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  1. leejionnaire

    character A Gambling Ideal

    2. I would go with giving it to all characters. If all characters have it, you can already make a battle system out of it, which would actually be great if you can pull it off.
  2. leejionnaire

    Day/Night NPC transitions

    @xoferew Why not just ask for permission to use the script? Most scripters are fine with letting you use it for free if it's non-commercial. Even if it's for a commercial game, you'll save a lot of time from just buying the rights to use the script.
  3. leejionnaire

    Bosses with instant kill abilities

    That mechanic's pretty common. So long as the boss doesn't spam it too often, you'll be fine.
  4. leejionnaire

    music Tunes of Leejionnaire

    Hey guys, These 4 pieces were made for my friend's game. What do you guys think?
  5. I'd go for wanderer. Since he's been wandering and has seen much, he can serve as an in-party expositor (Guy who explains everything, especially the geography and history) for the world you're building.
  6. leejionnaire

    Female characters in rpg horror games

    For me, the best explanation would be that female MCs are more flexible in execution and direction for horror games. They could go about 1) being wimpy, fleeing and avoiding traps and monsters all the way like Clock Tower 2) being badasses like in Parasite Eve and Resident Evil 3) being wimps developing into fighters. Guy MCs only have options 2 & 3 available.
  7. leejionnaire


    @lonequeso master of none actually. I'm better with music and made about 4 songs for another game. Soundcloud link is here. https://soundcloud.com/leejionnaire-516254197
  8. leejionnaire


    I'm leejionnaire. I use VX Ace and am planning to buy MV too. I also dabbling in game music currently. Pleased to meet you all.