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  1. I use them already in VX, so yes
  2. Well here is a short version of the type of game I have in mind. A full game so enjoy http://gamejolt.com/games/mrs-e-markiplier-s-box/99796
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    Change Actor Graphic

    Let me get for you
  4. So I need a character change for a flashback scene in my game. Unfortunately when I click the Change Actor Graphic nothing happens. I tried automatic switches to no avail. I'm not sure how else to explain it. Start new scene Create event: Change Actor Graphic Same actor graphic remains, even if the event is parallel or automatic. Tried adding party member, still the same issue. Please if you can give me a simple fix, as I'm not a coding genius
  5. Abstract: An adventure about a woman who owns a tea shop in the middle of all realities. Genre:RPG, side-scroller, puzzler, side scroller, Sci-Fi, Horror, H.P. Lovecraft Game Progression: 5% [media] [/media]Story / Setting / Purpose: Mrs. E Chapter One "On Reflection" is a serial RPG about a woman who owns a tea shop in the middle of every reality, finding herself on various adventures throughout the Multiverse. Ironically all she wants is to get tea for her shop but ends up saving the day from all manner of evil. Mrs. E will be a side scrolling mystery science fiction RPG with a unique artistic scrap book montage to the GUI and some other goodies. Set on alternative realities, planets and times Mrs. E covers many adventures on countless worlds. Playing as either the titular character or one of her companions, you solve mysteries, fight mastermind villains and make choices at the end of each game that will have a profound impact on the ending of each game, and the following game should you wish to continue your experiences from the last. The biggest myetery you have to face in the 13 episodes of the series is who Elizabeth was in her previous life, and why it was so important she forget about it. Character Bios: Elizabeth (Mrs. E): The owner of the strange little tea shop who's doors open to literally anywhere. She is very English and quirky, dark and mysterious and insists she is married. To whom is probably the biggest mystery in her life. She has lead many different lives before, with many different faces and many names, all beginning with the letter "E" and often refers to a time where for her "Everything changed". Whilst caring and emotional on the outside, she has lived so many lives she often finds herself aloof and out of ouch, constantly needing that human interaction to keep her focused. Her greatest frustration, however, is not remembering her previous life and spends most of the series trying to solve that mystery. Credits: Music: TBH Artwork: Josh Clark Scripts: Atelier Rgss Screenshots: . Features: A side scroller adventure spanning countless realities in which you must solve the mystery of your past and in the process make sure your multidimensional tea room stays in business. Little combat, but any there will be will be adapted from a unique system I am currently researching.
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    Thank you
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    LOL I am only 24 hours in. For now it will bne done when it's done is all I can say I'm an artist I never tend to be satisfied
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    I have no idea how to link videos so here is the first 24 hours of my rough work on the game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQtfYV9CbPQ&feature=youtu.be
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    Oh yes, this is me just in the first 24 hours. Some of the assets used where made in blender, the tiles are going to change soon to blend in the environment. As I said my first game is not going to be as ambitious as my future projects, but itwill be a nice experiment to work with .
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    I intend to
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    My first game in the Manga Gothic series is not going to be a fanfair event. It's my learning game so expect nothing too special as I use this game to learn the ropes. I hope you like the screen shots I have for you though. Brussel's rather unkempt room at Death's abode. Brussels adopted father, Death, prepares his "son" for the day ahead. (Face image due to change) Jack Frost paying tribute to the loss of Great Grand Father Winter.... Kato Yasonori is Brussels' deputy principle at the Acadamy of Magic and spirutual deism.
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    Need tutorials

    It was more than useful; thank you. Sorry my terms are uneduacted. I mean the @D method as used in Mary's dream.
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    So this is my first project. Manga Gothic, an RPG series based on my animated series of the same name. Set on a space colony housing the suriving elements of mythology from Earth, a group of young ectomorphs must train for the day they will take back their world from the machine spirt that destoyed it 15 years earlier.
  14. YOu and I are veyr much in the same boat. I am a an artis, animator and film maker throwing my hand into this Welcome
  15. I want to make a game pretty much in the style of Dreamiming Mary. In that I want a frount based game with scrolling backgrounds. I want larger sprites than is on offer but I have no idea where to start or what tutorials to look for. Can anyone help?