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  1. Guardinthena

    Advanced Recipe Crafting

    Hello Vlue! I realize that this script is old and a lot of people have moved on to MV, but might I ask something of you? Is it possible to implement a way to choose a select few of the crafting categories rather than just all of them or one? I am merely trying to organize my crafting categories in my game. For instance, I have a smithing station (we'll say an anvil) and when the player selects it I wanted the crafting menu to display some of the crafting categories such as Armorer, Blacksmith, and Weaponsmith in a selectable tab as appears in the CraftingAll script call, but for obvious reasons I don't want Cooking or Alchemy to come up at the Smithing Station. I have tried to do this already using the craft script call before the Scene but none of the crafting categories come up unless I reduce it back to one, or the script plays favorites and ignores one for another. This was just something that I noticed while tinkering around with the script and thought it would be a nice addition.
  2. Guardinthena

    Identify Item

    Darn, I was hoping it might be a simple addition but that's okay. Using an identify scroll as you suggest is just as effective.
  3. Guardinthena

    Identify Item

    I hope this isn't considered necroposting, but is it possible to add an additional identification method such as <identify:skill> say if a wizard in the party has an Identify Item spell? Love the script and intend to use it in my game asap!
  4. Guardinthena

    Visual Equipment

    I hope this isn't necroposting, I ran across your script while trying to find information about visual equip for my game. Never heard of the paperdoll script by Vlue so I need to check that out. But I saw you needed generator parts. If you still need them I've run across a few sites in my own searches: https://ccrgeek.wordpress.com/tag/visual-equip/ And- I hope this helps you.
  5. Guardinthena

    Help Window for Choices

    Hello DP3, I was seeking a script just like this one and unfortunately the link to the script is broken! It misdirects to bogus sites. I was hoping if you could be so kind as to fix the link that would be wonderful!
  6. Guardinthena

    Simple Detect Script

    Sorry for necro-posting (is this necro-posting?) Is it possible to make this script capable of detecting other events other than the player? Say if we have an Enemy Event and there is a Friendly Event within the Enemy Event detection radius, then it will go after the Friendly Event?
  7. Guardinthena

    Resource Repaints

    This album includes a repaint of the stone door character (!Doors3) within the Rpg Maker Vx Ace game itself. I was in need of a brass door and needed something old and weathered. So I created this oxidized and semi-oxidized variations of the original resource. I wanted to share it here with the community for anybody who needs something a little old and a little used for their games! It's part of a tileset I'm working on for dwarven cities. Since it is from the original game itself, it is naturally free to use in commercial and non-commercial games so long as credit is given to me for the repaint. Have fun creating!
  8. I hope I placed this in the right section. I was thinking about using the Victor's Visual Equip for my game, but realized before I downloaded it that I'm working with different sprite sizes. I'm using the sprites from Looseleaf in the Game Character Hub for humans and elves, and the sprites for VX Ace for halflings. I had to custom make my own sprite for dwarfs because I did not like the one in the Game Character Hub. I eventually intend to custom create sprite sheets for cat, dog, and bird folk and a playable Minotaur race. Will Visual Equip recognize that I have different sprite sizes if I upload the sheets necessary that correlate to those appropriate sizes or is it for a one size sprite only? I was curious because I saw in all of the photos that its just the sprites for VXAce.
  9. I'm looking for assistance and advice with a Common Event that I'm working on that deals with a Calendar system and special events that happen at specific times. The calendar common event that I've set up in my game is a duplicate of this tutorial from youtube: Rpg Maker Vx Ace Tutorial- Clock and Calendar by Redweaver. My situation is this: I'm going to be running a weather system where for 6 months in game it is total darkness and for another six months the sun is out and never sets. The fantasy world in my game has three moons that help provide illumination during the dark months. The closest one circles the planet every hour, the second moon four times at dawn, noon, evening and midnight, and the last moon operates the same as our own moon. I wanted the lighting to change every hour when the closest moon approached (tinting the screen to sunset or something for 10 to 15 minutes in game for example). When the second moon approached I was debating tinting the screen to a soft blue to single it's passing. The last moon again is like ours, so it would be a soft typical illumination. For the closest moon,(and really all of the moons based off when they pass) would it be best to create a conditional branch at the end of my Calendar common event that checks for when +1 has been added to my hour variable and tint screen until 10/15 minutes go by? Or would it be best to create a separate Common Event called Moon Cycles to check for this? I am uncertain if adding too many events in one common event will slow it down or if it would be best to break them into two common events to prevent clutter in a common event. So, hypothetically, would the event be something like this: conditional branch, if variable: Hour add+1 then, tint screen: sunset, conditional branch, if variable: minutes add +10 and/or+15 then tint screen normal? Do I need a loop at the beginning? I've been seriously considering using Khlas's lighting script further down the road, would it be easier to use that in regards to what I want? In a similar situation above, I was going to create a separate Common Event for crops/respawning plants that can be harvested in game for future crafting purposes. I just wanted to double check with other people who have done this sort of thing before that I'm on the right track in regards to creating a separate common event that calls to the Calendar event to operate it, while on the game maps they call to the common event to reduce unnecessary clutter right? Does anybody have any ideas, advice, to keep this simple and clean or more effective eventing/scripting ideas? I'm trying to event everything first before going to scripts - I don't want to over clutter my game with potentially unnecessary scripts if I can just event it, but I'm not opposed to scripts, rather I love them. Thank you everyone in advance that takes the time to read through this and/or comment. It is greatly appreciated!
  10. Guardinthena

    free resources One Cut Studio's Free Resources

    I've been seeking minotaur sprites for my game and I love the one you've created! Will we see a complete sprite set of it in the future?
  11. Guardinthena

    ILurota's XP to VX Ace characters

    Thank you so much! I have been going crazy looking for Minotaur sprites and other monster ones and fretting about resizing sprites for my project. With these, it makes things so much easier! Thank you SO much! Btw, are there face sets to go with some of these?
  12. Guardinthena

    Creating Hard Light Bridge Animation

    Quack, I would love to say 'thank you, thank you, thank you!' This projectblurp is beautifully done! Exactly what I was looking for! I will be changing the color to blue, and messing with the graphics a bit, but this is exactly what I needed! Thank you! Tsarmina, I want to say thank you too! You're input is so valuable as well! It has actually helped me with animation on other pieces through out my game(s)! (I forgot about the animation change through Move Route, like, I knew it was there in the game system somewhere but forgot where, its been awhile for me). Also, in answer to your questions, my bridge does not have a rail, I don't have Hime's Tile Swap or Neonblack's Terrain Tags but I do do parallax mapping. And it does make sense (for the parallax mapping) but I am going to have to check out Hime and Neonblack's stuff. It sounds interesting. Again, thank you both so much! I think that this about wraps this up!
  13. sorry it took me a minute to reply back, I've been a bit busy in RL as of late Anything is possible really, but if you're going to use this method for multiple party members, it will just require a little more planning. Take a look at the Script in the [HUD] Common Event: (specifically the numbers in red) mhp = $game_party.members[0].mhp hp = $game_party.members[0].hp calculate = (hp * 100) / mhp screen.pictures[99].move(0, 10, 10, calculate, 100, 255, 0, 60) $game_party.members[0] - Refers to Party Member Number 1 screen.pictures[99] - Refers to the HP Slider with the ID number 99 move(0, 10, 10, calculate, 100, 255, 0, 60) - The blue numbers set this image at (10,10) All you really need to do is calculate where you want each image to be in relation to the screen. If you have Photoshop (or even MS Paint, you can use anything) create a mock up of what you want your HUD to look like and where you want it to appear. The default screen size for the game is 544x416 pixels. This will help you determine where each (x,y) coordinate should be for each image. It would be easier for you to script a loop for each party member, but since you said you're not a coder (which is totally fine) you could simply copy and paste each section and change the IDs. So this section: Refers ONLY to Party Member Number 1's HP mhp = $game_party.members[0].mhp hp = $game_party.members[0].hp calculate = (hp * 100) / mhp screen.pictures[99].move(0, 10, 10, calculate, 100, 255, 0, 60) and this Section: Refers ONLY to Party Member Number 2's HP mhp = $game_party.members[1].mhp hp = $game_party.members[1].hp calculate = (hp * 100) / mhp screen.pictures[98].move(0, 10, 20, calculate, 100, 255, 0, 60) Obviously, 98 and 99 can be anything. You'll just use whatever numbers you assign to these images. The same would be said for coordinates (10,10) and (10,20). These coordinates would be in relation to wherever you place your images. Hope that helps. If you need anymore help, you could take a screenshot of your mock up, and I could break it down for you even further ^^ I'm not quite sure I understand the question, it could just be because I'm running on like 4 hours of sleep lol Essentially, the way I handle party members is just to reference them by $game_party.members[x] - Where x is their position in the party when x = 0, that is Party Member #1. (In programming, elements typically start at 0) So say your Party is set up as so, and you want to display all 4 Main Party Members in your HUD 0 - Hercules 1 - Xena 2 - Zeus 3 - Hades And you decide to change the Formation of the Group, so (1) Xena and (3) Hades switch places. You won't need to make any script/event configuration or changes. The set up will then be: 0 - Hercules 1 - Hades 2 - Zeus 3 - Xena You're basically telling the program, "I don't care WHO is in this POSITION in the Party, just show me their HP/MP/EXP/Face" By using $game_party.members[x], you can then gather any information that you need on that Party Member without using a variable. So, $game_party.members[2].hp says to the program: "Show me the Current HP for Party Member Number 3" Hope that answers that question, if not I apologize, I must be reading it wrong I do have a question though. Say I wanted to add a fancy frame to the sliders with a picture of the character's face. How would I add that in and would it change locations as easily as mentioned previously? Would it be possible to make it look like the 'sliders' in Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Arcanum, etc, or something similar and/or fancier? After rereading this, I believe what I'm trying to ask is how to do a foreground image? Also, if I had the character's face displayed next to the HUD, how would I make it change when they were 'hit' or low on health? Would it simply be changing the foreground layer when a 'hit' is detected or they hit a certain low health? How would I set that up?
  14. Oh wow! I just was looking for multiple health HUDs for party members! Thank you so much for posting this!
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