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  1. adding resources to MV is an actual nightmare and makes me want to cry

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    2. Mashuzu


      What's the difference between adding resources to MV and Ace?

    3. Kaneshon


      it could be resizing issues, mv has larger templates from what I've seen

    4. Sleepless


      @Kaneshon I /think/ it might be that. I've noticed that resources I'm downloading online aren't similar sizes to the default resources in the generator

      @Jackus/@Mashuzu There's no resource manager so you have to insert the stuff manually and it keeps just not doing what it's supposed to do; half the clothes/accessories etc don't show up on the character properly, even though I'm not doing anything wrong from what I can tell

  2. Sleepless

    Hello there, Iamabrawler here

    First of all, hey there and welcome to the forums! =D I hope you enjoy your stays here~ Also, it's funny that you mention this, because that's actually why I joined this community as well! Eventing, scripting, and general feedback are all things that I need frequent help with, and everyone here is so kind and more than willing to help anybody with any problems~! Good luck game deving, and never be scared to ask for help! ♥
  3. Sleepless

    Sugar Sweet

    Congratulations congratulations congratulations, Ms. Tsarmina! I remember when I first joined the forums, this was one of the games that piqued my interest, and seeing all the progress you've made on it has made me really excited to play this game! Best of luck, Miss! I'll be sure to show my support in my signature, too, if that would be alright?
  4. When you order a mouse just to make game developing easier... ^^; At least this gives me an excuse to spend the money, plus touchpads are just horrid [in my opinion].

    1. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      My laptop gets very hot most of the time, and my touchpad is where most of that heat goes. Using it is a horrible pain, I only ever use it if my mouse is no where in sight. If it runs out of battery power, I'd rather just go and pick up more batteries than use the touchpad.

    2. Kirimash


      Who develops games without a mouse?

    3. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Touchpads, in general, is horrible. It is atrocious.

  5. Sleepless

    I was never a math person

    Oh, okay! Thank you both~. The thought of enemies using the ability never crossed my mind, but it does make sense, aha.
  6. Sleepless

    Lisa And The Rubies of Donn

    Hi Ms. Juju! I saw your game in your signature from your posts on How To Write Good, and looking at the info about the game, I'm absolutely in love with it. My favorite character so far is Simone, but I do like the main heroine as well. I want to add this game to my signature, if that's alright! ^^;
  7. Sleepless

    Party! (Playable teaser/Demo out now!)

    HOLY CRUD THIS GAME GIVES ME THE CREEPS- When I read the part about the game remembering your decisions, I was reminded of Undertale, but then I kept reading and I was h o r r i f i e d This is an absolutely brilliant concept, and if I had the nerve I'd play the game myself. I wish you all the luck in the world with this, and I hope to see lots of people play it! so I won't have to play it myself because I'll cry Putting this game in my signature for sure~ edit: the banner link won't work for me :c What do I do?
  8. Please please please make a part three! I love this series so far, and as a writer even I find this advise very helpful! I've only just now thought of using Excel to help plan out my story [mostly to keep track of weapons/skills/classes I want to add], but also adding areas/characters/etc in chart form [eg what is their goal, how to they help the main character's goal, what do have they done, what will they do, etc] is an absolutely brilliant idea for the beginnings of a story to keep everything organized. Plus your analogies about skiing are very funny to me [which is helpful because I have a terrible memory]; now I'll remember all this information because I don't want my story becoming a broken skiier snowball at the bottom of a hill.
  9. Sleepless

    Card Battle Game

    So what kind of card game would it play like? Would it be Poker-esque, Yu-Gi-Oh-esque, etc? I think that'd be pretty neat to see in action, though I won't be any help with scripting such a thing... My feedback is, however, go for it! Usually card games in RPGs are sidequests that you can do; a game that HAS a card game battle system would be pretty interesting.
  10. Well... Looks like I've disappeared and reappeared yet again! What'd I miss?

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    2. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      We got a beautiful thread; I hope u add ideas: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/38948-rm-community-library-of-ideas/

      Rpg Maker is expanding it's horizon to support all RPG makers.

      Awards show: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/37065-community-awards-2015-results/

      And a couple of new features: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/forum/2-forum-announcements/


    3. Sleepless


      Whoa!! I'll check all these things out! Thanks! <3

    4. Lord Vectra
  11. Sleepless

    Wazzup people?

    Welcome, welcome! Hopefully the forums aren't too spoopy for you, haha~
  12. Sleepless

    Creature/Enemy Families

    This kinda reminds me of those Amoeboids from Ratchet and Clank [big green blob monsters that get smaller and smaller as you hit them], but I'm assuming that's the idea you're going for. I support the idea, because I like stuff like that those enemies are annoying though but I appreciate them from a non-playing standpoint
  13. I'm baaaaaaack!! =D

    1. Sky Usanin

      Sky Usanin

      Welcome baaaaack!

    2. Kayzee
    3. xoferew


      You're back, and fluffier than ever!

  14. Update: OKAY SO. I can do my AP Psychology work tonight. That's not a problem. I legit lost my Geometry packet so oh well, and about my summer reading, uh... heh heh... ...I'll do it this weekend... ^^;

    1. Kayzee


      Good luck! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*

    2. lonequeso


      AP Psych. Very cool.

      I wish I took Psychology in school.

    3. Mr. Moneybags

      Mr. Moneybags

      How much do your AP Psych books cost? Do you get them from that one company? It starts with a B I know that much.