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  1. Seeing that im going off script a bit from the tileset and the new chapter. Ill be adding new systems to the game. SYSTEMS PLANNING ON ADDING IN! --MINING --COOKING --CRAFTING --LOCKPICKING --SKILL LEVELS (i.e. Crafting (BLACKSMITHING, HERBALISM, exc exc.) Lockpicking, exc exc) --SKILL TREE FOR CRAFTING --RELATIONSHIPS Any other systems will be connected. Also adding a new city to introduce the crafting system to the player.. The new area will be in Chapter 2, right before you hit the great city of Wyndia. In this area, there will be a few secrets.. Hope you can find them! ALSO REVAMPING ALL BOSSES TO MAKE THEM CHALLENGING!
  2. UPDATE! ---McNeil Manor-- Its finally finished! I did all the Parallax for the Revamped Map, making you able to re explore it again. Chapter 1 of the story is complete. Moving onto Chapter 2 where you meet two Evil Characters and Nina, Princess of Wyndia. All Revamped Maps are completed. Explore to your hearts content. But Please note that you cannot enter the Mansion again once your done with it. So make sure you explore everything! ---NOTE--- There is a glitch for the entrance to the Mansion, before you enter the mansion, save, then enter. If your not encountering enemies, reload, and try a new event entrance. For example, if the left one isnt working, try the right one, or the center. Please wait for the demo to be uploaded. -DONE- ---Update--- Slight bug fixes.. Put the character where he was supposed to be, removed the bug about no encounters, and fixed a event from not starting. Everything should be fine now. If you find a bug, or if you have any questions, please post them below. Thank you.
  3. NEW UPDATE!!! Reworked all the maps. Excluding the McNeil Manor. If you go into the McNeil Manor, you cannot continue seeing that I haven't done the Parallax yet. But you can explore the outside part of it! New Tileset from Celiana! Added her to credits.... Demo will be uploaded within 5 minutes of this post.
  4. Thanks for the comments guys... And your right about it. My Post doesnt seem unique.. But i dont see any tiles that could work well. And if I do that, it means reworking all of the maps. But I guess your right about it. Quitting seems childish of me.... Alright ill continue to work. I finished the Nue Cave. --UPDATE-- --MODS DO NOT CLOSE THIS TOPIC. I HAVE DECIDED TO CONTINUE WORKING ON THIS PROJECT-- Finished the basic Nue Cave. Now looking for a better tileset, and i may start to do parallax on all maps. Decisions... Decisions... New Demo will be uploaded soon! If you guys have any suggestions on tilesets i should use, please PM me. It will help the search alot.
  5. Its sad to say that not many people have taken enough interest to post and give suggestions, or even post errors.. Ive gotten a few downloads, but it doesnt seem like many people have taken a real interest in my project. I may close it if nobody is backing with my project, even though ive worked so hard on it. I will finish the Nue and connect my final piece, then I will close this project, Mods please wait until i give the next update to close this thread. Thanks
  6. ---UPDATE NOTES--- Added in the beginning, explaining the origin of Breath of Fire 3 and the Gods that rule over the game. Added in Yellow Road. Added in the TreeHouse Added in Bunyans House Added in McNeil Forest You can no longer DEMO the McNeil Manor, for you start at the beginning of the game. Next up is the Nue's Cave. Demo will be updated within 5 minutes of this update.
  7. ---UPDATE NOTES--- Starting to do Parallax Mapping to make it easier for the maps to be what I want. Going to get the Remastered version of the Music, making it seem more in Modern days. Added McNeil Forest and the Tree House. New Character Planned! I plan on adding a new Chapter to Breath of Fire 3, and 3 Brand New Characters to the game, making it worth your while to play it. All rights for the origional piece goes to CAPCOM, but the extra/added in pieces, all rights for that content go to me. Joice - The Elven Wanderer She is seen off the west coast of Wyndia in a tribe of Tnu'xuan, they harvest "Mana" or life energy from the trees and plan on protecting the earth from evil and monsters. Final - FINAL boss Xereos Chapter 2 Final Boss is found in cities and in many numerous occasions planning on killing the main character in order to stop "The Collapse". "The Collapse" is the event that the brood prince's blood rejects the body causing the world to fluctuate and causing time to tear to shreds. Xereos has lackeys under a cult called Princes of Time Blood, expect seeing him and his cult throughout the storyline.
  8. ---UPDATE NOTES--- Starting to make the McNeil Manor and updated the Demo to include the map. Demo will be updated within 5 mins of this post. Added the McNeil Family Bosses! If you wish to see info click the spoiler below, if not continue. ---UPDATE NOTES ENDED--- That's great to hear! I love BoF3 also, I think its one of the best in the series.
  9. It has been brought to my attention that the Demo link doesn't work well. I have changed it to Mediafire so you can access it better. Please contact me in any way possible if the link to the demo doesn't work again.
  10. @ CAPCOM CO.,LTD.1997,2005 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED For a school project in T.C.D., (Technical College of Dupage), I would make a childhood game of mine that I, myself, loved the most.