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  1. Vodun

    Indie Game Review

    Big thanks for playing my game.
  2. Vodun

    Indie Game Review

    If you are not afraid you can try something with different gameplay than two previous game you reviewed. Plus the game is so short that in an hour you could probably finish it twice (or once If you are aiming for 100% completionist run)
  3. I do think that the movie Free Guy have inspired you That might be interesting, If done with care and not making NPC just a hero but a side character like the NPCs are. The way I would do it.
  4. Vodun

    MOTM - Official Release!!!

    You saw the screenshot I made, after the intro (and after the Red Pit graphic) I land on this map and cannot move or do any other action. Left the game for about half hour and nothing happened (in case there was some more dialogues or a cutscene). Also downloaded/played three other games made in rpgmaker MV (I think that was the RM you used to make MOTM, yes?) and they are running smoothly. Maybe I am just cursed Happens to the best of us, good luck with your game
  5. Vodun

    MOTM - Official Release!!!

    I downloaded again and still had this problem, clicking on various buttons and nothing (well almost because F1 works). Weirdly everything works in main menu while after the intro there is nothing. Could be something on my end but It would help If third person would test it.
  6. Vodun

    MOTM - Official Release!!!

    Downloaded and played it, reached this moment (just after the intro) and I couldn't move, clicked on every keyboard button, even restarted and nothing. Don't know If its my problem or the game.
  7. The great Vitrolic Virtue studio and its gracious director Alan Smithee presents. Utopia VII - Pixel Perfekt We at the VV studio hope you will have fun playing this game. [Short Synopsis] Utopia is a special place where technology and magic coexist together, can its newest citizen become a hero and save this city? [Introductory text ripped out from the game] [Goals] Play as the newest citizen of Utopia and save the city from destruction. But can you save the city from the greatest evil? The Perfekt Pixel. [Credits] Game Director: Alan Smithee Main Artist: Allen Smithee Main Peon: Vodun Secondary Peon: Vaskamos Tertiary Peon: Airsaber [Download] Mediafire Download Itcho.io game page rpgmaker.net page [Last Few Words] Big thanks to loved ones, haters, and loyal fans of: Utopia I: The Lost City Utopia II: Forgotten World Utopia III: Journey to Eden Utopia IV: Perfekted World Utopia V: City Divided Utopia VI: Last Eden Special Thank you to our GamePaid donors: - Airsaber - ??? - Profit - Drago5k - Thanatos - Karrmel/DisFunctional - Alistair Smitee - GNDAM - Neomi - PunkX121 - Lisa You are the best! For the game to work install fonts, VT323-Regular and VL-Gothic-Regular, located in Font folder. If you have any problems, commentary and suggestions. Please send an email to vitrolicvirtue.studio@gmail.com (Plus in the name of the game refers to game jam on itch.io, igmc2017. Game was meant to be an entry there but was released with a big bug and had to be taken down. Now years later, the game returns) [ScreenShots]
  8. Vodun

    Utopia VII - Pixel Perfekt+

    Hello, September 23rd 12021 (using Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell calendar) is a one year anniversary of Utopia VII Pixel Perfekt+ coming out on Itcho. Entire year has passed by and it was a year full of...all kind of stuff. Just giving the link to announcement of Utopia VII Pixel Perfekt D+ on Itcho. New and updated version. https://vodun.itch.io/utopia-vii-pixel-perfekt/devlog/296912/utopia-vii-year-one-announcement Maybe in the next 1 to 7 years it will get done. That's all. Vitriolic Virtue, wish you all good gaming!
  9. Vodun

    Utopia VII - Pixel Perfekt+

    I do hope Chuck had some fun playing Utopia VII -------------------- Long time no post/action, yes? Sadly crippling depression and pandemic could really hurt the productivity. Despite that Vitriolic Virtue studio tries to work its hardest, we'll try to update more frequently in the future about possible improvements and next games in this series. In the meantime we present to you Utopia VII let's play done by youtuber Lily Mai! Utopia Let's Play, part 1 We at the VV studios are eternally grateful for all the hard work put into it. Until next time!
  10. Vodun

    faceset Liny's Faceset Commissions

    Got a question. Faceset you presented has 8 different "heads" with different expressions of one character. That means it could hold one expression of 8 different characters. How much it would cost If you had a commission to make one faceset with 8 different characters?
  11. Hello I know how to remove different commands (like items, formation, save, skill, status) from menu using Window_MenuCommand in script editor. (like on image attached to post). My question is. How can I connect this to switches that could be turned on/off in the game? Could be a nice tool for game progression unlocking certain menu options. Help is appreciated.
  12. Vodun

    Unlock Menu Commands (with Switches)

    It works! I thought about using If or When with $game_switches[1] but thanks to my limited skills I couldn't get it to work. But now I know :) Thank so very much.
  13. Vodun

    Unlock Menu Commands (with Switches)

    /Sorry for a late respone, things in recent days have been hectic Kayzee, tried Yanfly's Ace Menu Engine but I would like to use it as the last resort. It changes quite a few things beside the commands so first I'll try some other method. PhoenixSoul, I did put $game_switches[x] but it didn't work. I got a screenshot showing the error and how I did this. Sadly I am not that quite in some manner good in doing RUBY scripting so the chance of me ducking things up is very high. Thanks for the reponses :)
  14. Vodun

    N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats

    Hello, got a question. (in this pretty old topic) Can I use variables instead of values like "'(level/3.5) + 16', " in this script? I tried using $game_variables[id] but the script seems to not recognize it. (in both actual script and actor note). I would appreciate help.