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  1. Solar_Dragon

    Backwards leveling?

    Really interesting concept, one of those that you would never think of but once you see it, you think to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" I would really like to see this in action, but for this to happen, you would have to find a little bit of extra code so that you can lose abilities, and you would also need to disable fleeing somehow, so that you don't keep your powers. OR You could give every ability a certain amount of uses (like PP in Pokémon) but you can't regenerate it, making for even more interesting game play. I would love to see a game made with this, even if it is just 'another RPG maker game', because this is really interesting
  2. Now I have MV which I won't use until I finish my game outline. Yay

    1. Rezanta


      Eh, could be worse. You get so caught up in everything you don't develop for a while :P


    1. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      yet I still don't have enough to buy it http://prntscr.com/b9gvcr

  4. Just found out you can change the color of a transparent background. Neat.

    1. Meep007


      I just found out a couple weeks ago myself.

    2. Knighterius


      Had no idea. That's pretty cool, actually.

  5. I may be able to help. What kind of things do you need help with?
  6. Just found out you can make your own equip types in MV, sweet!

  7. Solar_Dragon

    How many of you will still use RMVXA?

    Ace all the way! The only reason have VX Ace, is because of Humble Bundle. Why pay $80 when Ace works fine?
  8. Solar_Dragon

    im looking for a a script for ace to do this :o

    Well, first, Ace, and the rest of the RPG Maker series are made to make top-down, or 2D games. If possible, doing this would probably need an extreme revamp of A LOT of scripts. You MIGHT, (probably no though) be able to pull this off with some CRAZY tilesets though. If you really wanted to have a game like this, you should try another engine. 1 question, where did you find this picture?
  9. Shoutout to Humble Bundle for being the reason I have around $2,400 worth of game making stuff just by paying $12

    1. Solar_Dragon


      that's USD by the way

  10. Game looks great! I can't wait for the final outcome/demo! Man, i hate going into the showroom and finding awesome games with no demo!
  11. *Waits for game to be approved*

    1. lonequeso


      Waiting sucks, but having a completed game is AWESOME!

    2. _____


      I have one complete game...about to have two if I can get RPG Maker to work (yes, I still haven't got that done) :P. And frisky, I know that feel, waiting indeed sucks.

  12. Solar_Dragon

    forum games Ban the person above you!

    Banned because you insulted memes. XD This is fun
  13. Solar_Dragon

    RM MV Characters

    I think people much rather play 2D than 3D, like me
  14. Yay! I have another problem! This one tops all the others off. When messing with the editor, I noticed that I could walk/use the boat and ship to literally go ANYWHERE. Like in these examples. The only place I couldn't go using any vehicle or walking was the little house in the corner. Here is what the tile set looks like: Could anybody tell me what is happening here? And if possible, if there anyway I can set where the Ship and Boat go? For example, I only want the Boat to go in shallow water, while the ship can go in shallow and deep. Thanks in advance, Gage
  15. Welcome to my first game! This is basically a test game, made to get a feel for "Role Playing Game Maker VX Ace" In a simple way, the story is a very basic, often seen one. The princess is captured, and you must team up with some people you find in the forest to find some legendary artifacts, and save her, along with the world. A bad guy has taken the princess, and is using her power to take over the world. Here are some of the details: Story: (It's the hero's archetype.)​ ​ ​​ Character Bio's:​ (Who are you people?!?!) ​ Screenshots: (Ooh! Aah!)​ ​Progress: ​(YO! When's that game gonna be done?) Features: ​​(Not many) One person: All maps, events, and most database items are made by me​​​. Short Gameplay: Only 5 dungeons. Credits: (Thanks! <3​​) Some of the trees can be found in Kalez's Art Table. The faces of Stompy, along with the merchant dragons, I can not find the original post, just a post asking for something like it, but somebody said it is from Ruruga. ​​If somebody could tell me where these dragon faces came from, that would help a lot!​ Everything else, except for My 3 characters (Gage, Tristan, & Jack, which are made using Game Character Hub, and the character generator) are from the RMVX-Ace sample tilesets. ​Updates: ​(What's New?) -New Look for Gage! Check it out! -Nicer Pictures, including the new field! -MAJOR cut of the story. Now only 5 dungeons. Really want to start on some other projects.