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  1. *stares intensely*

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    2. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys

      Moooom, haven't I told you that it's not supposed to be microwav--


      Why am I here again...?





      I've been summoned again, aren't I?


    3. Lord Vectra
    4. Kayzee


      Yay! *glomps and snuggles Jeanne d'Ys*

  2. Tried scouring the RMMV Steam forums recently, nearly contracted Stage-IV Ligma in the process. Thankfully, this place exists.


    Also, I'm back!

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    2. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys

      Aye, thanks~ *hugs back*

      I mean, at a glance, you'd be forgiven for mistaking their discussion forums for-- You know what, I'm gonna stop right here before I accidentally spit a hot take.

    3. Knighterius


      Lol sometimes steam forums can be okay but in other cases it's a nooooo

    4. Kayzee


      I mean, I don't find them that bad, I just genuinely often forget they exist. I have never really thought of steam like a place to 'hang out', to me it's always seemed like just a store and a games launcher. That it's kind of a social networking platform isn't something I think about very much.

  3. Reading the boss design tutorial I wrote 3 years ago makes me wanna punch myself from back then on the pancreas. Or at least gently slap him on the cheek. Gotta rewrite that thing, especially now that I'm more experienced (I guess?)...

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    2. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys

      Sorry for the late reply!
      Here is the tutorial if you want to check it out. It's mostly about generic stuff to do, with the more specific tips being suggestions from commenters: 

      Maki was my username back then.
      Warning: Naiveté; cringe; bad jokes and puns; corny, groan-worthy references; etc.

    3. Ninjamida


      Not bad advice, really.


      I'll give a couple of examples from my game, that get quite highly praised - feel free to take tips from them, or use them as examples, whatever you like. :)


      The first one is the sixth boss in the game; who stands out due to having a different music than all other bosses so far. This boss, Transient, is also by far the hardest boss up to this point - he has around 4200 HP, which is slightly less than the previous boss, but he has a special property where he's usually immune to physical attacks. There's a status effect, Weaken, that reduces defence to zero; it also (the player is informed of this, so it isn't a "surprise side effect" situation) removes this boss's immunity to physical attacks. You can get four of an item, Softening Sand, that inflicts Weaken on him just before the battle, but unless you're quite overlevelled, you won't have any other way beyond this item to inflict it. And after three of his turns, he heals himself of it. You can still deal damage to Transient with magic, but he'll generally get three turns to every two your mage gets. This means you've got to focus on dealing as much damage as possible during those brief windows with the Softening Sands.


      His attacks follow a fixed pattern, aside from the target being random. The first move is a physical attack, which deals 100 to 200 damage depending who it hits (by comparison, your party members will have HP ranging from around 350 to 600 at this point). The second move is a magical attack, Pulse, which deals around 200 damage; it can theoretically be reflected, but it's very unlikely you'll have Reflect by this point. The third move is the killer - a whole-party physical attack, Trauma, that deals 300 to 400 damage to everyone. Being a physical attack, you can reduce the damage via Defend, of course, but that means taking time away from attacking. And his attacks in general do enough damage that healing is needed.


      So  you've got a battle where, with limited turns available to you (your fastest characters will likely be trading turns 1 to 1 with Transient, while slower characters will be 2 turns to 3 of Transient's), you have to balance defending, healing and attacking, all while dealing with only having so much time you can actually deal damage to him (though at least you can control when you get these windows of opportunity).


      So, that's the first one. Some 20 or so bosses later - including two which also have the alternate music from the Transient battle - we encounter a similar, but much harder, boss, Dark Transient. His HP is somewhere around 50,000 if I remember correctly - which is about average for a boss at this point in the game - and like the first Transient, he has the immune-to-physical-unless-under-Weaken trait. Except this one also has the same for magical damage and the magical equivalent of Weaken (Meltdown). On the other hand though, you likely have plenty of ways to inflict Weaken and Meltdown by this point, so you're no longer limited by a small number of Softening Sands. Unlike Transient who removed Weaken after a fixed number of his turns, Dark Transient resets after receiving a certain number of attacks.


      However, Dark Transient's attack pattern is much nastier than regular Transient's was.  His first turn is a physical attack dealing about 800 damage (you'll have about 1200 to 1800 HP by this point, depending on your exact level and which party member), his second turn he uses an attack Taste Of Hell, which does small damage and guaranteed Zombie + possible Poison to everyone (Zombie works just like in Final Fantasy - immune to instant death, but healing moves hurt you). His third turn is Trauma, which like the original Transient does massive damage to everyone - around 1400 on average. His fourth turn is Eclipse, which is a Dark-elemental hit-all spell (not reflectable) that hits for around 700. His fifth turn is another physical attack. His sixth turn is Deathly Rain, which does very small damage (around 100) to everyone and inflicts instant death. You can't get any protection against instant death by this point - aside from the Zombie status inflicted earlier in his pattern.


      So in this one, if you don't cure the Zombie status, you can't heal. If you do cure it, Deathly Rain will be a one-hit KO. And inbetween them, you've got a powerful hit-all attack, a hard-to-reduce moderate-damage hit-all attack, and a moderate-damage single-target attack - plus a small bit of damage from both of those attacks themself. Making use of in-battle switching can help mitigate this, but it's still a very hectic battle, even if you're somewhat overlevelled.

    4. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys

      Uh... Hello there!
      Sorry for the very late reply; I've been feeling under the weather in the recent weeks, so I haven't been able to actually reply... (Actually, still haven't improved a lot, but just saying that I'm here)

      I've skimmed over your reply, and they actually look really cool... I'll make a deeper analysis when I'm feeling better, but thank you for the feedback~

  4. It's been 3,000 years... Dang, this place looks... Really different now. I like it. Sucking at college and blood pulse issues aside, I'm baack~ (For the most part)

    1. Kayzee


      The stars are right for you to walk the earth once more eh?

  5. So from now on, I'd have to go for a checkup every like 6 months and have 2 tubes of blood taken away from me. Not bad at all... (I got hypertension)

    1. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Awwww :( I hope you feel better

    2. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys

      I've actually had it for long (since before 2012), but it went 160s/100s recently so I've got to get immediate checkup XD

      Thanks, though~

    3. lianderson


      160/100 O_o

  6. Jeanne d'Ys

    Harmony the Robot/Doll? (Mature Debate)

    (1) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (2) Reminds me of that video with the pig and chicken rubber squeaky toys XD (3) "Pineapples or anchovies?" "Will I get the 14* Rare Drop today?" "When will the world end?" (It'd be bloody hilarious if she replied something like "It should be done tomorrow.") (4) Coincidentally, I'm listening to the song Borderless from PSO2, which seems kinda fitting...
  7. Jeanne d'Ys

    Harmony the Robot/Doll? (Mature Debate)

    @Vectra It's kinda weird to say that my childish side becomes tingled with something that's the exact opposite of what people would expect for a child. I don't really have too much to comment regarding Harmony and the robot's purpose of creation, although if you ask where do I stand in the spectrum, I'll be honest and say that I'm leaning toward an agreement with you, for mostly the same reason as you. Although, I'm not saying that I'm gonna buy it, and if I do buy something like Harmony, my purpose would be pure curiosity since I've been interested in the advancement of AI and robotics for a long time. Seeing something like this, of course my interest is piqued. If anything, I'm just one of the guys who just optimistically watch and see the advances of technology.
  8. Jeanne d'Ys

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    118 In Soviet Etria, grinder levels you.
  9. Jeanne d'Ys

    Turn into your Alter-Ego !

    Alter ego, huh? Kinda difficult to me because I'm not entirely sure who I am on the internet to begin with, especially since a certain event I had back in 2012... Although I do have... A few of them. I had accepted them as a figment of my creation as I grew up, so it's not like I like to "play" with them much anymore, at least on the outside. Celliana (No, not to be confused with Celianna of the RMWeb) A female figure I created back in 2012. It's a long story. Initially cold and kinda sarcastic, she warmed up a bit as my personality grows. Now resides as a voice in my head that says thing like "Are you sure about that?", "Wasn't that your fault to begin with?", "You don't have to think about it too much...", kinda like a "Cognitive Assistant" of some sort. Mainly themed around black and dark blue, with long black hair. Leo A male figure I created back in 2013. Another long story. Mostly energetic and loud, he usually come up as a contrast to Celliana. Themed around white and red, with white hair. Emillia A little girl who tagged along with me back around 2013. She's rather different from Celliana and Leo in that instead of "a part of me being split and turned into a character", she's a stand-alone I created to help me wake up in the morning so I could go into morning runs. Not that it helped, since most of them time, she failed... A lot of her part becomes a basis in one of my characters in my Indie in a Week's entry, Emily. Mostly themed around light blue and white, although there's also the occasional red. There are a lot of more "backstory" among them and why they turned out the way they be, but it involves dabbling too much into my past and/or personal life XP
  10. Jeanne d'Ys

    How to make a currency bag

    >Sees OP's username. I wonder if you have ulterior motives to search for that method... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Anyway, new things are learned everyday. Gotta check that video soon!
  11. Wow, I actually made quite some progress in my game... Not touching the forum for 2 weeks does wonders. (lol)

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    2. Chadzter01


      Good fo you! Keep it up XD

    3. raymi100


      I didn't buy you for billions so you could play around debating!

    4. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys

      @Chadzter01: Thanks! XD


      @raymi100: YOU BELONG TO-- [This account has been terminated due to unauthenticated use of the Disney brand]

  12. Jeanne d'Ys

    "Make the names" game

    Gotcha. Firaga (Final Fantasy series, high-tier Fire magic) Ultimate Hit (Megami Tensei series, high-tier Physical skill) Undead Killer (Final Fantasy series, passive skill) Salvation (Yggdra Union, support skill) Rapid Shot (Phantasy Star series, Braver-class skill) Outrage (Pokemon series, Dragon-type move) Unbind (Etrian Odyssey series, support skill) Die for Me! (Megami Tensei series, Alice's signature skill) Arm Heal (Etrian Odyssey series, trash-tier support skill) Hassou Tobi (Megami Tensei series, Yoshitsune's signature skill) Anyway... A S M O D E U S Names of spiritual entities, ghosts, gods, demons, or whatever revolving around those stuff.
  13. Now watching - Star War the Third Gathers: Backstroke of the West. Rouge Juan has nothing on this.

    1. Chaosian


      Sounds vaguely familiar... Might need to check it out again.

    2. Chaosian


      Also, nice avatar. Iä! Iä!

    3. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys

      It's the best Star War(s) universe. Allah Gold is my favorite character.


      Yeah, I love that book. It's a good read.

  14. Jeanne d'Ys

    Procrastination - Monster Considered as OP

    Ouh, that doesn't sound good. I've did pretty much the same to be honest. I've moved my game from Ace to Game Maker and... did some basics so far... aaand it's been around a half of a year already. So basically we're on the same boat at the moment. Glad to hear that! ^^ Well, thanks to this topic though, I've started working on it again today, even for just a little... Which should suffice for another 3 months or I was going to reply to this, but I procrastinated too much. (I have a really good joke about this, but I'll write it down later.)
  15. Jeanne d'Ys

    Procrastination - Monster Considered as OP

    It took me about a year to port a half-hour game I made in VXA to MV, and it's only an "as-is" port, and not including finding similar scripts, which means it's still pretty much unplayable. On another note, this is a pretty nice topic. Putting the problem as an RPG enemy is a neat and creative touch.
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