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  1. Asharonapaul

    load function test.gif

  2. this took most my day up lol room_editor_day_1.gif

    1. Kayzee


      It reminds me a little of A Dark Room in a way... Feels similarly mysterious. :3

  3. https://yogentelevision.itch.io/lunesta
    inverse kinematics, markov chain, save load function under 1 K save file, character selection, welcome to 2.0

  4. word has it there's an indie dev's cousin still playing my public alpha from this month, so rewarding.

  5. rik delete this account, not the post, and refund me

    1. Seriel


      'twas actually me who hid your post, because it did not seem constructive; i'll leave this one to serve as a place for conversation on this issue.

      If you really want your account deleted or banned, please PM an admin about it instead of airing your woes publicly.

      To my knowledge, donations for Sponsor rank cannot be refunded due to their nature as donations.

  6. Asharonapaul

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    757 when is lvlv up omg
  7. https://kurtsiestudios.wordpress.com/2018/12/08/jazz-boom-flowers-and-physics-realism/


    as I enter third day of production, I timidly await the arrival of our project files from the programmer :)


  8. Asharonapaul

    Text Reader

    why not try the divide-and-conquer algorithm instead? that should reduce any action by a lot. ya it's for sorting, but you can apply it to reading a file even. maybe even through in recursion for best optimization. I mean just look at the theta-notation for merge-sort compared to linear time efficient algorithms such as bubble sort
  9. Asharonapaul

    Text Reader

    I did something like this with my Ebook reader I made months ago But I changed OS and I don't have the project source anymore. but the principles are simple. use a file exists function to check if the file exists to load. then use file read function and store each line in an array or similar. draw_text_ext to bound the text in the window spacing. or write the text file with the limits in mind and /n to start a new line. scrolling is input.trigger? and then pick whatever keys you want to be up and down and so on. update the text drawn when the input is triggered. dispose on scene.exit.
  10. should I write a tutorial for flashy/blinky text?

  11. Asharonapaul

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    i = 0 for i in 0...665.7.to_i i+= 1 end return i