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  1. hiromu656

    Hiromu's Art Shop

    I am a Character Artist/Animator looking for work. I'm generally quite reserved when it comes to my characters, but am willing to change things up depending on the request. Pricing: Prices for Character Art done in the Style shown here. These Characters here all represent the Bust Sprite option. Head Shot : $15 Bust Sprites : $20 Waist Level Sprites : $25 Full Body Sprites : $40 These prices will have the character Rendered unshaded, like the character on the far Right. General Shading (all Sprite Sizes) : +$5 3 Additional Emotions : +$5 Things I Draw Poorly (but can attempt) : Very Young Characters Very Old Characters Sparkly Things NSFW Things More Examples Coming Soon.
  2. hiromu656

    Indie in a Week 2!

    Uh, I forfeit again, maybe next time for me.
  3. hiromu656

    Indie in a Week 2!

    I have like 5 minutes worth of gameplay, we'll see if I get it done. What's kind of holding me back the most is that my game might not be all that "holiday" themed as it probably should be. So I've been having trouble making it work.
  4. hiromu656

    Indie in a Week 2!

    Oh right, contests do need judges, I'd like to sign up for that as well, got a ton of free time.
  5. hiromu656

    Indie in a Week 2!

    Sign me up as a contestant please. I should be able to make something this time
  6. Yup, a demo is coming. At this point I'm really just doings maps and balancing, the demo should take a week or two.
  7. Update!! : I've finally stopped slacking so much and got some stuff done. I have started school so that's one excuse I'll use. Might as well start with new Screenshots: There's a shot of you and Tarou in battle with some Spirits (they float around in game, so it's not so static). The next screenshot is you speaking with your brother after waking from a nightmare. Once I get his art done, I'll add him to the character list (with some of his background) on the first post. The next two screenshots are the interior of the abandoned Shibata Building. Once you step foot inside, your world is distorted, and you do not understand why. If you look at the final screenshot you see the main character approaching one of those Spirits shown in previous screenshots. Those guys come in 3 flavors: Blue, Yellow and Red. When You see a Blue Spirit you can rest assured that it will not harm you. Red Spirits are angry and can attack you without warning. Yellow Spirits are the unstable ones. When dealing with a Yellow Spirit, your actions or the things you say to it can either enrage it (turning Red) or pacify it (turning Blue). To avoid confusion, know that although these Spirits may have the capacity to fight you, they are not what you would call "on screen enemies". Every one of these Spirits' dialogue is unique and they can even help you out at times. I've also gotten Hana Imai's art done, she is the 3rd playable character. You may notice some differences between this and the art I posted a while back. She was really fun to draw, the hat took a lot longer than I expected to not look stupid, and I'm still not sure if I've gotten it just right! That's about it for the update. I'm running into walls trying to get my battle system to work exactly how I want it. Similar to "Press Turns" from the Shin Megami Tensei games, I wanted a system that granted MP whenever specific actions were met. However, I wanted certain Spirits that you have as a Host to have different requirements. So one Spirit gets MP restored upon critical hits, while another Spirit does so every time you Counter an attack. If it takes too long to get that working, I'll just stay with my original idea of simply restoring MP by defeating enemies. Perhaps the next update will come with a video instead of screenshots? Finally, I'm planning on getting a demo out in the coming weeks, it will consist of the intro to the end of the first Dungeon (around an hour).
  8. I wanted to hold out on posting before I got my proper update ready, but I'd like to clear some things up about the game. Firstly, don't expect the game to be outright horror or try to scare you. Although the game revolves around ghosts and the supernatural, the ghosts are not meant to scare you. Near the opening of the game, you are a bit uneasy around them, but that's not going to last throughout the game, considering you will learn to control them. This is an RPG, not a "creepy school game" so think less Corpse Party and more SMT. The story is mostly vague in my first post (which is intentional) but that might not be too smart of me. Either way, there's not much I want to add to it, so it is what it is. It's been much slower than I had hoped, but the update is still on its way.
  9. hiromu656

    Indie in a week!

    Perfect timing! You're in!
  10. hiromu656

    Indie in a week!

    Found a bug! After you get to the precinct after the dream there is a short cutscene and a Fadeout. Unfortunately the game never fades back in. So it was just a black screen after that point
  11. hiromu656

    Indie in a week!

    Ayy I beat it with 1:50 remaining! The bearded guy with armor is maybe too strong haha
  12. hiromu656

    Indie in a week!

    Welp, I'm dropping out, spent too much time thinking my ideas would take too long and never actually got anything done! Hopefully there will be another one of these Indie in a Weeks because it was fun while it lasted. Still can't wait to try out all of your games. EDIT: That being said, it's probably too late to switch to judge eh?
  13. hiromu656

    Indie in a week!

    Well I'll be joining you in making a 5 day game since I've started over myself.
  14. hiromu656

    Indie in a week!

    What makes ideas easier to be stolen here than anywhere else on the site? I wanted to do an update myself, I don't see why that would be an issue :/
  15. hiromu656

    Indie in a week!

    Is it too late to sign up? I'd like to join.
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