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  1. It's been over four months now, and as some of you might know I took a leave of absence to work on my health. Unfortunately it's only gotten worse. In short, on top of having endocrine illnesses, it turns out I've got a very small pituitary tumor. Nonlethal, not a gigantism or Cushing's disease one. Very common. But it can't be treated for a while because of my other illnesses. And if I keep getting sicker (which I am) they're going to have to zap that mother. Which means I'm would have to have brain surgery. The other option would be radiation treatment, which won't be applied unless it becomes outrageously large. I'm passing out a lot, I get dizzy and nauseous, my vision is altered, and it's kind of kicking my ass right now. It's not a cancerous tumor, if it was I would be dead, and it's only 6mm. But it's still a brain tumor where there should NOT be a brain tumor and it's screwing everything up. My doctor and I kind of suspect it's growing in size because it's been getting worse, but that can't be confirmed without an MRI. So everything is on permanent stop until... I don't know. The earliest I can be treated for this with medicine is November. I've been working on TWD, but not here. I've kind of turned it into a tabletop rpg story not unlike D&D (but with far less dice rolls and unfortunately no dragons). I honestly don't know if I'm going to come back to this or not. Things just kind of got flipped upside down. I'm going to see how the next month goes and make the decision (and many more decisions) based on what happens. I've also got to start making money, but since I can't have a job due to the thing in my head it would have to be craft-based. Freelance, work-own-hours stuff. Which would take up a lot of time. So, just in case I don't come back for a long while, I will say goodbye. It was a short run, but it was fun. This is a good community and I was happy to be a part of it while I was here. But I've got to go get healthy and I don't know how long it will take. Toodles, guys, for now. Have fun and make cool things.
  2. On an indefinite health leave. Hypothyroid, in case anyone's curious. Toodles!

    1. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      You should see a doctor. They can help you. I have family with that.

    2. GameKirby


      then we wish you luck


    3. GameKirby


      then we wish you luck


  3. I'm in the middle of being really, really sick... Late congrats to the IIAW winners. I'm gonna go lie down now.

    1. Ragnos


      No one likes being sick. Hope you get well soon!

    2. Nirwanda


      Get well soon, (wo?)man!

  4. Having financial troubles, pushing back everything.

    1. magic2345


      Ouch, financial troubles are always sticky situations. Good luck on whatever it is happening to you!

  5. Have any of you guys made/tried to make any games other than video games? Tabletop, card, board games, etc...

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    2. _____


      Hmm, now i just thought of a very simple luck based uno battling card game.

    3. Rezanta


      It's almost fledged, just need to draw everything :P (makes it on the computer and runs out of paper) I made a pretty interactive card game with all of my characters of Scalvose, Avis, and so on. It also includes teasers to large scale story events in writing and all, and blends a few aspects from other tcgs together, like Magic, Magination, Yugioh, and Pokemon.

    4. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      I've tried making several card games. No luck with any of them. They end up too complex or too confusing on a mechanical level. The next one I'm trying to dumb down, but I don't really like simple.


      I'm weird, aren't I?

  6. Actually had a pretty wicked dream the other night. Mulling it over with an 80 oz. jar of pickle juice in my hands. It's still really, really hot.

  7. It's 90 degrees Farenehit in my house.

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    2. _____


      Alot better than 90 degrees kelvin.

    3. Chaosian


      I dunno, it'd be a much easier way to die.

    4. _____


      I suppose

  8. Work was a circus of wtf today. Chilling out with some Civ 5 and Westerson Prickly Pear :3

    1. JuJu


      glad to know I wasn't the only one who had a rough day (whew) maybe it's a blue moon? lol

    2. lonequeso


      Civ 5, ftw! My day was long, too, but a part of thta was self-inflicted. Tryin' to get at least 8 hrs OT this week. Chilling with Jack Daniels myself :)

    3. Ragnos


      Civ 5 is good indeed. You should try out Stellaris.

  9. There's been a lot of discussion over game devs not being able to take criticism lately? Is there some llama drama in the dev world that I didn't hear about, lately?

    1. Rezanta


      Yep. I starts with me. Totally. I'm being extremely serious... Actually, in all reality, there's some folks who can't take a pinch of criticism.

  10. So, as many of you know, I had an entry in the IIAW contest that... It flopped. I'm not ashamed to admit it, it was bad. It was like half of a game. I haven't gotten any run problems with it or any bugs, no one's messaged me about them, BUT it still wasn't very good. I overloaded myself. The 'game' is called Welcome to Maggie's (WtM), which is supposed to be a crafting/business sim about a young lady whose bakery is going out of business. So, she seeks the help of a woodland gypsy. After drinking some strange tea, three fairies appear... And plan to teach her business. Also, people were saying it sounded a lot like the game 'Recette'. I had no idea what that was until yesterday. So... Yes. Yes, it is kind of sort of like Recette. But not really, Recette is a game. I am still working on the game, because I'm having a lot of fun with it. Plus, it's good practice for my TWD, which has a LOT... A LOT... Speaking of which... I'm going to be honest, I need a break from TWD. I'm stuck on the combat. It's driving me up a freaking wall, and I need a breather. Not like a couple of months, just like a week or so. I'm back to work, and that coupled with my health and ex-boyfriend issues has been a stressful time. I work part time as a fast food cook, for those that don't know. I work at night, which has less customers than the day, but there's more cleaning. It's one of the most relaxing jobs ever. It's really just managing time, but you don't have to think. I get to turn off my brain, put my body on autopilot, and chill out. It's a crappy little job, but it's a good crappy little job. I have a raspberry shake right now and I plan to enjoy it. Toodles.
  11. So does anyone else here cook?

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    2. magic2345


      Just very VERY, simple dishes.

    3. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Yup. Anything from lasagna and meatloaf... to ice cream and cakes... even toffee.

    4. Chadzter01


      Only simple dishes.. I'm such a lazy person. lololol

  12. I may have drawn a gypsy. http://i.imgur.com/2WXSYBH.png

    1. PowerBurger


      Oooh, pretty! I like :P

    2. TheAwfulWaffle


      ...I think I might have angered a witch with it because i just spilled hot pepper juice all over the kitchen floor.

  13. TheAwfulWaffle

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Alright, it's time for me to wave the white flag. I'm done, I've resigned myself to the very little I accomplished. It's 4 am, I have to work in less than 7 hours, it's done. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bm6efhehgb8gike/Welcome%20to%20Maggie%27s%21.exe?dl=0 Welcome to Maggie's! Come explore the limited adventure of a young girl whose bakery has lost all profits, and whose home is on the line. She's so desperate for help, she's even willing to follow the rumors of a mysterious woman in the woods who has been known to 'get things done'... Eck, get things done. I did none of that. Of course I'm disappointed, it really did turn into tribbles. Incomplete tribbles. But this was my first IIAW, so live and learn I guess. I'll be signing up for the next one now that I've learned a little bit, as long as work permits it. There are two custom images, one custom music track... That's it... That were done by me. The rest is RTP. RTP and the pitch modifier. As for the actual 'game', there are a few sketchy pieces at the very end (two dialogue options I forgot to fill in, I think), but there shouldn't be any bugs. The 'fighting' is incomplete, as well. ...i sowwy. There's quite a bit of reading, as the intro plays more like a visual novel, so if you're not into that or don't want to play the game, here's pretty much the jist of what happens. When I get a solid, actually has stuff in it demo, actually get to play the game demo, actually have things happen demo, this game will be in the lounge. ...Guys, I haven't been outside in 6 days. Toodles.

    1. Ragnos


      *Flails arms around*

  15. The only thing I've done today is eat watermelon chunks with chopsticks.

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