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    Give character resistance to states

    Technically, you could run it anywhere, but yes, you can run it with a Command Script from the editor. The break down of this line: $data_actors[X].features.push(RPG::BaseItem::Feature.new(14, Y)) The X is the index of actor in the database. For example, replacing the X with 1 would make it the very first actor/character in your editor database. The Y is the index of state in the database. For example, replacing the Y with 1 would be death by default. The 14 is State Resist, so don't change that. This would make your first character resistant to death: $data_actors[1].features.push(RPG::BaseItem::Feature.new(14, 1))
  2. Adventurer_inc.

    Give character resistance to states

    $data_actors[99].features.push(RPG::BaseItem::Feature.new(14, 101)) This is how you inject resistance to state index 101 directly into actor index 99, but the above method seems more creative.
  3. Adventurer_inc.

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    Played the first stage and half of the second stage. The concept is amazing and easy to pick up, but a deeper tutorial might come in handy in the future for those familiarized with certain terms. For example, what purpose does LK and EN serve and what does the item LK and EN sitting on the ground do? Even as a Non-German speaker, I found the music and scenery fitting for the game. I could almost feel the dread of coming into morning office of work.
  4. Adventurer_inc.

    Class System Problem

    What I'm getting from this is: Class System Type 1: Completing base class unlocks combinational classes. Completing Warrior Class + Completing Mage Class = Unlocks Battlemage Class Class System Type 2: Classes starts out broad then becomes more and more specialized. Main Class: Templar Only 1 subclass can be equipped at a time: Subclass Branch 1: Super Templar Only 1 subsubclass can be equipped at one time: Subsubclass Branch 1: Hyper Templar Subsubclass Branch 2: Mega Templar Subclass Branch 2: Ice Templar Only 1 subsubclass can be equipped at one time: Subsubclass Branch 1: Freeze Templar Subsubclass Branch 2: Snow Templar Subclass Branch 3: Fire Templar Only 1 subsubclass can be equipped at one time: Subsubclass Branch 1: Torch Templar Subsubclass Branch 2: Blaze Templar Personality, I prefer Type 2, probably due to my history of mmorpg gaming, however either types' effectiveness depends on what you are trying to portray. - Linear story type games should follow type 2 as characters are a representation of their class and vice versa. - More open world type games should follow type 1 as characters can be practically anything and it also allows the player to freely build entire parties to their liking.
  5. Adventurer_inc.

    Inn's Charging Per Party Member Help

    Most of the stuff you are looking for are built-in. Gold Compared to a Variable, however, is not.
  6. Adventurer_inc.

    Simple loop

    The best way to structure it would have to be: [1,2,3,4,5,6,7].each{|i| reset_gather_points(i)} 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 are all the ids of the maps you wanted to reset. This is just a simple loop so scripts should be safe.
  7. Adventurer_inc.

    Event Spawner

    Although it's somewhat related: Yanfly's Spawn Event script had a bug that I'm sure was addressed somewhere. @line 78 should look like this: (New events have a new id instead of replacing the last event on the map.) def spawn_event(dx, dy, event_id, map_id) return if $game_player.collide_with_characters?(dx, dy) return if dx == $game_player.x && dy == $game_player.y map_id = @map_id if map_id == 0 map = load_data(sprintf("Data/Map%03d.rvdata2", map_id)) event = generated_event(map, event_id) return if event.nil? key_id = @events.keys.max + 1 || 0 # This gives a new id to the new event event = clone_event(event, key_id) @events[key_id] = Game_Event.new(@map_id, event) @events[key_id].moveto(dx, dy) SceneManager.scene.spriteset.refresh_characters end If you want a script to be called multiple times you can use a script call as such: 5.times{|i| spawn_event_region(region_id, event_id, map_id)} 5 is the number of times you want the script to run. "spawn_event_region(region_id, event_id)" is the script call. 5 can be any integer you want, even a $game_variables[2], which is game variable number 2. I edited the script quite a bit to add some features like: the script telling you if the event failed to be placed so you can try to place it somewhere else, because the current script doesn't tell you if an event failed to be placed. I can post it here as an add-on if you want. No credit needed. Everything else you want can be Evented around this script call.
  8. Based on the given context, the game really does seem to be about the company in one way or another. In my opinion, a title is underrated most of the time. A title is, in itself, a work of art. A title tells a story and relay information in a condensed space, sets a mood, and draws in consumers. A title sets apart your game apart from other games and reveals what is to be expected from your game. A title can be simple like "Resident Evil", a place like "Elder Scroll: Skyrim", or symbolic with a deeper meaning like "Fallout". I suggest a word reversal: Parallel Breach: Emphasis This is assuming the company plays some what of a major role in the game even if they are not the only players like what your context suggest.
  9. Adventurer_inc.

    Field Skills ideas?

    This is very similar to an old abandon project I had. In this project, every party member had their own special party ability related to their past/birth, but their abilities will only be activated if they were in the active party and not the side party. It helps immerses the players in to the story and creates a uniqueness to all the characters even when they are the exact same class. EX: Dragons are known for being resistant to most sickness: Dragon Blood Aura: The user gains 50% status resistance. The other members gain 25% status resistance. Chaos born mages carry a deadly aura around them: Chaos Birth: The user gains 20% damage boost. The other members gain 10% damage boost. Divine born mages cures the wounded wherever they go: Divine Birth: The user gains 15% health regeneration. The other members gain 10% health regeneration. Food for thought.
  10. Adventurer_inc.

    TP Damage?

    The no damage pop-up will require a plugin.
  11. Adventurer_inc.

    TP Damage?

    The core scripts already allows this. In the formula box in the skills tab use: b.gainTp(value); "value" is the amount. Example: Do 0 damage and make target lose 100 TP: - Change damage type to [HP Damage] - Formula Box: b.gainTp(-100); 0 Make target lose 20 MP and TP: - Change damage type to [MP Damage] - Formula Box: b.gainTp(-20); 20
  12. Finished the demo. Took 38 mins because I did a lot of exploring. - Very solid story-line. - Very solid maps. - The game needs to give more money. I couldn't afford potions, not to mention equipment. - 10% Hp healing potions is not good at all and for 20 currency each, I'm better off burning the money to keep me warm. - I wouldn't recommend touch combat where you have to be inside them. You can't block the player's path. I walked passed them by entering combat and then escaping.
  13. Adventurer_inc.

    Enemy levels for people who like to grind?

    Stat gain has always been a bane for balance. You could also eliminate stats completely and just make enemies strategically more difficult as the game progress with levels only giving access to new perks such as skills. Example: Low level battle: 5 Warrior Goblins High level battle: 2 Warrior Goblins, 1 Mage Goblin, 1 Healer Goblin, 1 Support Goblin that gives buffs
  14. Finally finish. Spent quite a bit of time testing, but finished before 2016. Requesting approval to move to finished games.
  15. All of this from just a screen shot. That is some good eye sight. I'll leap on it right away. I'll replace that screen shot when I finish. Edit: Fixed and replaced.