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  1. Great idea! I'll try that out today and see if I can get it looking unobtrusive.
  2. Hey guys! So here's a problem I've been having: In my game, your character goes back and forth between being a "ghost" (oppacity 50%) and "physical" (opacity 100%). Sometimes you pick up party members in "ghost" mode, and other times you pick up characters in "physical" mode. In order to change to "ghost" mode, I set a custom move route that changes the player's graphic to a new charset, which has its opacity reduced. I did this in Gimp, so it's a totally different .png file. So far, it's work perfectly. My problem occurs when I try to add a new party member while in "ghost" mode. Since in the database, my player character has the 100% opacity charset as its default graphic, it always reverts to that when I add new members. So, if I'm in ghost mode and I add a new ghost party member, suddenly my player is back to its normal, 100% opacity graphic. Does anybody know how I can keep this custom graphic assigned to my player character, even when adding new party members? I tried to explain that as clearly as I could, but feel free to ask me to clarify. Thank you in advanced!​