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  1. Quite possibly, it can be said that Death is the only personification which may in fact be a deification. However, it remains true that no one knows what it means to experience anything as a god does; and at the same time the only humans that come close to the process are regulated more heavily than even utensils of death, or even corporate empires that make those death dealing tools.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I take it, you've read in some part, Saritan's Grimoire. That is definitely an excerpt from Era 9, Volume 6, Chapter 13. I've read almost the whole of Era 9, and it is dark, twisted, and mental as fffffff...


      But it is also deep and full of existential meaning, purpose and understanding of a lot.

    3. Asharonapaul


      Um actually, I've been writing a book of my own philosophies :P I haven't read to many books on any subjects in particular, save for opium wars and boxer revolution. I deduced it from what I've written thus far :)

    4. Asharonapaul
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