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  1. Version: Beta 0.8.4 Available on Steam: Made In: RMMV Gods of Havoc heralds a return to the classic God-Game. It is a three-part series offering difficult, turn-based strategy. Each game places the player as a god in different eras of a planet’s history. Fall to Earth: takes place in an early medieval setting; After the Fall: takes place in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic one; Into the Void: takes place on a galactic scale. ‘Fall to Earth’ and ‘Into the Void’, are set to be released in August 2019 with ‘After the Fall’ to be released in December 2019. Please wishlist us on STEAM for updates on all three games: Gods of Havoc: Into the Void (the first to release) You take the roll of a god, to a sentient, and self-governing populace. With no interference from you, your people will spread out to the stars, colonise new worlds, build fantastic structures, wage wars, and reshape the universe… that is, they would, if there weren’t other gods, and other races, waiting to stop them. As a god, you have the power to aid your people with powerful magics, and to guide their progress with suggestions and dreams. Even with your help, it may not be enough to defeat the brutal and magical forces building against them. The Game A turn-based strategy game. Battle up to ten other gods and their peoples. An intelligent simulation of space colonisation, exploration, and exploitation. Use a ‘Pass-Time’ option to move the game forward, And customise a log to alert you when certain events happen. A fiendishly difficult AI with various difficulties. Crafted from a love of Populous, Megalomania, and other ancient god-game classics! Your People At the core of the game, is the civilisation you are nurturing. They will begin by colonising the different planets in the solar-system, building various ships, establishing defence fleets, sending out prophets to convert their neighbours, and eventually begin work on a Dyson Sphere and Mega-Ships. So long as no other race stops them. Your Role As your people’s protector you can help them on their expansion into space. The more followers you have, the more powerful you become. Create swamps to slow enemy ships, mines to damage them, or swarms of space insects and dragons to attack them. Empower your people’s defence fleet to become a crusader and let it seek out enemies, or guide it on a crusade. Terraform and manufacture your people’s planets to increase their population and produce more mana for you. Cast winds, floods, fire, and plagues on enemy planets to kill off their population. Convert or destroy enemy fleets using the Hand of God. Turn ancient asteroids into powerful vessels or magical space-stations to fortify your people’s position in space. The Enemies Unfortunately for your people, you are not the only god. Play against a difficult AI which has all of your powers and perhaps, even less scruples! Into the Void Screenshots Fall to Earth Screenshots
  2. Version 1.001 Price: $6.99 Available: On Steam! Made With: RPG Maker MV THE PREMISE Fantasy Hero Manager places you in command of a magical airship, on a quest to find the legendary land of Vrool and its Fountain of Eternal Youth. Fly across the world recruiting heroes for your adventure. Negotiate their salaries, manage their personalities, keep them sober, and never forget to pay them. Watch as they make friends, get married, grieve the loss of comrades, and die in glorious battle… all before searching out new heroes to fill your empty bunks! Fantasy Hero Manager has been designed to be highly accessible, with a simple and clear UI, yet broadly complicated in its mechanics. Created with a nostalgic look-back to the age of Nethack, Zork, and the golden age of gaming. FEATURES Custom, fully original, battle system, with locational damage. An infinite number of procedurally generated heroes and worlds. No tilesets used, all the game is done through .js. Huge amount of replayability. THE WORLD An infinite world with randomly generated maps: with eight biomes, and hundreds of individual locations, there is plenty of variety in each map. Visit taverns to recruit heroes, trade, and rest. Enter into dangerous henges, caves, dungeons, and castles to fight monsters and search for treasure. Go to cities, towns, elven lodges and dwarf fortresses to receive quests. Fight gods, dragons, fallen heroes, and legendary creatures in castles, forts and towers. Go fishing in the seas and lakes, foraging and hunting on the plains, and mining in the mountains. Train up in castles or woodsman’s huts. Improve armour and weaponry in forges. Visit temples for healing services. And explore the many unique tiles which can offer boons or death to the heroes. Beyond what there is to explore the world has other unique features: A system of star-signs which cast luck onto those born beneath them. A moon phase system. Purchasing and selling tax unique to each location. The ability to store and revisit past maps to finish quests or take advantage of good prices. THE HEROES Each hero generated in completely unique with a large number of stats, abilities, and traits. Choosing a hero can be difficult: do you take the fantastic fisherman with abominable attack power? Eight races to recruit from: humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, undead, and angels. Thirteen magic types a hero can have: some offensive, some passive, some for crafting and foraging. Ascendancy system with six classes to which any hero can ascend: lich, titan, phoenix, dark angel, nature wielder, and abomination. Six crafting skills, six abilities, many health and magic statistics. Each is born under one of ten starsigns which offer bonuses when the time of year is right. Their own healing and recovery rates. Beyond their stats heroes have personalities and a mood system: Watch as the make friends with those they fight alongside. Fall in love and get married, or help nudge them in that direction. Renegotiate their salary as they gain levels and earn you treasure. Grieve the loss of friends, celebrate weddings and successful quests, get bored if you neglect them. Leave your party if you fail to treat them as they would wish. Learn skills from each other based on a teaching skill. ENEMIES With nearly two hundred unique enemy types to battle your heroes will always have something to kill! Biome specific monsters. Eight humanoid races to fight: elves, kobolds, undead, etc. Twelve different monster families each containing six monster types: from clockwork monsters, through bubbling slimes, to filthy goblins. Over sixty incredible bosses which include gods, dragons, fallen heroes and abominations! CRAFTING: Having a wide-ranging party will allow you to take advantage of the six crafting options. Cook meals to restore stamina while in dungeons, and make fishing bait. Mix herbs to make magic and healing potions. Create alchemical potions to increase mining ability. Forge armoury hammers to repair armour and improve it. Tool picks, to help lockpick chests. And scribe maps to new and more dangerous locations. SCREENS:
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