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  1. Pay to win is no longer a feature of phone games.

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    2. Makara


      IMO the definition of scam is microtransactions, not literally, but it's seriously annoying.

      That's fine I'll drop it, sorry.

    3. Rikifive



      I think he meant it's not exclusive to phones, @riki

      @Nirwanda But.. was it in the first place? :P p2w pc games exist for years, don't they? It's more common on mobile games though, that's true.

      Either way, p2w is something I definitely don't like. That kind of things harm balancing-- or it's kinda like allowing players to cheat if they'll pay.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I paid for a Dragon Amulet on DragonFable some time back.

      For that purpose, you're not really paying to win, just paying to unlock more features, mainly involving a single character class, Dragon Lord.

      True, a lot of content is locked behind this paywall, but the game is playable with or without the upgrade.

      Then yes, there's Dragon Coins, which also are paid for, but the majority of items that cost Dragon Coins are cosmetic items or are less than necessary items (but expanding your vault or bag space is one necessity that will cost a lot of Dragon Coins in the end).

      But is that part Pay to Win? Nah, more like Pay to Carry More useless junk...but I digress.

      Most of the time, you can use Dragon Coins to pay for items that are no better than the gold cost counterparts, but the cost ratio of gold to DC is More -> Less respectively.

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