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  1. MegaNew

    EST - Emerald's Skill Trees

    Can you organize your script a bit better? You put random things in it and its a bit confusing.
  2. MegaNew

    Esper Wing Chronicle FULL GAME

    I love your mapping.
  3. MegaNew

    Skill Trees

    Where is the "Tree" exactly? Edit : Ahhh, I understand now.
  4. MegaNew

    CSCA Colosseum

    I liked tsu's idea of a battle 1 needs to be complete to do battle 2.
  5. MegaNew

    XS - Popup Item

    Think you can add popup - skill and pop-up levels? When you gain a skill it pops up, same with levels?
  6. MegaNew

    Simple Quest Log without script

    Are you trolling?
  7. MegaNew

    Vlad's Blasphemia ABS (Active Battle System) Tutorial!

    Your character Template, doesnt it supposed to go like.. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  8. MegaNew

    Map Creator

    Can you change the topic name? Really Misleading as this doesn't "Create Maps".
  9. MegaNew

    ReinoRpg HUD

    Omg this is incredible!