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  1. Thank you ^^ Yeah, The Busts need some work. The newest ones are better ^^ Thank you :3 It was a lot of work XD Yeah, That was really cool I never noticed that with the too big stuff but now that you say it o0 Thank you ^^ Too big is a first But you spend quite some time in the first city so you have lots of time to explore Thank you Glad you like it!
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to show you some screenshots and maps from my game and I hope you can give me some feedback to them♪ Rosenberg, the first town: Some rooms: Two of my mountain maps: The first dungeon: I hope you like them!
  3. Iliketea

    Iliketeas Marvelous Edits and Stuff

    Hi everyone~ I thought of sharing some edits I made with all of you. You are free to use it in both free and commercial games as long as you credit me. Of course you have to credit the usual Kadokawa.
  4. Iliketea

    The many faces of Anya

    Ah, I forgot to delete that. Thank you
  5. Iliketea

    The many faces of Anya

    I have tried to make some facesets/bust of a character of mine. I'd like your opinion on it, does something look wierd? Anything that could be better? Any emotion that is missing?
  6. Iliketea

    What a sly bastard?

    So I tried my best and made a new image and tried to include your suggestions. I did keep the light hair colour but I think he looks alot slyer then before
  7. Iliketea

    Some of my main cast

    I have finished some first desings of some of the main characters and I'd like some input on them I hope you like them *^^* The main character The rest Please tell me what you think of them and tell me what you think I could do better. Thank you
  8. Iliketea

    What a sly bastard?

    Wow, that are great advices ! Thank you very much
  9. Iliketea

    What a sly bastard?

    Like so? ( just roughly)
  10. Iliketea

    What a sly bastard?

    So I am working on some Characters for a game I am going to make, and I am somewhat satisfied with this one. The working title for him is " Sly bastard" , his Character is a bit similar to Bleaches Gin. He is basically sly, a bit sadistic , likes to meddle is other people affairs, plays dirty etc. He is however a ally of the main character, who is a bit naive so I think that chancels it out a bit. He is the most adult one of the group, and a friend of the main character's older brother and he watches over the main character for him. I'd like to know if the character matches that description, and If you have any suggestion or feedback ^^. Also, do you think I should go with freckels or without?
  11. Hello all of you, all of me is new here and wanted to say hello I'm Iliketea and I like tea ^^
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