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  1. DeeOhh

    Final Fantasy 7 Materia

    I know this thread has been dormant for a long time but I'm looking to get something like this working in the game I'm making at the moment, could anyone tell me how straight forward it would be to edit this script to customize the actions performed when certain materia is equipped? Like if I wanted to strip it down and overhaul it to have custom weapons with different slots compared to how FFVII originally had them set up and then creating a new library of materia from scratch all new effects and stats etc
  2. Is there going to be functionality built in to allow creators to add additional sprite variants of the actors and monsters to indicate their status, similar to noteworthy RPG's like the final fantasy series where if there is a status effect placed on a character or monster their appearance while change (low health = slumped/on one knee, poisoned = green tint, sleep = eyes closed with cartoon styled "zzzZZZ" bubbles above their heads). Aswell as being able to animate characters for their attacks such as having a class that can use a "jump" attack where they'll leap upwards off the screen and after a full turn will plummet down at the target dealing damage then returning to the parties lineup. Also would it be possible that status effects that last past the battle end could make a visible alteration to the characters sprite in the world like poison tinting them green or blindness dulling the appearance of the map until cured? If these things are going to be possible I may be postponing a lot of the work I'm doing on my current project and keeping it strictly to database editing until this is released so that I can just transfer the values over and start the rest of the work in RMMV instead. On a side not I'm kinda excited that this version is going to be using java instead of ruby as I have a basic knowledge of java already but haven't a clue with ruby.