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  1. Hi everybody! So I'm finally picking my project back up after several years. I've been pretty much handling everything ok but I've gotten to a point where I need some assistance. I'm using Azraven Minimap script (DL in 2015 so I'm not sure where I got it) which works as intended, however I want to modify the script so it fades when walking behind it like Falcao Pearl ABS skillbar (also being used in my game). Below is my translated and slightly modified version of the script and attached is the demo I got it from. (Cross posted on rpgmakerweb.com) AzravenMiniMap.exe
  2. brujah236

    Advanced Game Time

    #1 Is there any way this can be updated to include compatibility for Zeus Lights & Shadows? I'd like to be able to use the time of day portion but the tints used don't show the lights through. If I use Notint on the map properties and just tint with the normal tint call I'd have to figure out how to create my own time tint system. When I tried to do it my fps dropped to the 20s so yeah.... #2 I love the customizable clock but is it possible to add the function of fading when the character is behind it? (Like Falcao's Pearl skill bar) If there are other options/scripts please direct me to them. Thanks.
  3. brujah236

    Falcao Pets Servants 1.3

    I know this is a relatively older thread but I just wanted to share that I figured this out on my own and is as follows: $game_player.gamepet.pet_id == [id] Using a conditional branch script selection where the id in the bracket (don't use the brackets) is the id of the pet that is currently active. For example; lazy horse is id #6 so your conditional branch would be as follows: $game_player.gamepet.pet_id == 6 And for you visual learners here is a screen cap. EDIT:I figured this one out too You only need to add 5-7 lines of code to the pets script and they are as follows: # set up (around line 747 for me) def setup_pet(id) get_bonus(@pet_id, sub = true) if @pet_id > 0 @pet_id = id set = Pets[@pet_id] @character_name = set[0] @character_index = set[1] @petname = set[2] @sounds = [set[3], set[4], set[5]] @balloon_id = 1 if SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Map) if @pet_id == 11 # the ids cannot be in an array @step_anime = true # add these lines to the setup elsif @pet_id == 12 # if you have more than one flying pet @step_anime = true # then add them here with an elsif else # and change the id #(s) to your flying pet(s) @step_anime = false # end # play_voice get_bonus(@pet_id) end
  4. I commend you sir. This extremely simple fix worked like a charm! Thank you for your time and attention. Now to see if I can get the other script I'm working on to work right (nothing to do with any of the aforementioned scripts) lol
  5. I did state that it was being run from another event, so that confuses me then. It also doesn't matter whether it is above or below in the script list, when the Interactive system is installed I get an error, period. (If this sounds rude in any way it is not meant to be, sorry). So to clarify: I have two events, the first event calls the move route for the second. The move route is scripted as a self_switch on. With the Interactive system NOT installed that code works. As soon as the Interactive system gets installed, if I run this event, I get the error posted.
  6. It's already extremely simple... just a self switch on run from another event. @>Set Move Route:[EV018](wait) :$>Script: self_switch("A",true) When I install the Interactive script, any time I try to run any self switch in the move route script, I get that error. Nine times out of ten they are like the one above.
  7. Hello I absolutely love this script and I have done the same as HalestormVX (Including the Interactive System Lite) however I keep getting a script error conflict. Using Liquid V3, Interactive system V2, and Move Route Extras v 1.9. Error message and game code: When I remove either the move route or the interactive system I no longer receive the error. I've been trying to pin point where the actual error is and I'm just not sure how to correct it.
  8. brujah236

    pre-start loading bar script request

    So I've been playing around with this some and decided to use the logo script that came with the lite version. There is definite lag between the logos and my title screen since they show up instantly. Aside from that I can't seem to get your loading script to run @Szyu. Can you possibly link a demo so I can see it's usage? EDIT: I figured out my lagging issue! Can you believe it was the title screen music of all things? Would still like to see a demo of the loading bar script. Thanks for all your input!
  9. brujah236

    pre-start loading bar script request

    Nice work on the faux loading bar. So I just tested your theory of adding it to the antivirus white list. It still has around 30 sec of black then the start screen. The good news is that the "stopped responding" has stopped. I wonder if it as to do with how many scripts I have in it.... I have 26 added scripts and plan to remove 3 before release. Several from Hime, Yanfly, and Galv, and a few from random other scriptors (whom will all be credited upon release). However, that is not including the battle system script set I intend to implement. I know that merging custom content for certain games helps with that but not sure if doing it with this will. Is there a way to merge scripts into one to save on processing?
  10. brujah236

    pre-start loading bar script request

    Thanks for your quick response! As far as I know I have a really good system (home built) System Info: Is there any way to find out what's happening for that minute of black? EDIT: So it seems as though my game "stops responding" on startup and game over (been play testing in full screen so I never saw it "stop responding") but otherwise runs really smooth. Any thoughts? I'd still like the loading bar script. Thanks
  11. brujah236


    Hello everyone. I'm extremely new to this type of game modding/creating. I've only been using RMVXA for about a week and I'm really having fun with it. As always with any new person in the community, expect tons of questions. So have a great day and I'll be seeing you around.
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