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  1. Vodun

    Unlock Menu Commands (with Switches)

    It works! I thought about using If or When with $game_switches[1] but thanks to my limited skills I couldn't get it to work. But now I know :) Thank so very much.
  2. Vodun

    Unlock Menu Commands (with Switches)

    /Sorry for a late respone, things in recent days have been hectic Kayzee, tried Yanfly's Ace Menu Engine but I would like to use it as the last resort. It changes quite a few things beside the commands so first I'll try some other method. PhoenixSoul, I did put $game_switches[x] but it didn't work. I got a screenshot showing the error and how I did this. Sadly I am not that quite in some manner good in doing RUBY scripting so the chance of me ducking things up is very high. Thanks for the reponses :)
  3. Hello I know how to remove different commands (like items, formation, save, skill, status) from menu using Window_MenuCommand in script editor. (like on image attached to post). My question is. How can I connect this to switches that could be turned on/off in the game? Could be a nice tool for game progression unlocking certain menu options. Help is appreciated.
  4. The great Vitrolic Virtue studio and its gracious director Alan Smithee presents. Utopia VII - Pixel Perfekt We at the VV studio hope you will have fun playing this game. [Short Synopsis] Utopia is a special place where technology and magic coexist together, can its newest citizen become a hero and save this city? [Introductory text ripped out from the game] [Goals] Play as the newest citizen of Utopia and save the city from destruction. But can you save the city from the greatest evil? The Perfekt Pixel. [Credits] Game Director: Alan Smithee Main Artist: Allen Smithee Main Peon: Vodun Secondary Peon: Vaskamos Tertiary Peon: Airsaber [Download] Mediafire Download Itcho.io game page rpgmaker.net page [Last Few Words] Big thanks to loved ones, haters, and loyal fans of: Utopia I: The Lost City Utopia II: Forgotten World Utopia III: Journey to Eden Utopia IV: Perfekted World Utopia V: City Divided Utopia VI: Last Eden Special Thank you to our GamePaid donors: - Airsaber - ??? - Profit - Drago5k - Thanatos - Karrmel/DisFunctional - Alistair Smitee - GNDAM - Neomi - PunkX121 - Lisa You are the best! For the game to work install fonts, VT323-Regular and VL-Gothic-Regular, located in Font folder. If you have any problems, commentary and suggestions. Please send an email to vitrolicvirtue.studio@gmail.com (Plus in the name of the game refers to game jam on itch.io, igmc2017. Game was meant to be an entry there but was released with a big bug and had to be taken down. Now years later, the game returns) [ScreenShots]
  5. Vodun

    N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats

    Hello, got a question. (in this pretty old topic) Can I use variables instead of values like "'(level/3.5) + 16', " in this script? I tried using $game_variables[id] but the script seems to not recognize it. (in both actual script and actor note). I would appreciate help.
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