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  1. Do you want the boss' DEF to be lowered by a skill or by the death of an enemy that he summons? Because if the former is the case, that might be hard to do through continued skill usage. If you want it to be lowered by the death of an enemy though, I suggest simply using conditional branches in the battle event section of the troop that you're using for the boss. For example, @> Conditional branch: [1.Minion] is [Death] Inflicted @> Change Enemy State: [2. Boss], + [Defense Down] or something like that. Hope this helps
  2. omg thank you both so much. The event thing seems like the quickest easiest fix. I have been exposed as a person who doesn't watch tutorials, haha. Thank you guys again, so much. I love this forum
  3. As you can see in the picture, every time I place down some tile (in this case, wood) and then try to place an accessory on top of the tile, (for example, I'm trying to put a wheel on the wood for a ship) it removes the original tile and places down the accessory with space around it. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING! This also happens with things other than space, like if I placed down a bunch of water for the ocean and then put the ship tile down and then the wheel, it would remove the ship tile and just show the wheel on top of the water tile. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong! Please help! <--- sorry it's so small, just click on it
  4. forthewin99

    Really frustrating Show Animation Glitch

    Fixed the problem perfectly. Thank you to EVERYONE who responded!!! I am in love with this site (and you all) now lol
  5. forthewin99

    Really frustrating Show Animation Glitch

    You have no idea how much I appreciate you actually looking into this problem Not a thing. The only thing I have is a "dark" lighting setting (not a script) but that shouldn't affect it.
  6. Is this a glitch or me doing something wrong? Every single time I use a "Show Animation" in my events, no matter who I select the target as, it will always show the animation on the player. This is really frustrating because I can't use an animation on anything except the player (me) I am not doing anything wrong. Look at my event code. Ignore the Self Switch. Even though I put the animation on [EV016] it does it on the player which is nowhere near it. PLEASE help, this is so annoying.
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