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  1. adding resources to MV is an actual nightmare and makes me want to cry

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mashuzu


      What's the difference between adding resources to MV and Ace?

    3. Kaneshon


      it could be resizing issues, mv has larger templates from what I've seen

    4. Sleepless


      @Kaneshon I /think/ it might be that. I've noticed that resources I'm downloading online aren't similar sizes to the default resources in the generator

      @Jackus/@Mashuzu There's no resource manager so you have to insert the stuff manually and it keeps just not doing what it's supposed to do; half the clothes/accessories etc don't show up on the character properly, even though I'm not doing anything wrong from what I can tell

  2. Sleepless

    RM Community Library of Ideas

    Ohhhhh! Okay! For some reason I could have sworn that was already there... woopsie. ^^; Well, in that case I've got some races for you~ Name: Fairy Skin Color: Pale white; usually have light colored hair as well [ranges from fantastic shades of blue and green to normal ones like brown and blonde] Description: Friendly, kind, gracious, the Fairy kind are more than willing to help anyone in need. Often confused with their more devilish counterpart, the Faerie, they are mischievous in nature, though never mean any harm with their pranks. Fairies specialize in white magic, wind magic, light magic. Males and females of the species exist, and they live for exceptionally long amounts of time. They don't like hurting others, but will do so if it means protecting allies or themselves. Stats: Mid HP High Magic Points Mid Attack Mid Defense HIgh Magic Attack High Magic Defense High Agility Mid Luck Additional Information: Fairies usually equip staves, but can also use daggers, bows and arrows, or other light weight weapons, depending. Fairies can use healing magic, buffs, wind spells, and light spells. Using their wings, they are able to fly, thus making it easy for them to dodge attacks. They're about the same size as average humans. Their wings are often shiny/glittery and have the appearance of being 'see through'; their wing color always matches their hair color. Name: Faerie Skin color: Ghostly white; usually have dark colored hair as well [ranges from deep shades of red and purple to shades of black and dark blue] Description: Mean, deceptive, and cruel, the Faerie kind want nothing more than misfortune for those they come across. Often confused with their more friendly counterpart, the Fairy, these fiends love to steal and cheat their way to whatever it is that they desire. Faeries specialize in dark magic, wind magic, and fire magic. Males and females of this species exist, and they live for exceptionally long amounts of time. They often rob travelers blind, or outright murder them for fun. Stats: Mid HP High Magic Points High Attack Low Defense High Magic Attack Low Magic Defense High Agility Low Luck Additional Information: Faeries usually equip swords, but can also equip axes, spears, and other medium weight weapons. Faeries can use dark magic, debuffs, wind spells, and fire spells. Using their wings, they are able to fly, thus making it easy for them to dodge attacks. They're about the same size as average humans. Their wings are often shiny/glittery and have the appearance of being 'see through'; their wing color always matches their hair color. More info! So, this all came about when I was trying to figure out what exactly the difference was between Faeries and Fairies. Apparently, one is evil and the other isn't. Huh. So that's where this confusing mess came from! You'd probably subtly pronounce the words differently [ex fay-rie and fair-e], but since RPG games all have text in them, this nuance wouldn't be needed [it might just confuse characters inverse until it's explained to them the difference]. Anywho, maybe only have one in your game and not both, but I think I might just to both for the heck of it =P. Hope this helps~
  3. Sleepless

    Hello there, Iamabrawler here

    First of all, hey there and welcome to the forums! =D I hope you enjoy your stays here~ Also, it's funny that you mention this, because that's actually why I joined this community as well! Eventing, scripting, and general feedback are all things that I need frequent help with, and everyone here is so kind and more than willing to help anybody with any problems~! Good luck game deving, and never be scared to ask for help! ♥
  4. Sleepless

    RM Community Library of Ideas

    Wait, what's the new section? Is it items? [i'm very bad at noticing small details sometimes, sorry...] I'll think up some more stealth classes and post 'em up once I think of them~
  5. Sleepless

    Sugar Sweet

    Congratulations congratulations congratulations, Ms. Tsarmina! I remember when I first joined the forums, this was one of the games that piqued my interest, and seeing all the progress you've made on it has made me really excited to play this game! Best of luck, Miss! I'll be sure to show my support in my signature, too, if that would be alright?
  6. When you order a mouse just to make game developing easier... ^^; At least this gives me an excuse to spend the money, plus touchpads are just horrid [in my opinion].

    1. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      My laptop gets very hot most of the time, and my touchpad is where most of that heat goes. Using it is a horrible pain, I only ever use it if my mouse is no where in sight. If it runs out of battery power, I'd rather just go and pick up more batteries than use the touchpad.

    2. Kirimash


      Who develops games without a mouse?

    3. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Touchpads, in general, is horrible. It is atrocious.

  7. Sleepless

    I was never a math person

    Oh, okay! Thank you both~. The thought of enemies using the ability never crossed my mind, but it does make sense, aha.
  8. Sleepless

    RM Community Library of Ideas

    Warrior and Stealth classes? *thinks* ...You got it! Class formatting: Warrior-like Class name: Oathbreaker Combat roles: Using draining/debuffs/status effects/dark magic, sword wielding, general physical tank Strengths: Overall good stats, mixed attacker Weaknesses: Low magic defense/agility/luck, weak to light spells Stats: -High Health points -Mid Magic points -High Strength -High Defense -Mid Magic Attack -Low Magic Defense -Low Agility -Low Luck Equipment: Swords [all types?], Axes, Shields, Staves, Lances, etc; Heavy weight armor types Additional information: -Class idea came from the sinful idea of having a sort of "evil Paladin". Basically picture how valiantly a Paladin fights for good, but they fight for the good of evil instead. Might seem lame to some, but I might use this class for the game I'm working on [since my 'Paladin' character does some shady things]. Went poking around Google for a good name and was not disappointed. plus I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts nerd and Oathkeeper is my favorite keyblade Class formatting: Rogue-like Class name: Sniper Combat roles: Backline attacker [single target/multi-target], debuffer Strengths: High agility/luck, naturally high evasion and accuracy; can also easily get critical hits [through skill called Sharpshooting] Weaknesses: Low defenses and HP [any attack that hits them they're pretty much down for the count], MP to use attacks have to be charged [using a skill called Reload] which has a small percent change of jamming the Sniper's weapon [through the state called Misfeed]. Stats: -Low Hit Points -Mid Magic Points -High/Midish Strength [Depending on equip] -Low Defense -High Magic Attack -Low Magic Defense -High Agility -High Luck Equipment: Rifles, Bows; Light/Medium weight Armor Additional Information: -Surprised a Sniper class wasn't on the list yet, so I sort of based it off of Sharla from Xenoblade Chronicles [minus the healing part]. She had an ability which forced her to have to 'Cooldown' for a certain length of time after using x amount of abilities, which is sort of where the idea for Reload came from. Based the 'multihitting gun' off of Lita's weapon from Breath of Death VII which [i think?] can hit multiple targets [at least one variant can I'm sure...]. -Snipers can use Rifles, which greatly boost their attack, or Bows, which only slightly do. The catch-22 of Rifles are, despite being able to manually recharge MP, the state of Misfeed, which causes all Rifle related abilities to be disabled for 2 to 4 turns. I'm no good at the percentage gobbledygook, but I'll still list the skills that I made up in the Sniper Class for you! Skill Name: Sharpshooter Effect: Guarantees a critical hit on the next turn, and ignores the defense stat of the target in calculation Skill Name: Reload Effect: Restores Sniper's MP by half it's value plus the user's level [for example, a level 5 user with 50 mp would gain 30 back from using Reload]. Has a 20% chance of causing the state Misfeed, disabling all use of Rifle-related abilities for 2 to 4 turns. This percentage does not exist if the Sniper is using a Bow. State Name: Misfeed (Negative State) Effect: Causes Snipers to be unable to use their Rifle abilities for 2 to 4 turns. ...This is a really big post. Oops! Hopefully I still helped, though. I'll be thinking up more Rogue-like classes though, since they are actually my second favorite [Wizards are and always will be xD]. EDIT: I'M GONNA MAKE IT BIGGER Class formatting: Rogue-like Class name: Desperado Combat roles: Backline attacker, uses his dashing good looks and badboy attitude to charm/manipulate foes, can steal items off enemies Strengths: Speedy, stealthy, lucky Weaknesses: Frail defenses, low HP, doesn't really use magic [aside from his Charm and Manipulative abilities] Stats: -High Hit Points -Mid Magic Points -High Strength -Low Defense -Low Magic Attack -Low Magic Defense -High Agility -High Luck Equipment: Swords, daggers, bows, guns, etc; light armor, cowboy hats Addtional Info: I saw "Bandit" wasn't on the list, but since I thought that was too obvious, I looked up synonyms for that word and ended up with "Desperado". Then this happened. okay I think I'm done now sorry this is just really fun Also I really like making glass cannons apparently. Huh.
  9. Sleepless

    Lisa And The Rubies of Donn

    Hi Ms. Juju! I saw your game in your signature from your posts on How To Write Good, and looking at the info about the game, I'm absolutely in love with it. My favorite character so far is Simone, but I do like the main heroine as well. I want to add this game to my signature, if that's alright! ^^;
  10. Sleepless

    Party! (Playable teaser/Demo out now!)

    HOLY CRUD THIS GAME GIVES ME THE CREEPS- When I read the part about the game remembering your decisions, I was reminded of Undertale, but then I kept reading and I was h o r r i f i e d This is an absolutely brilliant concept, and if I had the nerve I'd play the game myself. I wish you all the luck in the world with this, and I hope to see lots of people play it! so I won't have to play it myself because I'll cry Putting this game in my signature for sure~ edit: the banner link won't work for me :c What do I do?
  11. Sleepless

    RM Community Library of Ideas

    For funsies I guess I'll also put in here example weapons that my class I created, the Necromancer, could use, in case you liked what I came up with and wanted some inspiration for gear. You could also use the staves/flails/whips for other classes too, if you wanted, I'm just linking it to my class because I want to. =P Name: Aspen Staff Type: Staff Element: Earth Description: "A cheap staff made of aspen wood. It looks like it could snap in half if used offensively, so it might be best not to." Effects: +10 Magic Defense, +10 Luck Extras: This would be a starter weapon, and it's price would be low [50/100 gold pieces, for example]. Name: Leather Whip Type: Whip(?) Element: Dark Description: "A whip made of leather, though it appears to be pretty thin. Usable, but there are better options out there." Effects: +10 Agility Extras: This would be a starter weapon, and it's price would be low [50/100 gold pieces]. Name: Gold Flail Type: Flail(??) Element: Metal [would be useful against Ice and Earth] Description: "A flail made of gold. It looks like it should be strong, but it's not." Effects: +10 Attack, +10 Defense, -10 Agility Extras: This would be a starter weapon, and it's price would be low [50/100 gold pieces]. I could add more, if you guys were interested [higher level weapons, elemental versions of the weapons [eg fire versions, ice versions, etc]. Thanks for reading!
  12. Please please please make a part three! I love this series so far, and as a writer even I find this advise very helpful! I've only just now thought of using Excel to help plan out my story [mostly to keep track of weapons/skills/classes I want to add], but also adding areas/characters/etc in chart form [eg what is their goal, how to they help the main character's goal, what do have they done, what will they do, etc] is an absolutely brilliant idea for the beginnings of a story to keep everything organized. Plus your analogies about skiing are very funny to me [which is helpful because I have a terrible memory]; now I'll remember all this information because I don't want my story becoming a broken skiier snowball at the bottom of a hill.
  13. Sleepless

    Card Battle Game

    So what kind of card game would it play like? Would it be Poker-esque, Yu-Gi-Oh-esque, etc? I think that'd be pretty neat to see in action, though I won't be any help with scripting such a thing... My feedback is, however, go for it! Usually card games in RPGs are sidequests that you can do; a game that HAS a card game battle system would be pretty interesting.
  14. Sleepless

    RM Community Library of Ideas

    Hmm. Any sort of Necromancer class? I was thinking of having a character like that in my game, and this is how I would make their stats: Class formatting: Wizard-like Class name: Necromancer Combat roles: Some offensive magic [thunder, fire, earth], able to summon ghosts/zombies/etc to aid themselves battle, can also revive party members from the dead [though has no other healing powers; this just fits with the class], maybe debuffs, maybe clown care Strengths: High magic/mp cap Weaknesses: Low defenses/HP; basically a glass cannon [though the severity of how "glass" the cannon is depends; see Additional Information] Stats: -Low Health points -High Magic points -Low/Mid Strength [depends on equip weapon; see Additional Information for more details] -Low/Mid Defense -High Magic Attack -Low/Mid Magic Defense -Mid/High Agility [see Additional Information] -Mid/High Luck [you know the drill =p] Additional Information: -Necromancer class can equip three different types of weapons, each affecting the stats [slightly] of the class. Necromancers can equip whips [boosts agility, doesn't do much for defenses or offenses], a flail [boosts offense and physical defense, lowers agility] and a staff [boosts magic defense and luck]. So depending on what kind of character you want to run [fast and furious, defensive[ish] tank, or "dark mage"], you can equip the weapon that corresponds! -Class came from a funny conversation I had with @KilloZapit about my game I was working on. The conversation steered towards having a character become a necromancer through a class change in the story, and here I decided to plan out all the specialty stuff and see what you all thought! [brownie points if you get my dumb reference in here. sorry lol I'm lame]