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  1. Chess has some annoying rules lol castling and en passant... 


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    2. Kayzee


      @Tsukihime It might be useful to think about the notation system they use here. Knight moves and the double pawn movement are marked in a pretty simple way. They can be thought of as a series of constraints. Think of it like a check each square must pass to be valid to move to


      For example pawn is notated 'o1>, c1X>, oi2>'. It loosely translates as:

      (is empty && one moves away && in front) ||

      (has enemy && one moves away && diagonal && in front) ||

      (is empty && is first move && two moves away && in front)


      It would probably be possible to parse a notation like that and just have one generic chess piece class that decides what moves are valid based on the stated rules. Though I have no idea how castling would work with a system like that since it involves moving two pieces at once.

      @PhoenixSoul 'Fairy Chess' is kind of a generic term for all kinds of chess variants, though having four players might be a bit much for a simple chess engine. There are also versions that alter the board in lots of weird ways that seem like it would be hard to support.



    3. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, like 3 and 4D Chess? I've never even tried that; sounds like it's more complicated than need be.

      Battle Chess is played on a standard eight by eight board. You have one Queen that acts as the Battalion Queen (the standard move in any direction any number of spaces Queen), and the other Queen moves either like a Rook does or like a Knight does (chosen with that Queen's first move and remains the same afterward), until the Battalion Queen is captured, then that Queen only can move one space at a time. It's like Spades, it's a partnership game, and is played for points.

    4. Kayzee


      Yeah there is 3D and 4D chess, but also circular chess, infinite chess, hyperbolic chess, and so on.