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    The kind of weird problems I have to solve for grid battle system (picture)



    1. Kayzee


      In my mind grids are really just a special type of graph/network anyway.

    2. Tsukihime


      @Kayzee pretty much lol. They just have the property that they all have a specific row/col position and the relationship between each is defined by the position.


      It'd be interesting to see whether my code could be generalized to hexagon grids, triangular grids, etc.

    3. Kayzee


      I mean really a 'grid space' could be seen as spots/polygons on the screen and a way to tell what space to go to for each direction you can move in. Different types of grids could just be a matter of different constructor functions for how the grids would be set up. Maybe there is a way to just have one constructor, but really square grids, hexagon grids, and triangular grids are basically the only kind of grids you can do anyway... assuming every grid space has to be the same shape and size and you stick to the euclidean plane of course. I doubt anyone is going to try remaking HyperRogue in RPG Maker any time soon though. :P