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    Stealth and Trickery

    Hey everyone! In this blog post, I want to illustrate what's become my favourite thing to set up. Mild spoilers ahead. So, in the game, it starts out with three different levels where you control one of the three main characters - Matt, Tom and Edd. While I had a lot of fun setting up Matt's level, Tom's has quickly become my favourite, mechanics-wise. In Tom's level, you're in a factory of some kind, where you find Tord (who leaves pretty quickly) and all but one (human) member of the Red Army. Throughout the level, you find some information about what's being produced and learn a bit about the absent guy. Using what you find out about all of this, you can use a comm unit to get the three out of the building and shut down its production. You can even do multiple dialogue options to learn more information before you ultimately get them out of there. The catch? Well, there are two. One of them is paying attention. He may be whistling away and checking on machines, but if he sees you, he'll hunt you down. If you lose him, that's great and all, but he's patrolling around and making sure you can't hide much of anywhere for long. If you get caught and escape three times, he'll alert the other two, who will patrol around as well. If you don't have all the information, they'll catch on and begin patrolling - or worse, alert the guys not at the factory that one of the comm unit has been stolen. Cue everyone finding you like tracking missiles. Now, this isn't the only way to do this. You can lock them all in a room. You can singlehandedly take them out with a fire extinguisher. You can do both. It's up to you. There's one catch for all of them, though. This place is rigged to the brim with security cameras. Whatever method you do here cannot be used later in the game. These three will remember. Everyone else will study it. The robots will have protocols put in place so they don't fall for it. All in all, this has been one of my favourite things to make for this game. Let me know what you think!
  2. Purple Phantom

    Purple Phantom in MV

    Have you ever wanted Purple Phantom to be in your game? If so, this is the resource for you! While this version defaults for MV, you're a simple resize away from having this magnificent character in any RM engine! Purple Phantom (also known as Stevie Skerry) comes in a variety of classes for maximum uniqueness! Each class comes with a sprite, battler, downed sprite and a face. I don't know what faces you need in your games, so I only made a default one. I assume you guys can take it from there. Angel Demon Mage Magical Girl Thief Warrior I'll update with more classes at a later date. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy! TERMS OF USE: Credit Purple Phantom. No use in H games. No having me swear - I'm a good phantom! (Usually.) Perfectly fine for commercial and non-commercial use, with credit and letting me know you used it, 'coz it is technically me. lolz Let me know what classes you think would be fun to have me as!
  3. Woot

    Check out my new blog for game updates.

    1. Asharonapaul


      that reminds me, I need to redraft the opening scenarios for my project :P

  4. Nevermind. Galv's Move Route Extras does the trick.
  5. Hi! I was wondering if I could make an event move between several other events. In the game I'm working on, there's a part where you have to stealth around. If the guards see you, they'll stop doing their typical routine and actively search for you. However, this is difficult to do since they'll actively chase you down if they see you, resulting in move routes breaking. A lot. Is there a way I could have them move by event locations? Maybe by, like, a script call or something? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello! Sure has been a while since I've actually said anything. Geez.

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    2. Rikifive


      Hmm.. generally it's going pretty well, though it is paused for some time now. I'm focusing on another, smaller project right now. :P 

      Here's the progress so far. :P 




    3. Kayzee


      HIIIIII PP! :3

    4. Purple Phantom
  7. Purple Phantom

    In Regards to Unlockables...

    There won’t be any extra costumes/unlockable alternate looks. I’ve been asked by multiple people to include alternate outfits (including WTFuture, Ellsworld and Early 2000s) and just… I can’t. That’s a lot of work. Since I’m doing 99% of the art (aside from two hairstyles and some knocked out boys and possibly a knife wielding tentacle monster), I’d have to remake/edit at least four sprites in the game, if not every single one. Then, because I’m just that person, I’d have to remake the busts and cutscenes to reflect the changes. NO. I’m willing to put work into the game to make it fun and exciting. I mean, I’m making an entire stealth mechanic. This will be used multiple times throughout the game with slight variations. There’s gonna be a cutscene that changes to reflect what you did. Next time you see the guards, they’ll remember what method you used the first time around. Almost everything you see in the game is gonna be interactive in one way or another. So, what will I do? Cheats! You can do cheats during your gameplay, once you unlock them. Send me ideas for cheats you’d like to use instead of reskins, please. While cheats will be time consuming to implement, I’d be willing to do that, as opposed redrawing the same thing with variations four times. When requesting, please let me know if you’d like the cheat to be unlocked via gameplay (I.E: die x amount of times), via finishing the game (I.E: play the game through once), or a combination of the two (I.E: finish the game without dying). Currently planned cheats: Maximum Health (Finish the game without dying) Unlimited Health (Die 5 times) All Abilities Unlocked (Play the game through once) Please add your ideas for cheat codes in the comments and/or on this poll!
  8. Purple Phantom

    Downed Sprites (RMVXA)

    Hello! I need three downed sprites for my game! I'm not good at free-hand spriting yet and I need these before this week is up (07, Jul, 2018), the sooner the better, as I need them for eventing a stealth system in my game. Thank you in advance!
  9. Purple Phantom

    Eddsworld Fangame

    An assortment of graphics for my Eddsworld fangame.
  10. Purple Phantom


    From the album: Eddsworld Fangame

    I'll add my tags later. But anyway, here's Cindy, the A.I from my Eddsworld fangame, finally here to cause trouble and call everyone a baka. Up next? Paul, Patryck, Yuu, Eduardo, Mark, several robots, a knife-wielding tentacle monster, slime girls... And just watch me come up with several other monsters to sprite.
  11. I finally have MV!

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    2. Kayzee


      I have had it for a while, but I barely use it. It seems cool and all, but I like Ruby too much to give VX Ace up. Javascript is pretty neat too though, don't get me wrong.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Not that it matters now; all my projects and everything else are gone, so I wish you luck with MV. 

    4. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      Thanks guys! And I wish I could undo what happened with your projects, Phoenix. :/

  12. Purple Phantom

    Breaking the Fourth Wall

    "This is the fourth wall we've come across." "I'm tired of climbing over them." "Why don't we just break it?" In my humour-based game, I'm planning on having several jokes, including breaking for fourth wall, both literally and in the regular sense. As cliché as it is, I've always found it funny. However, what is a good balance for fourth wall jokes? In some games, when left idle, the character will stare at the player as if to say, "Hey! Get on with it already!" In several shows, films, books, comics, etc., the characters will often break it in various ways from mentioning they're in a fictional world to outright addressing the reader/viewer (a fantastic example being Deadpool from the Marvel universe). Here are some screenshots from me testing a pacing mechanic in my humour-based game. Let me know what you think! In order to progress the story, the player has to "purchase" "DLC". There is no money, real or fictional, being spent. The DLCs are more or less just the level areas. Each area can be visited and revisited throughout the game, but you have to complete each of the three areas in each level to progress, to avoid the game being too hard. On top of that, you have to gain skills via buying books, films and games to learn them. Levelling up gives you skill points, which you can allocate to the areas you want to strengthen. (For instance, one might choose to up Edd's AGI (Speed), Tom's LUK (Resist) and Matt's MHP (MHP), so as to raise up their weaknesses. Of course, if you wanted to raise Matt's weaknesses, you'd have to do a lot of raising on everything that isn't LUK (Resist) kek.) ANYWAY, I got off-topic. Basically, how far is too far with breaking the fourth wall and am I doing this right?
  13. Hey, guys! I'm conducting a survey thing and would like you to help me out! ^_^

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    2. Makara


      Pictures have color.


      So all three?

    3. PhoenixSoul


      @Makara Exactly what I said.

    4. Kayzee


      Aren't all three just different expressions the same thing anyway?

  14. Happy nearly Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I won't be, because I personally choose not to celebrate holidays (aside from Cosplay Night/Halloween), but power to you if you celebrate! ^_^

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    2. lonequeso


      But it's a perfect excuse to stuff your face!

      No Christmas either?! But then you don't get presents!

      No New Years Eve? It's a perfect excuse to throw a party! That one will be more fun once your a little older ;)

      Halloween is my favorite out of all of them! I don't even need a costume! :mellow:

    3. PhoenixSoul


      It is all in one, where I call home. Well, sort of.


      Having a feast is optional, and celebrating is too.

    4. freakytapir


      Celebrations are religious writ in my family. Not giving a birthtday party is akin to excommunication.


      But then again , I have quite a tolerable family, so celebrating is actually quite nice ( pro tip : have an exit strategy.)

  15. If you've played or watched somebody play Will You Press The Button?, you know how the game works. You are presented with a scenario and something to balance out things (the scenario is goo, but the "something" is bad or vice versa). EXAMPLES: If you press the button, you can have a cake, but it will blow up the entire city of Detroit. If you press the button, you will endure every form of suffering known to mankind and cannot die, but there will be world peace. (For some reason, this didn't get into the original post?!?!) In this game, you will answer with either "yes" or "no". You can give your reasons, but you don't have to. After you give your answer and optional reason as to why you answered with what you did, give your own button for somebody else to push or not push. I'll start with the first button. If you press the button, you will get a Death Note, but the first name you must write is your best friend.
  16. I half just want to make Aftermath be a DnD-esque game readily available on the internet, then make it an actual video game once I legitimately have the time to put in.

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    2. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      I have no clue how many people would play it, but I was born to be creative, so my goodness, I'm gonna be creative!

    3. Zen Blood

      Zen Blood

      Sounds complicated to make, but I bet it would be really fun.

    4. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      Oh, it'll be complicated to make, but it would be tonnes of fun. ^_^

  17. In Aftermath, one of the classes is called "Trapper" and I just realized that if I added a class called "Keeper", you could make Charlie be a Trapper Keeper because subclasses exist. XD

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    2. PhoenixSoul



      Nice meme, someone should make a meme song about Trapper Keepers now, Acai and JasonParadise would love that shit.

    3. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      Imma do it. :o GUYS IMMA DO IT

    4. Rezanta


      lol Don't forget to trap the keepers of the ideas, I heard they don't like to keep their trap shut.

  18. Setting up classes and skill trees. lolfun

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    2. lianderson


      I prefer the classes/enemies/etc. :(

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I honestly love setting up the arbitrary math.

    4. lonequeso


      ^^ That part I don't like. I enjoy coming up with skills/passive abilities, etc and balancing them within both the class and the party as a whole. Fiddling with numbers is the bane of my existence. 

  19. Purple Phantom

    LPP Comics

    Figured you guys might want to see them without having to go to an alternate link.
  20. Purple Phantom

    The Red Army... IN HOODIES!

    From the album: LPP Comics

    Patryck, Paul and Tord are all canon to Eddsworld. Jai belongs to my friend, TokyoBRO. I own Cindy. Not coloured, but it's cool.
  21. Anybody want a free cola cursor? I made it myself. PM me if you do.

    1. PhoenixSoul



      I may just do that...

    2. Asharonapaul


      that's clever, how did you figure that out?


    3. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      I used a website, tbh. It's cool, though! :D

  22. Imma draw the Red Army for my AU.

    1. Asharonapaul


      the rhantom! yikes!

  23. Purple Phantom

    Poor Tom

    From the album: LPP Comics

    This is gonna be my new cover for everything once it's finished. (I'm gonna actually finish Edd before I colour it, don't worry. Dang, this is funny. XD
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