on a couple of different games, which I might eventually post about if they ever come to fruition? I am absolutely terrible at finishing things. I've finished maybe five long pieces (7.5k+ words) of fiction in my life. I primarily consider myself a writer (poetry, prose, as well as various forms of script) but I really, really enjoy the methods I can use to tell a story with a game. Video games have always been a part of my life (starting with Parapa the Rapper on the PS1) and I want to be part of the process of making them, too, because it feels like it gives me more insight into the games I play. Also, as someone who can't draw consistently (my drawings are mediocre to decent, but I can't manage to draw the same character twice), it gives me a visual medium to employ in storytelling. I am a complete newb at programming but I'm picking up the basics and I'm planning to take a couple of community college classes to strengthen my skills. I'm not sure I'll ever be competent enough to write scripts or plugins, but stranger things have happened. So, long story short, hello from a megalurker. *resumes lurking*