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  1. Two of my party members gained skills after a certain battle. The skills show up in the members' skills but, after the battle, it just said They were both now level 7 . There was no mention of the acquired skills. The battle started when at L5 and ended at L7. The skills were acquired at L6. Do they skip if your level goes beyond the needed level for the skills? Thanks.
  2. Greeting all! My name is Dave. Have been an exclusive RPG player since the very first RPG ever in 1986 (Dragon Warrior) and have been hooked on them since. Have probably played about 250-300 commercial RPGs since then. I am hoping to make one of my own. I want to buy the VXAce. Just not sure if my system will do it or not. 1.8 Dual Core Win 8.1 64bit 500gHD 4g Mem Browsing around trying to find out. Good luck to all developers and gamers.