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  1. Hello! I would like to request plugins for an extra settings for choice and cursor! I used to request this in VX ACE but now I'm planning to use them in MV as well.*Noted that I might use them in a commercial project so please tell me about your deal and permission.1. Scrolling choice/cursor- The cursor on the choice or anywhere (menu/item screen) will scroll from top to bottom (or bottom to top as well if possible)2. Arrow lock- Lock the directional button on the choice or anywhere (menu/item screen) so that you can only press confirm or cancel. This can be combined with the previous method to make an unmovable scrolling choice.3. Persist Choice- Return the choice highlighted to a specified choice no matter how much the player trying to choose another choice within a specified time. (e.g. The first choice is persisted and I want to choose the third choice. I have to move to the second choice and press a confirm button fast enough or else the choice highlighted will return to the first one.)4. Direction Changing- Change how the cursor works normally. For example, when I press Up, the cursor go Down instead. Setting the input at will is optional (press Z to move Up etc.). The minimum requirement is to inverse the cursor movement (especially during choice or item selection) from Up to Down whenever I want.You can do some of them if you don't want to complete all requests! If someone is willing to help, I'd be really grateful! Thank you very much!*I also included the demo for VX ACE if you would like to get the better idea on how they work.https://www.mediafire.com/file/ccvlda3rsc16cv3/scriptinfo.rar*Credit to Black Mage from gdunlimited for 1.-3. and Marrend from RMN for 4. script in VX ACE.*I also posted this here : https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/23345/ , https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/scroll-persist-and-change-direction-for-choices-cursors.84993/
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    Love x Lust

    *The first beta version is completed! - Fixed critical bug from an alpha - Added sky parallax during the flying cutscene - Remove all automatic turn-off message box. (When the dialogue disappeared without pressing the button.) - Fixed the pictures bug - Fixed some off-screen dialogue
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    Love x Lust

    *Fixed the bug from the previous version. Since it has only map-moving event and nothing else to do... Now it should have... - The story progression with some amount of dialogues - Two "Tag Pulling" events about the boy pursuing the girl and the stockings one (the latter has minigame though it's kind of unfinished). - Moving between two rooms, save the game and sleep to end the alpha demo. Sorry for my mistake!
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    Love x Lust

    *Added the first trailer!! Showing some gameplay and details Hoped you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9ys0dxZv54
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    Love x Lust

    [Waiting for reconstruction]
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    Show pictures when choosing a choice.

    Oh Thank you very much for your great assistance! I'll try those methods and find out the other ways to do it as well. I think I will use the scripts that someone had just modified them for me in the testing stage of the game for now. Since I don't have to make several pictures and I have to write almost no commands at all. But, this will prove useful if I want to use as less scripts as possible, when it doesn't compatible with other necessary scripts, when I want more beautiful pictures and texts (the script use the font as texts on the choice pictures), when it doesn't support some language (i.e. Thai) or if the scriptors don't allow me to use them in commercial game or modify them . There seemed to have so many troubles involving with script... I'll be more careful and looks into things better next time before coming right away to ask for a script. At least I will asking for the modification of an already existing script or asking it in event section until it is confirmed that it can only be achieved by the script. Thank you for all of you and sorry for the trouble!
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    Show pictures when choosing a choice.

    I'm not sure if I made a mistake as a non-native myself. So, I will try to clarify it once again. The real issues are to make the pictures to act as choices and to show the small picture while I'm still in the choice box while I can still move the cursor up or down, not when I press the confirm button to select any choices. Since you can't include much of an event within the choice name, I have no idea how to make these possible without script. I can handle an event after the player choose any choices just fine so that wasn't the problem for me here. I just tell everything so that you could see what I want better. *[UPDATE] - I already got this done by using Galv's Visual Novel Choices and Hime's Choice Move Handler with some modifications made by someone who came to help me just like you guys.* But, it still has some limitations and a compatibilty. I will still trying to clarify things and see if it could really be able to achieve with events or other new single script. After that's done, this thread can be closed. You can skip this post if you're no longer interested in talking. @Traverse Thank you for suggesting me with using an event! Although, I'm still not sure how it could be done. I posted here in the script request because I found Galv's Visual Novel Choices script which turned pictures into choices and Hime's Choice Move Handler script which can show pictures when you're at a choice with some modification, but there are some limitations and all so I didn't use it and look for a better script or other ways if possible (before an UPDATE). Since they made a script, I just assumed that this kind of thing can only be done with a script, or at least it can make things easier. I supposed I'm just still inexperienced. As for your suggestion, I still have no idea how it could work. I'm sorry that I don't quite understand this. Did you mean that I should make a pseudo-choice selection with Show Picture > Conditional Branch > Button Pressed instead of the system choice? Let's say I used Show Pictures to show 5 pictures, maybe A B C D and E. My current choice location is A. Then, I have to use Conditional Branch > Button "Down" Pressed to show the small picture for B and so on? Or did you mean including the process with an actual choice system? I had thought the choice took priority over Common Events, Parallel Process and an a Timer (the choices cannot vanish by itself without a script, like Hime's Window Timer.) by default. So, unless I finish the choice selection and get out of that, those events couldn't be able to run. That also means for Move Picture > Zoom Width/Height as well. I don't think that event will run until I am out of a choice selection. If that's a mistake, I would like to apologize. @Ninjamida Thank you for your interested! - To clarify - you want to display a specific background picture (presumably one that might be different at different times throughout the game), display the options (also as images) on the left with a selection graphic, and some kind of "preview" image relating to the currently highlit choice on the right. Is this correct? > Yes! I know how to do the first one (display a specific background picture) with simple event, maybe. The problems are the second and third problems since a default choice system seems to take a priority over a lot of events. - What do you actually want to *do* when the player makes their selection? Not in terms of the ultimate outcome, but what immediate (on the technical side) effect do you want it to have? Set a variable? Set a switch? Call a common event? Or do you perhaps want it to replace the current functionality of the "Show Choices" event command (keeping in mind that RMVXA's interface only lets you enter four options for this, even though that's literally just a limitation of the editor and there's no reason the actual engine can't handle more) > If I understood it correctly, then that wasn't my problem at all! I know what to do after the player makes their selection. But what I want is while the player are moving the cursor to any choices and the different pictures will show up when the cursor is at the different choice. Since I already got how to do this, you can skip my request with ease! But, if you still want to help with better script in a single one, that would be appreciated as well. Sorry for confusing both of you by any means! And if this seems selfish and relying on others too much, I sincerely apologize! All the fault lies with me.. I'll be more cautious next time! *I tried to quote and I can't delete this orz.
  8. *This game is created by LionSea/Greerenz and is originally in Thai. It has been translated by "Goddiga" of Whateverzone (me). The description is also being proofreaded by Jit, one of our translators! Caution: This game contains blood and violence, including sexual implication. Controls: Arrow keys - Walk SHIFT - Run A - Select an item X - Open the menu to exit or load the game Genre: Dark, Horror Average Playtime: 20-30 minutes Endings: 3 (1.Bad End ;Red wolf 2.Normal End ;Confuse 3.Secret End) Intro: Once upon a time, there was a family consisted of a father, a mother and a daughter named Chara. They moved here from the village to look after their grandmother who lived in the house in the forest. Chara got a lot of love and care from everyone. She and her parents always visited their grandmother every month. They lived very happily together. But one day, Chara's parents had gotten into a fight. After that, they decided to split up. The father had moved away, so clueless Chara had to stay with her mother in a forest. Three months since Chara's parents' separation, her mother, who had been in depression and unable to make the trip, finally entrusted Chara to go visit her grandmother by herself. Characters: 1. Chara : A red-hooded girl who have to visit her grandmother in her mother stead. 2. Chara's mother : Too depressed to go outside so she sent her daughter to visit her grandmother. 3. Nakan : Moved away because of a fight with his wife. 4. Elvis : A hunter who helped Chara during her trip.| 5. Chara's grandmother : Live in a house in a forest alone. Credits: Greerenz/LionSea - Game Developer & Illustrator Admannon - Message Thai Vovel and Outline Fix script NerdiGaming - Title Menu script mjshi - Non-Combat Menu v1.04 Galv's Use Item on Event script Khas Awesome Light Effects script Download: English version , Thai version *I bear full responsibility for any translation errors found in this game and the description. Feel free to correct me. I will also act on behalf of the creator for any questions, suggestions or bugs reports. Thank you! You can support the creator by visiting his page: https://www.facebook.com/LionSea-1429142294047422/ Here are the links to contact us, the translator and the publisher of this game: https://www.facebook.com/whateverzonepage, https://whateverzone.tumblr.com, https://whateverzone.itch.io,https://wez.in.th
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    Choices & Screen Script

    Request No.1 is done!
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    Angel Painting

    Angel Painting : Genre: Puzzle, Horror Average Game Time: 1 Hour Story: Ann, Karen and Baron got lost in the forest while they were wandering around the forest to find a way back home. Along the way, they found an abandoned building in the midst of the forest. The rain was suddenly falling and they had no choice but to take shelter in that creepy-looking place. They hope that they could safely get some rest until their parents find them. But then, a strange thing occurred. Ann woke up and found herself alone in the room where she supposed to be staying with her friends. She wandered around the building to find her missing friends. Because of that, she is going to meet "something" she had only met in her dream. She will soon discover the secret of this place, and her own past. Character Bios: - Ann A young girl who like drawing the most and is good at that. She doesn't have many friends beside Karen and Baron. - Karen One of Ann's close friends since childhood. Very optimistic and cheerful. - Baron One of Ann's close friends since childhood. An assertive boy who want to protect the girls from any harms to come but end up taking them into it himself. Credits: Developer - Jojo741963 Scripts - ATS: Special Message Codes by modern algebra Yanfly Engine Ace - Move Restrict Region by Yanfly Victor Engine - Basic Module & Light Effects by Victor Sant Pathfinding by Jet10985(Jet) with minor modifications by Venima Enterbrain *Woratana, Admannon and Jojo741963 (Don't know which scripts they wrote.) Graphics - Enterbrain(RTP) and Jojo741963 Music - Enterbrain(RTP) and Kevin MacLeod (Royalty Free Music) English Translator - Goddialga Proofreader - Frogge , Misuke Kuwamoto , Stu Vine Special Thanks - Townlore, backdraft, Shinryu, hengmana, Alexatrasxa, Candyz, Demonking, nataukikung and puruz Screenshots: Features: - Original Facesets. - Most of the resources are from RTP. - BGMs from Royalty Free Music. - Tricky puzzles. Download: http://rpgmaker.net/manage_games/8197/