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    YanPac Battle HUD

    The HP Gauge colours are in the windowskin, both the 21st and 22nd colours are used. Altering those on the windowskin graphic will change it in the HUD. You could alternatively put this in your script editor: class Window_Base def hp_gauge_color1 Color.new(224, 128, 64) end def hp_gauge_color2 Color.new(240, 192, 64) end end And alter the numbers inside the brackets to get the colour you desire. As for making the gauge wider, I'm not sure why you would want to, but you could go to line 195 and change it from draw_actor_hp(actor, rect.x + 2, line_height * 2 + gx, rect.width - 4) to draw_actor_hp(actor, rect.x + 2, line_height * 2 + gx, rect.width) If that's what you wanted?
  2. Tim Barker

    YanPac Battle HUD

    Do you mean changing the opacity of the window to 0 (i.e., making the background of the window invisible)? If so, use this: #============================================================================== # ** Window_BattleStatus #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This window is for displaying the status of party members on the battle # screen. #============================================================================== class Window_BattleStatus < Window_Selectable #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Object Initialization #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias opacity_fix_init initialize def initialize(*args) opacity_fix_init(*args) self.opacity = 0 end end #=============================================================================== # # END OF SCRIPT # #===============================================================================
  3. Tim Barker

    YanPac Battle HUD

    That's an interesting idea. Yanfly's Battle Engine Ace does come with the exact same graphical HUD, but not the same customization in terms of the gauges. I'm not entirely sure if it'll work, and I'm not really in a position to test, so give it a shot. Make sure you place this script under Battle Engine Ace. Let me know how it goes!
  4. YanPac Battle HUD Version 0.3 Yanfly and Pacman Introduction This script adds the Actor HUD from Yanfly Engine Ace's Battle System to the default battle system. It draws the actor's name, face, HP, MP, TP, action and states. The script automatically detects whether to draw the actor's TP or MP depending on which skills they have. You can change some simple aesthetic options in the configuration. Features - Comprehensive HUD for actors in battle. - Simple notebox tags to alter the drawing of HP, TP and MP. - Allows for simple aesthetic configuration. Screenshots Be carefult, very large. From top to bottom, the screenshots are; the normal HUD, drawing HP and MP; the normal HUD with some tags in the actors’ noteboxes to make specific gauges drawn; the same HUD working with Neo Gauge Ultimate; the HUD with one actor having no gauges drawn (yeah, you can do that); and the same HUD during the action. The database image shows you how you can use the tags. How to Use Simply paste the script in an empty slot underneath Materials. The configuration is explained in the script header, as are the notetags. Demo Not really necessary. Script I recommend getting it from Pastebin or my blog. However, I will post it here. FAQ None, as of yet. Ask away if you have any questions. Credit and Thanks Credit - Pacman Credit - Yanfly Thanks - Yami Author's Notes I will make this script compatible with another script if you ask me, and it isn’t too hard. But be aware that I do have schoolwork, so don’t expect everything done within a day. I hope this script works for you, and you like it! Note that I am not very active on this forum, it is much easier to reach me on my blog (in my signature) or on RMRK. I do check in here occasionally though. I made this because someone on RRR requested a Battle HUD for actors in VXA. Because I’m lazy, I simply extracted the HUD from YEA Battle System and made it work on its own. Yanfly did give me permission to do this. In addition to this simple request, I decided to make this HUD compatible with other scripts for maximum awesomeness.