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  1. please, I really need it typed out. I know it existed years back, but google isn't being my friend.
  2. I'm going to make my first MV game :) wish me luck

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Bonne chance, mon ami.

  3. Asharonapaul

    What's your take on free vs paid RM resources?

    I think paid is nice if you have really steady and well off income. but for someone whos' on fixed income with limited resources free is not always bad. and aside from that, the general go-go-go nature of society makes me feel like we're all driving the autobahn instead of climbing a beautiful mountain. Like no one enjoys the process of the skill building? I feel it becomes a matter of anxiety induced panic as the developer realizes the skills they need for a game are numerous and take much time and consideration to actually do well. But that said, why doesn't everyone value a resource for more than just "free" or "paid"? chances are if you enjoy an asset it's because the skill is something that took a long while to achieve. I try not to think of resources in terms of luxury or commodity or even a form of numbers. I mean, what's 1lb of clay mean really? Is it 1 figure, or multiple figures? This for that is all the banking system started on. I like the idea of receiving what you put into something. That's why I make things for free, or make them for a cost. Now that said, not everyone appreciates a product the same way. What is worth afterall?
  4. Asharonapaul

    pixel Free Game Pawns

    I've been working towards a tabletop game. here are some free resources you may use for commercial or free. just please don't redistribute. There are about 100+ more, but they don't have bases affixed to them just yet.
  5. Asharonapaul

    load function test.gif

  6. this took most my day up lol room_editor_day_1.gif

    1. Kayzee


      It reminds me a little of A Dark Room in a way... Feels similarly mysterious. :3

  7. https://yogentelevision.itch.io/lunesta
    inverse kinematics, markov chain, save load function under 1 K save file, character selection, welcome to 2.0

  8. word has it there's an indie dev's cousin still playing my public alpha from this month, so rewarding.

  9. rik delete this account, not the post, and refund me

    1. Seriel


      'twas actually me who hid your post, because it did not seem constructive; i'll leave this one to serve as a place for conversation on this issue.

      If you really want your account deleted or banned, please PM an admin about it instead of airing your woes publicly.

      To my knowledge, donations for Sponsor rank cannot be refunded due to their nature as donations.

  10. Asharonapaul

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    757 when is lvlv up omg
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