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      But no screenshots? Still in early progress?

  1. “God a’ mercy!†Pia cried. “I had unwittingly drunk too much apple juice and I urgently need to…!†Pia raced her way through the Old Ways Village in urgent search for the lavatory. She regretted spending her morning with the Oni in Requiem, for which they were having one their many drinking festivals. Pia, however, despised alcohol but wanted to join in the fun. The Old Ways Village was surprisingly empty. “People… No people,†Pia thought. She hatched an idea. “No! As a Maiden, that can only be a last resort!†Trailing behind Pia was the spirit Gwendolyn Komatsuzaki. She seemed pretty amused. “Heya, Pia!†She greeted. “Why the hurry?†“My Lady!†Pia exclaimed, still in a mad sprint through the Village. “To speak the truth, basically…!†Gwendolyn waved her hand in understanding. “I see, so that’s how it is,†she told Pia. “Though, it’s best to take the winding path when in a hurry.†Pia thought for a moment. “YES, INDEED.†Pia pulled out a spellsign. “ELEMENT SIGN: WHIRLWIND SPRINT!†Pia had then summoned a small whirlwind that engulfed her up to the neck. She was going much faster now. “That’s not what I-†“I see now! The rotational force is converted to propulsion!†Pia chirped. “I am in your debt, Lady Gwendolyn!†Before Gwendolyn could correct the Maiden, Pia had whirled off at top-Pia speed. After two minutes of spellsign-speeding, Pia had the local lavatory in her sights. She pressed her heels into the dirt road in a halt. “I am at my limits,†Pia breathed. “But, I have made it! Now, I shall-.†The door wouldn’t budge. “It won’t open!? Is someone present already!?†Pia knocked on the restroom door with great force. A voice emerged from the other side. “Ughhh… Who is it?†“Myon! I cry you mercy, but please do make haste!†“Ughhh… Hurry what up?†“THE PRIVY! QUICKLY! LET ME IN!†“Ughhh… Alright, I guess.†Pia twitched and gyrated like no one’s business. She then started to feel a tad exhausted. Using her spellsign took a bit too much effort. “My sight…†Pia whelped. The world went black. ~ “WHHAAA! Where am I? Where art the privy?†Pia sprang awake. She found herself in a springwater bath, bare as she was when she was born and chest-deep in the steaming water. “What are you doing half-asleep in here, Pia†said Gwendolyn, seated next to her. “Don’t fall asleep in the bath.†“I-is that so?†Pia sighed. “It seems as if I had fallen asleep whilst in the progress of something.†Pia laughed, unaware of what would stain her pride later on. And her clothes.
  2. Vox Dia

    Poem/Song Thing

    I think it's a spot-on eye on the human conscience and psyche during the transcendence to the higher plane on existance beyond the human perception and that the mortality of man is what prevents this ascension. Overall, good stuff. Questioning my existance/10
  3. Once more unto the breach, I s'pose.

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      Hut two soldier! Get to that entrenchment! HUT HUT HUT!

  4. Ya' scared? Because I sure am.

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      What of you cutie? Quite the opposite. ;)

  5. Vox Dia

    Sogekihei Mirai

    Sogekihei Mirai Origin: Baldir Android Assembly Inc. Race: Dead-Eye Droid Affiliation: Daedalus Order Syndicates(Formally) HER (Currently) Occupation: Stealth Support (Formerly) Freelance Assassin/Sniper (Currently) Threat Level: Keter Sogekihei, or Soge, is a rogue AI in the form of a Dead-Eye Droid that joins Dia and the Phantom Order after she repairs him from a fatal explosion at a DOS base in Ukraine. He is selfish and cynical on the outside, but in reality is very lonely. Despite his defeat at the DOS base, he is skilled in both long ranged and close quarters combat. He is a deadly adversary from afar and even more deadly if closed in upon. Soge is the Sniper of Dia’s team. Soge takes the form of a Dead-Eye Droid whose assembly was discontinued due to being prone to having their aggression inhibitors easily malfunctioned, having them turn against both friend and foe. The first instance of this first happened in Nagoya, Japan. According to Soge, he manually replaced his own inhibitor with a brain of one of the DOS military staff he has murdered before he escaped from assembly, which gave him the ability to easily pass off as a normal human being, being able to move smoothly, speak with emotion, and also gave him an expanded knowledge of humans as a whole. Soge wears a disguise to hide his droid body. His head is a steel Dead-Eye head casing with a big, red eye that glows. He wears a long brimmed fedora with a red band around it that covers the brain he has claimed. Soge wears a light combat vest with a long collar and white straps across the chest, tight, long padded gloves that covers his arms entirely, a pair of baggy, black cargo pants with two pockets on each side, and black, leather boots . He also wears a red waist-high cape. Sogekihei is known for his effective arsenal of weapons capable of aiding him in both long and close range. His melee weapon is a modified hatchet with a rubberized grip, a spiked hilt, and has white-hot coils in lieu of a sharpened edge. It emits an electronic humming noise when a swing misses and makes a soft, burning hiss when striking flesh. The weapon can easily cut flesh, making it easy to disable and dismember hostiles. The extreme heat of the axe’s cutting edge also cauterizing any severing cut, making for less messy kills and more stealthy assassinations. Soge calls it “Atomizer†Soge's secondary weapon is a black, modified Spectre SMG with a Tesla charging apparatus, a charging handle, reinforced iron sights, a folding skeletal stock, and a laser attachment. The Tesla charged rounds fired from this weapon is enough to disable hostiles, stunning them as well as delivering fatal electrical shocks to various organs. This weapon has been modified in such a way that it is more accurate than its predecessor and fires at an increased rate, but suffers from a reduced magazine size, holding only 15 rounds per mag. Soge calls this weapon CiCi (Short for Cleaning Carbine) Soge’s primary weapon of choice is his XFR-90 Precision Charging Rifle or, as he has named it, “Magnum Forceâ€. It is an experimental bolt-action sniper rifle with a 10x high-powered scope, silver-lined barrel, Tesla-charged magazines, a folding bipod, and a rotary stock used for further round charging or weapon cooling. It has several glowing parts, namely the mag and along the rifle. It is capable of charging rounds for more damaging shots and is able to penetrate various surfaces as well as hostiles. The only drawback is that fully charged shots leave a trail of charge residue through the air that slowly disappear. This could easily give away Soge’s position.
  6. In the beginning of time, there were four siblings in this world, all born together. The first sibling ran and ran but never was he weary. The second sibling ate and ate but alas, was never full. The third sibling drinks to his heart’s content but was always thirsty, poor fellow. The fourth sibling, loved by all, sings her song forever for all to hear. Who are they?

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      Water, Fire, Earth and Wind! Hehe... The third one confused me...

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      Earth, Wind, and Fire?! I love that band! yuk yuk yuk XD

  7. Vox Dia

    Twynog Machinov (Soulborne)

    Twynog Machinov Race: Skeldian, Lunarian Age: 2300+ Affiliation: Four Harbingers of Apocalypse (Formerly) Grand Executioner of Requiem (Currently) Guardian of Sasayakijinja (Currently) Threat Level: High Twynog is the legendary undead (reanimated) Skeldian warrior and a signature character of Soulborne. He is a reliable and creative soldier of the Netherworld who hailed from the Lunar City on the Moon, had once been the only son of the Watatsuki Royal Family. He now walks the world of Sargosso, bound to the Harbingers’ Mask, a sentient shield with a maniacal personality, as Sargosso’s first War God. Twynog resides in Sasayakijinja, living with Gwendolyn Komatsuzaki, the Netherworld’s ghostly princess, and her guardian Honoka Minami. His post is at the southwest of the ghost shrine at a nearby ocean expanse called Nanban Kaigan. Twynog has a rather ghastly appearance that accents his Lunarian background. He wears a red bandana around his head that has several runes written on it with what looks like charcoal, a dark purple dress with a strap on the right over a white short-sleeved blouse, steel and leather gauntlets, several femto-fiber ropes wrapped around his body, buckled boots on both his feet and a large belt around his waist. Twynog wields a great tricksword (a Lunarian broadsword that combines with its sheath to create a greatsword) and his Mask, which is a large, seemingly-living, magical shield with the face of a skull adorned on the front, with glowing purple runes etched on the sides of it. His eyes are empty sockets with red glowing pupils. Twynog is an extremely skilled swordsman, seeming to have retained his finesse with a sword, shield, and greatsword alone from his past life. While he does wield weaponry, he also possesses strange magic abilities, such as teleportation and manipulation of ghostly skulls and arms. Twynog can also manipulate the subconscious of foes, a power that can quickly turn the tide of battle in his favor. This allows him to manipulate the hidden aspects of the mind of his foes in various ways, such as having them relive traumatic moments and force vivid illusions and hallucinations unto them. Despite his brash attitude and informal demeanor, Twynog reveals that the most important things to him are not any sort of fame, glory, or power, but actually upholding his beliefs and protecting those he holds most dearest. He has sworn upon his life to destroy the Abyssals and Lunarians, not giving up on his mission for even a second. He is incredibly loyal to the Grim Reaper Samael, the Royal Advisor Junko, and is incredibly vengeful towards those who have done him wrong or betray him. One the other hand, Twynog’s Mask is a complete polar opposite, since it contains his uncontrollable hatred and insanity. The Mask shares Twynog’s voice as it cackles with glee in the midst of battle, enjoying any form of combat Twynog is engaged in to a disturbing extent. It doesn't speak and has a very one-track mind, always hungry for war and general chaos to unfold as it relishes in the agony of others. The Mask has the ability to stop any incoming force completely, regardless of speed in which said force had traveled.
  8. Dia Waldgrave Age: 18 Race: Human Occupation: Digital Artist (Formerly) Game Developer (Formerly) Grey Hat Hacker (Currently) Affiliation: HER Threat Level: High Dia Waldgrave is a young grey hat hacker. She joins the terrorist group HER to take down the tyrannical dictatorship of the Daedelus Order Syndicates. She is a kind girl who watches over her father and their shop and cares deeply for others, including her little sisters, Nia and Yoshino, and her best friend Xander Orion. However, Dia has a violent temper and curses like a temperamental and uncultured schoolgirl when upset or angered. Which unfortunately,for certain people, is all the time. But normally she appears quiet and reserved, with a keen interest in reading, writing, drawing, and hacking. A quiet and introverted girl, Dia may seem to be lifeless and apathetic in comparison towards those she doesn’t know, but is very friendly and cheerful around friends. She enjoys simple hobbies, such as reading and writing, and rather complex hobbies, such as developing video games, something she is overly passionate about and dreams of one day mastering as a renowned triple-A developer. However, she excels most in hacking. She has done various minor cyber attacks that aren’t too harmful to others, such as rewriting Security Droids’ coding so that they start using profane language towards citizens. While she cares deeply for her little sisters, they anger her (perhaps not as much as others do) and most of her stress comes from not knowing how to act around them. As well as showing her softer side to others. Underneath her calm exterior is an angry, raged filled girl ready to yell at or murder the first person who pisses her off. This is intentionally triggered by some people, such as Sogekihei, whom Dia is incredibly jealous of due to his impeccable skill in sharpshooting and writing, Mei, who brags how big her breasts are compared to Dia’s, and just about anyone who mentions her flaws, intentional or unintentional. Dia is a pale skinned girl with measurements consisting of 82B, 60W, 83H, and weight of 36 kg(~79 lbs). She has waist-long vermillion colored hair and dull blue eyes. Sometimes Dia would wear a black beanie with her favorite game’s logo on it. Dia is usually seen wearing an opened black jacket with red accents and dark grey lining over a white t-shirt that reads “Veni, Vedi, Veciâ€, black jeans with steel pads on the knees and skating shoes she had modified with compression boosters. Dia’s weapon of choice is her wrist swords that she had crafted herself. The weapon takes the form of two retractable, serrated blades between six inches in length and two inches wide that extend over the back of the hand from a leather gauntlet worn on Dia's right wrist. She may choose to upgrade her wrist swords to great extents, ranging from being electrically charged with Tesla Nodes to being coated and cooled in a poisonous substance.
  9. Vox Dia

    Renata-Sha (Soulborne)

    Renata-Sha Age: 1268+ Race: Skeldian Occupation: Sorcerer Affiliation: Horseman of Apocalypse Threat Level: Keter Renata-Sha is an Skeldian sorcerer from ancient Nexus in Sargosso. Condemned by the Abyssal Lord Aesir that he betrayed to walk the Earth as a decaying corpse, Renata-Sha seeks to undo his affliction through killing his other three brothers and absorbing their souls and becoming one whole being - and is more than willing to inflict a few of his own unto others along the way. Renata-Sha has an emaciated, corpse-like appearance due to the powerful curse that turned him into a restless Skeldian. He is covered in tattered bandages, and wears ornaments, items, and jewelry which are a mesh of ancient Sargossian craftsmanship, reflecting his ancient origins in Nexus. Renata-Sha's skin has wasted away to a dark, grayish brown coloration and his teeth have largely decayed. A thin layer of gray hair still remains visible along his jawline and the back of his head. He keeps a large knife along with various arcane items under a sash on his side. He only has a single red eye, the other being a blank black socket. Renata-Sha is an extremely arrogant and power-hungry man, having cast away his life in his endless pursuit for eternal power. He is always willing to fight dirty if it means he can gain the upper hand over someone, such as when he attempted to assassinate his own lord, and won’t hesitate to manipulate others for his own benefit. Despite his intelligence and cunning, however, Renata-Sha’s pride often blinds him and leads to him rushing into poorly-made decisions. For example, he is the one responsible for bringing Aesir to the Xephia when he murdered an old man locked in many chains, which turned out to be Aesir’s vessel that kept him locked away, while looking for great power. He is also the one who antagonized Samael in a desperate attempt to even the playing field with him, though the Reaper lord quickly broke free of Renata-Sha's restraints and set off back to his realm. Renata-Sha is a skilled sorcerer who fights with dangerous black magic abilities that he has accumulated over the years. He can use his bandages as weapons by using telekinesis, create and manipulate sand out of thin air, and create bursts of dark energy from his hands. He can also burst his entire body into plumes of sand to reappear in sand elsewhere, or cast curses on his opponents that slow down their movements. He also had a device known as the Siphon, which he used to drain his opponents of their powers after defeating them.
  10. You know you worked your behind off when you get home after moving eight rolloff trucks and cleaning them, cleaning almost an entire workshop, and spend about three hours fixing a busted exhaust on a tractor trailer. Yard work is hell in this hot weather, but its real neat working with the heavy machinery.

  11. Just wait. In a few weeks, people will end up with an AWP | Orbital Pursuit in their inventories http://polycount.com/discussion/168659/cs-go-weapon-finish-contest

  12. Just wait. In a few weeks, people will end up with an AWP | Orbital Pursuit in their inventories

  13. Just wait. In a few weeks, people will end up with an AWP | Orbital Pursuit in their inventories

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