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  1. Tsukihime

    How to check for which party member is changing equipment

    Was the issue with the script or something else?
  2. I can test MV and MZ games at the same time now lol 


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    2. Kayzee


      Are MV and MZ more or less cross compatible then? Or are you just developing a plugin for both at the same time?

    3. Tsukihime


      @Kayzee my experience porting plugins has been 99% compatible depending on what classes you're touching.

      Sprites have been refactored into more abstraction for each object, windows use a Rectangle for initialization instead of direct x,y,width,height specifications, some methods were "fixed" by giving it a "better name", etc.

      But I still have to test it on both engines to make sure a sneaky little change isn't causing problems.

    4. Kayzee
  3. Can't believe that Tag Manager I wrote in Ace is coming back to MV so that I can finish my grid battle engine. 



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    2. Kayzee


      How did that script work again? Wasn't it mostly used to move notetags to external files, or was that something else?

    3. AVGB;KBGaming


      Mainly used for restricting usage of things.

      Like, if one has a 'LBD' item meant to be worn only by smaller actors...

      <tag: LBD> on the database object (actor/class/enemy/state) meant to wear it and <tag_cond: LBD> on the item.

      I think notetag manager is the external note field manager you speak of.

    4. Kayzee


      Oh I see! When ever I did a script like that I always tended to call things like that 'keywords' or something.

  4. Went and learned Puppeteer overnight just so I can bot my MV games 

    I went and sped things up...


    And then I went and sped things up a bit more...


    1. AVGB;KBGaming


      Wow. Huh.
      (makes one wonder if such is a thing for VX Ace...)

  5. Ah...classic BFS...


    1. Kayzee


      Hmmm... Did I ever implement this in my game? I can't remember. I might have to take some notes since my game also has a form of grid based combat. I should get back to working on it sometime! Even if it's ridiculously old now. XD



    2. Tsukihime


      @Kayzee I'd do it just for the sake of solving puzzles lol. It's honestly just a huge puzzle game at this point trying to figure out how to use simple algorithms to accomplish what you want.

    3. Kayzee


      Yeah, for sure! That's pretty much how I always kind of saw it. But It would be nice to finish a game thing someday too. XD


    The kind of weird problems I have to solve for grid battle system (picture)



    1. Kayzee


      In my mind grids are really just a special type of graph/network anyway.

    2. Tsukihime


      @Kayzee pretty much lol. They just have the property that they all have a specific row/col position and the relationship between each is defined by the position.


      It'd be interesting to see whether my code could be generalized to hexagon grids, triangular grids, etc.

    3. Kayzee


      I mean really a 'grid space' could be seen as spots/polygons on the screen and a way to tell what space to go to for each direction you can move in. Different types of grids could just be a matter of different constructor functions for how the grids would be set up. Maybe there is a way to just have one constructor, but really square grids, hexagon grids, and triangular grids are basically the only kind of grids you can do anyway... assuming every grid space has to be the same shape and size and you stick to the euclidean plane of course. I doubt anyone is going to try remaking HyperRogue in RPG Maker any time soon though. :P

  7. Can't wait to get "any target" selection working with this grid-based target selection. You can literally just move your cursor left and right and it'll jump from grid to grid (video)



  8. Got the states on the tiles, so you can step on a poison tile and get poisoned, or step on a regen tile and get regened.



    1. MGC


      Hi, did you implement some features to push or pull enemies for your grid battle engine ? That could be interesting with these state tiles (and for the AoE).

    2. Tsukihime


      @MGC there is some experimental features in my "movement" plugin that provides a bunch of random movement related stuff.


      So when it's done, in theory you could push someone into AoE range and then they get toasted.



  9. To help game developers build the battle system of their dreams, I've developed the Grid Battle Engine, which is a suite of plugins that allow you to add new mechanics to your game. The Grid Battle Engine allows you to turn your default battle system, into a grid battle system! First you start with your default battle system like this And then you add grid battle on top, to turn it into this! It’s basically the default battle system that you’re familiar with, except we add a couple things to it One or more grids. Battler positions on each grid. So what’s so special about grid battle? Isn’t it just changing where the sprites appear? The grid battle engine itself allows you to create and manage grids. You can then install add-on plugins that will provide additional mechanics depending on what kind of battle system you want to make. For example, one of the add-ons allows you to create Area of Effect targeting, which allows you to create your own area of effects and then assign them to your item or skills so that you can target multiple battlers with a single action! With the grid battle engine, you can add a lot of new functionality to your battle system without having to change the rest of your game. You can also use different types of battle systems in the same game, for example if you wanted to create some mini-game arena challenges, or have a map-based battle for certain parts of the game. The possibilities are endless. Download Get it here: https://himeworks.com/2020/08/grid-battle-engine/ Terms of Use: https://himeworks.com/terms-of-use/ To get started, I recommend following this tutorial that I've provided with the initial release. It's a quick "getting started" guide to see if you can add it to your (existing) project. The core plugin is set up with defaults that will allow you to just plug and play and have grids in your game. I've included the "Grid Target Area" plugin as part of the bundle which provides area of effects. Add-on plugins will be listed here as they are developed. Here's a video of a "grid selection" add-on that is currently in development.
  10. Target Any Scope RPG Maker provides some skill and item scopes like "for one ally" or "for all enemies" but there isn’t really an option to target anyone or everyone. This plugin provides you with the ability to do so with a simple note tag! Check out this video for a demonstration on how it looks in-game Also works for MZ Download Get it at HimeWorks: https://himeworks.com/2020/08/target-any-scope/
  11. Went and build a custom inventory system 



    1. AVGB;KBGaming


      Well, now we have a pre-requisite for Diablo-clones in RM. Neat.

    2. Rikifive


      aww I remember looking for such system all these years ago when I had no idea how to code. That brought back some memories.


  12. Multi-target skill chaining with grid selection and AOE makes everything very extra.



  13. I put some chickens on a grid as a joke and also to test grid logic, but now it's turned into a joke game


  14. Finally, couple hours of ranting about bugs and things not working, I managed to write 10 lines of code to implement the ability to summon a chicken on an empty tile on the map (video)



    1. Rikifive


      That's pretty awesome! 😀

    2. Kupotepo


      Hello, Hime. I told you the chicken is for eating and patting. Not suitable for a battle.

    3. Tsukihime


      @Kupotepo you don't make your food work for you?

  15. This is honestly more interesting than chess lol 



    1. AVGB;KBGaming


      Yeah, that's pretty neat.