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    Asharonapaul got a reaction from Thomas Smith in Ambition for a Long While   
    the book goes into depth on the pseudo code so you don't HAve to use it exactly as they frame. but I don't mind.
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    Asharonapaul got a reaction from Thomas Smith in Ambition for a Long While   
    @Kayzee ah yes. I am following their pseudocode which is formated for a C lang or python for instance. never worked with pseudocode before, so I am not utilizing all that Ruby can offer.
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    Asharonapaul got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in What I have been up to lately.   
    woa. roguelikes seem difficult in that making a valid story behind procedural dungeons is complex. but if you don't think story matters, it's a win win
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    Asharonapaul reacted to Thomas Smith in Ambition for a Long While   
    Oh, nice! I will have to look through this 
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    Asharonapaul got a reaction from Seriel in Chungsie Logic   
    I don't obey that logic.... there are such things as rhetorical questions lol
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    Asharonapaul reacted to Kayzee in The Conlang/Code known as Ele   
    I thought spirit was a bit more abstract then that... but I guess that's besides the point. Anyway It's nice to talk to you about this stuff even if we don't really agree on it!
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    Asharonapaul got a reaction from Thaletos in Corporate America Bites my Ass   
    ummm... ya I don't like this conversation any more. Because I don't have any references about how the universe came to be, because either God can't write, or science has never experienced it. It is hardly possible that with the lack of materials present in this universe, the laws of physics apply to realms beyond this universe, or even the absence of this universe. Currently String Theory proposes 14 dimensions on top of our three, with a one dimensional time. And the universes created out of these dimensions are theorized to have different laws to their physics. So let's not talk about stuff that requires a PhD to think up in the first place

    It's called mother nature because in the first nations you have Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandfather Creator, Grandmother Moon, and all their ancestors across the night sky. Don't always have to take things so literal, but since we are, consider the following.
    A singularity has 3 dimensions and no time. The time is referenced with the position of things along the convex curves within the singularity. In other words, non-sequential time exists without time. Why is it not possible that non-vibrational energy exists without vibrations? Because no one has experienced it possibly, or have and don't know what it is because we don't even know the position and speed of a single particle in total.
    And Quantum Entanglement and Quarks being in the same place at once has been disproven, as an inability of proper frame rate.
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    Asharonapaul reacted to Kayzee in Corporate America Bites my Ass   
    I have never been homeless, so take what I say with a big helping of salt if you wish. I will say the town I live in is kinda interesting as it has a whole community of homeless people who set up tents in a place people call "The Jungle", and I am told they mostly just don't want to be bothered by the government or cops, and people mostly let them be. The city tried to work out ways to clear them out, like taxing the land owner for them being there but it didn't stick. Most people I know think they are fine no matter how much people might say they "look bad". There are panhandlers on the street who I am told make more money then some people with "real jobs". There are quite a few places you can get free food as well. How much any of this talk is accurate I am not sure, but it seems my town's homeless are pretty well off relatively speaking, and there are quite a few.
    And really I don't think the town is any less corporate then any other, perhaps more then most. A huge chunk of it is owned or directed by a university and that's just another corporate entity as far as I am concerned. A good chunk of the town politics is taken up by pleasing the university and other businesses that exist in the town. I think there is a huge manufacturing plant or something somewhere too that ends up having some power.
    But, well, most of the people in the town seem to be very much opposed to that regardless. A good chunk of them are hippies really, and most others are liberal and outspoken. When I lived near the town center people were always protesting one thing or another. Heck, I am practically an anarchist and I think there may be a significant number of people around here that are too. I have seen the sign around a lot anyway. The town culture is very different and I think the culture has more say in the long run.
    And that's just it. I think "Corporate America" being such a problem is a problem with culture and how people let them get away with things, and I think how the homeless and poor are treated is part of that as well. Some people, like the people who wanted to clear out our "Jungle" because it looked bad just don't care about anyone they thing is under them class wise. Some people want to help each other as much as they can. The whole 80s "greed is good" mentality poisoned so much of our culture for so long, but now we are recovering I think.
    Anyway, in the end I think "Corporate America" is going to lose anyway. Maybe not go away, but lose. Because they are too big, too bloated and too ineffective anymore. Smaller, leaner ways of doing business are going to replace them save for maybe a few big ones.
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    Asharonapaul reacted to GoldUniGaming in Corporate America Bites my Ass   
    For what it's worth, you write really well, Chungsie (though I'd be intellectually dishonest if I didn't throw a disclaimer in here that I disagree with nearly everything in both posts).  Audit/End the FED though... for sure
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    Asharonapaul reacted to Kayzee in Corporate America Bites my Ass   
    Land ownership is really just a way of saying "I am using this land for something don't get in my way" and having something to enforce your ability to use it as you see fit. Maybe all ownership is like that. I mean, imagine for example playing Minecraft on a public server. Without any sort of mods or admin protecting a player, anyone can and probably will grief the heck out of them and destroy all they have done. Many Minecraft servers therefore divide up land to be claimed by players. It's an easy way to settle disputes without a lot of head ache. It's the same thing in real life. Problem is the system is abused by people who use land as a commodity in of it's self without really using it for anything themselves. I kind of had the idea of "ownership requires use" at one point, that you can't just "own land" without having a active purpose for it, but I am not sure of all the details of that.
    I saw a video the other day that put forth the theory that money was mostly invented by city states so they could pay army and make war. It's not any more western then it is eastern, it's something all big civilizations came up with. Also rather then a barter system evidence suggest people used a credit system before money was invented. People would remember and eventually make ledgers of debts owed. Money is just a very convenient transferable IOU.
    Thing is, though I am opposed to capitalism I do think socialism is worse. I count myself as an anarchist, and I rather have something that is theoretically neutral to any state like capital should be, then something that requires a central system to redistribute everything evenly like socialism. Both can be useful and both can be really really oppressive, but capitalism I think is just ever so slightly better in general. Rather have something that is neither though.
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    Asharonapaul reacted to Kayzee in Corporate America Bites my Ass   
    People covet things and want to own things because there are a limited amount of things to own. It's just that simple. Land ownership at least makes sense because there is a limited amount of it to go around and people need a simple way to share that won't get bogged down in petty arguments. This is why the concept of ownership even exists. Without it we would have no need for such a concept. If we ever get out into space owning chunks of space won't make sense either. There is too much of it and it's never in the same place. Once we can all mine random abundant asteroids and make things from raw materials wherever we want most concepts of ownership won't make sense ether.
    This also ties into why I oppose copyright. Why do we own what we create? That sounds just as entitled to me. Why should ANYTHING cost money that could just be freely copied without expending resources? But that's a discussion for later maybe.
    Anyway, the thing most people misunderstand about capitalism is that it isn't about money, it's about capital. Money is just a convenient tool everyone has agreed to use to transfer capital, and maybe not even the best way. Your connections with people can be capital too. Your skills, your time, your power, your body, even your life. Capital can be anything valuable.
    How much are lives worth you ask? That depends on the person. Maybe it can't, or shouldn't, be defined in terms of monetary amounts. Maybe it can't be given any finite value. It all depends what people are willing to pay. And maybe contently judging values that way seems harsh and cruel to you. But I bet you do it either time. If you are dying and every moment is pain for you how much pain is it worth to keep you alive for what may be a short time longer? Value judgements are things people do all the time.
    But on the other hand, if we has one person or system telling us all how much everything is worth, trying to redistribute everything the "optimal" way? Then your personal judgments mean nothing. I have no problem with regulation in theory, but it should come from people taking action to build something better, not from a corrupt government that are probably bribed by the people they are pretending to regulate while probably making laws that stop any competition.
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    Asharonapaul reacted to Kayzee in Corporate America Bites my Ass   
    One definition I heard for life is a system that creates long term entropy in exchange for creating a temporary state of decreased entropy. The overall effect though I am pretty sure is neutral and the universe is heading to heat death anyway from everything I have read. Maybe we can find some trick to use worm holes to keep the entropy in a space balanced by basically creating mini universes but that would break thermodynamics.
    Keep in mind, you are always "losing" useful energy when ever you start smashing things together to fuse atoms. And people do that all the time but it takes a looooot of power. Of course the energy isn't lost in terms of the over all universe, it just converted to a form that we can't use or zips too far away to catch.
    Land is stable enough relative to our timescales and needs I mean. In space there is literally nothing orienting anything anywhere. Oh sure, if you want to live on a planet maybe, but there is nothing preventing people from just making self rearing and improving ships and just... going. Just hiding in space. Space is so big they will never ever be found. Kinda makes government difficult huh?
    Oh and the reason we aren't cracking down on environmental friendly things? Partly it is no one is willing to foot the bill (despite a whole chunk of our taxes going to useless things, maybe if people could choose what they put their taxes to instead of dealing with the government dividing it up for us and dumping most of it in the military), and partly it is businesses who have something to lose by change lobbing/bribing the government to keep things the same.
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    Asharonapaul reacted to Kayzee in Corporate America Bites my Ass   
    What are you talking about? The universe is a very very inefficient place. Do you know how much time and energy it took to make all the elements that make up our planet? It took billions of years and giant fusion reactors we call "stars" to make the materials we are all made of. But the universe is getting better and we are an important part of that. From raw materials being produced in stars, to formation of planets, to life, to intelligence, to society... and all this without any guiding god or spirit, just the inevitable result of organization forming from chaos like a crystal seed growing into a bigger crystal. And this process has not yet reached it's ultimate form. Maybe next will be AI, or maybe some other thing. Maybe it will never reach it's ultimate form. But it's still heading in the right direction.
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    Asharonapaul reacted to Thaletos in Corporate America Bites my Ass   
    Well. First we those process that ocur at macro-scale are, for obvious reason, out of our reach. We can only try to aproximate it, at micro-scale, wich right now it's extremly costly. Second, you can't say things at universe pop into existence from nothing (you should define what you understand for singularity), we can't even say the universe appeared from nothing, as the big bang theory explains, the universe originates from an explosion of an ultra dense "point". Since we live inside the universe, we can't possibly know nothing fron the "outside", and thus we can't affirm that the universe came to exit from nothing. In fact, at least from our point of view if you want, there's not such thing as "outside the universe", since both space and time only exits inside it.
    I also want to add, the universe has no purpouse. It has no ultimate form. The same way chance resulted in the creation of life, change can destroy in with no warning (Acording to latest theorys, the universe can actually collapse itself spontaneously, it seems the graphic of all possible states the universe can have has to minimuns, the universe would be almost in one of them, now there's a phenomenon known in quantic physics that allows particles to "teleport" from one minimun state of energy to another. It seems that this would be possible too for the universe, and if the problem with the other minimun it's that the universe would collapse if it achieves that state, and it will do it at speed light). Returning to what I was saying, the universe has no goal, and if it had, why it would be the creation of life when it appears more like an accident? Why the next step is AI? Life hardly survives in the universe (and thanks to this, evolution appears as a side effect and so we appear).
    The universe has an use for nothing, there's not such thing as "mother nature". "Nature" doesn't know who to subtain itself and it doesn't take care of life. We should probbably call it "stepmother nature", as it's constantly trying to kill its "children" (Children books analogy here ). The only reason for nature being "efficient" it's that everything that surpases the resources it needs, dies. We humans, unlike the rest of animals, have achive enough technology to avoid this but, as we're seeing, it has a limit.
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