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  1. I can test MV and MZ games at the same time now lol 


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    2. Tsukihime


      @Kayzee but then I'd have to...repeat the same steps for two different games...which is twice the amount of unnecessary work when I could just do it once 🙃

    3. Kayzee


      Don't get me wrong, I am all for 'proactive laziness', but it seems now you are doing unnecessary work trying to avoid unnecessary work. Maybe I was being to flippant about the mutitasking thing, but it's basically true: Computers are designed to run more then one program at once, and there have been tools that do exactly the kind of thing you are doing since basically always. This literally is why we have scripting languages like AutoHotKey for example. I mean according to your last post you are mostly doing automated testing anyway. That's not really anything new ya know.


      Or maybe you mean you use this to use the same device to play both games at once. If so the same principle applies. I am not sure how to allow different windows to be active and accept input from the same device at the same time, but people have done playthroughs of games where they play two or more games at once, so pretty sure this isn't too hard to do. Not sure what specifically you are really doing here so maybe I am reading into this all wrong but that's not what it sounds like you are doing.


      Remember the three rules of proactive laziness:


      1. Never do anything you don't have to.
      2. Do everything in the most efferent way possible so you have less work to do
      3. Chances are other lazy people have tried to do the same thing. Find them and rob them blind follow their footsteps.


      Never forget rule 3! The first two rules should have priority of course, but rule 3 is still valuable!

    4. Tsukihime


      @Kayzee Ya, I'm sending one input to two different games at the same time. Both use the same plugins but different engine (MV vs MZ) and have the same maps and databases.

      Autohotkey might work as far as sending inputs goes.
      Automated testing might be better so that I can just have them both run the games themselves, but this one is synchronized manual testing.

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