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  1. any dungeon masters able to chit chat about classes?

    1. Shaddow


      I am a master of dungeons, feel free to pm me.

  2. new game test run.gif

    here is the final version, modified to fit a computer screen drawing.
  3. mmmmmmmmmmm ya

  4. new game test run.gif

    lol wow
  5. new game test run.gif

    ya but you did not make that
  6. new game test run.gif

  7. mmmm mods

  8. new game test run.gif

    ya but the thing is, I dont care lol
  9. new game test run.gif

    ok so this goes every step then in the alarm0 and then it draws like I said I spent thirty minutes writing, an hour debugging it. I don't have the same caliber mind like you programmers. I'm lucky if 1+1 still =2 at the end of the day. Likely I try to force it into =1 since 1 or 1 is 1. but ya.
  10. new game test run.gif

    also its the text_ext funciton for word wrap in gml
  11. new game test run.gif

    um, a simple conditional branch, alarm, and string copy function with a few variables and an array for the text.
  12. new game test run.gif

    well I mean, are you going to teach me? where is your example of this?
  13. new game test run.gif

    um ya i spent like 1 hour on it, and that was all I could handle. k thanks