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    Hi there !

    Hi there, I'm new on here as well and the whole making original art is a tough one for me as well. Have you looked online for stuff like hero machine 3 and stuff? Hope you find what you are looking for, Take it easy
  2. Yorkshire-pud

    Hi Guys!

    Hello there, I have just joined my self. I like the sound of your story, I think a lot of RPG's don't use science much (or they are set in the "dark ages") so any thing with space or man stretching his scientific knowledge get's a thumbs up by me
  3. Yorkshire-pud

    hey everyone ^^

    Hello there, I'm new my self here, seems a helpful place Good luck with you work.
  4. Yorkshire-pud

    Welcome me to my new home.

    Hello there, I'm new as well, this place seems friendly so I think it's a good place to visit and have conversations. It has lots of tips and people really do try to help others with problems they have with the game and other stuff. Any way, I hope you find what you are looking for, Take it easy, Yorkshire-pud
  5. Hello there and thank you for the welcome Rikifive I must have misread the topic/post thing (I seldom use websites to talk on, never been on twitted for example) so I get a little confused with navigating and stuff. A little about my self... I like my old school RPG's . Phantasy star, shining force, FF7, Baldur's gate 2, Arcanum. Never made a game before but always wanted to as a kid. (But I also wanted to be a astronaut) I like cats. I think I have a demo type of thing ready (if I move a few things about in the game), but i'm not 100% sure how to do all that stuff like threads, but ill look into it and try to post things, thanks! (think I might need to wait a week or two so I get more permission on this website, not sure) Take it easy,
  6. Hello every one out there in RPG land. My name is Yorkshire-pud and I have been using the website for a long time and I have now decided to finally say hello. Hello