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  1. Huh. So many days ago, I was around, but things happen and... well, it's been a while, but I'm back, folks! It's time to revisit and enjoy the friends I made here and also apply my help where I can once more.


    Oh and here! A little sneak peek on things I've been working on lately.

    1. Rikifive


      Wooooo hello there! Good to see you again. 😄

      Still working on things? Very nice! 

    2. Kayzee


      Hiii Rezanta!

    3. AVGB;KBGaming
  2. That moment when you revisit a game, see the thread's closed after you've finally became #1... Riki planned this!



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    2. Rikifive


      *gasp* Good times... :P 

      Nice score and chain too! :D 


      Heh, that thread got closed due to inactivity, I didn't want it to end up like this. :P 


    3. Rezanta


      Dang... how is Chain reaction coming along?

    4. Rikifive


      I'm not working on it anymore. :c

      I'm working on different projects at the moment.

  3. Man, I feel really bad for not being active for so long. Well, I'll be back and active to fix the problem, and I HAVE COOKIES!

    1. Kayzee


      YAY! COOKIES! :9

    2. AVGB;KBGaming


      Cookies sound good.

      At this point, I'd be willing to eat the cookie dough...

    3. Lord Vectra
  4. Rezanta

    Old -> New

    *Lost woods starts to play* I can't even begin to find a fun point to point out, there's a moon about to crash into my clock tower! Jokes aside, great work!
  5. Rezanta

    Looking for Art Critique - WIP

    I'm with the masse here, though I will also point out that the alien mind control looks somewhat like another game's icon XD Then again, who knows, everything thought up of is never thought of the first time, but there's always uniqueness.
  6. Rezanta

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    453 is an interesting number. Getting over it with Bennet will be key.
  7. Rezanta

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    Error 445: Object does not support this function.
  8. What have I done so far in my game?

    1. Made the prologue and started on chapter 1.
    2. Finalized all stat curves for base characters. (Xerian still ends up netting 700+ attack... lucky guy.)
    3. Started working on the lore behind each character as the premise to the first chapter, and also possible tuning for how some skills work.
    4. Finalized all possible statuses for this game. (This doesn't include inherent statuses that some bosses have, but rather what the player can inflict as a whole.)
    5. Thyrois, the God of Creation, will sadly not be a playable character as I intended him to be. The lunatic script needs more of my studying and understanding before he can be one. Don't worry though, his omnilasers can still be fired at you while you fight him.
    6. Field-based auras/abilities can be found by now going to the Roa arena and by going to some libraries. These places will give vital information behind the statuses and skills/spells you may want and/or need.

    I'll be posting more in my devlog in my blog once I get back to my computer, so sit tight!

  9. Rezanta


    Takeo, I'm going to have to report you for drawing such a cute piece of art. It's too cute, people could be aww struck by this! XD (Seriously though, great work!)
  10. Well, Tarq hit the points that I feel would need to be stated, but something I want to mention is that as long as your game feels unique, then it should at least get some positive review.
  11. Rezanta


    Good work with all that you've posted so far. Keep it up. :3
  12. As of to this date, I have the most insta-death skills I've ever seen in a game? Interesting. Now lemme just add insta-death to the basic attacks and we're golden!

    1. lonequeso


      A wild Leaf Dragon appears!


      Your party is now dead!


      Game Over.


      Careful with those. They can make a game far too easy or far too difficult in a hurry. 

    2. Rezanta


      Eh, careful? Nah.

      Fun? Yes. *shakes head no*

      The rates work as to ensure it's fair, but challenging, and only one of them actually party sweep. (It has a 45% chance to actually hit, and then only has a 15-25% chance to inst-kill.)

  13. So, I've played around with MP reducing/increasing damage, and HP doing the same. Is there a quick formula to do the same with stats in a regard to buffing/debuffing before applying the damage?

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    2. Rezanta


      Heh. That's a funny thing, actually. I think, if my math serves correct in correlation to memory, my spell, Earth Shatter, hits for great damage via basic formula. Earth Talons hit for a total of all stats, excluding TP and MP, and is reduced by the target's defense. Funny how level 30ish and 90 both deal around balanced damage.

    3. AVGB;KBGaming


      1 + (a.mhp - a.hp) + a.atk + a.def + a.mat + a.mdf + a.agi + a.luk * 6


      I had that damage formula set up for a Blue Magic skill, Dragon Rage. The caveat here is that it did more damage, the less HP the user had...

    4. Rezanta




      Earth Talons damage formula works in very neat ways, as increasing stats only nets an additional 20-50 damage for the attack, and being a special attack in and of itself, the feeling of using it for decent damage for a first special is great.

  14. Rezanta

    Need a plugin to display a variable in a window

    If you use Yanfly's Alt Save Screen plug-in, you avoid needing another plug-in as it would show the first six variables. (Alternate currency is also a way to do so, which is also from Yanfly, but we're not talking about multiple payment methods.) Other than that, I'd have to find one to actually help in better regards. For now, this could be used as a temp solve.
  15. Hey, so here's a quick question.

    What's the feeling on being able to use enemy skills/magic in battle? (Kind of like Bravely Default/Second)

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    2. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      Get hit first then learn it? (I know it's blue mage ability from ff)


      Uh well... I do use Copying skill of enemy but not need to be hit to learn it, but by use Skill to copy enemy skill.

      It's like targeting enemy who have skill you want and you get it. (Like sharingan maybe...)

      (Actually I was doing some like blue mage ability by let my character get attacked to learn skill but the skill I want to learn is DEATH SPELL, so my hero need to death in order to learn it, while if he dead then GAME OVER)

      Oh yeah I like to use this kind of stuff, it's sounds like "Taste your own medicine" or so it goes.

    3. AVGB;KBGaming


      @Perang Cemen Ah, like in Breath of Fire? I remember that. (I think it was exclusive to BoFIII)

    4. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      Wah! somebody found out!

      I'll have to hide my dragons lol.

      (Yes it BoF III)