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  1. hello

    Hello! Welcome!
  2. Simple House.PNG (For my First Game)

    Tileset I made for my game. (I used the default RTP for reference and editing)
  3. Nice to meet you~

    Welcome to the group!
  4. Hi homies!

    welcome to the group!
  5. Starting to create some tileset for my village. So far so good. =3

    1. Rikifive


      Nice! Keep it up then! :D

  6. Hello everyone!! ^_^ Starmage here!

    Hello! Welcome to the group!
  7. Hi everyone!

  8. Howdy

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  9. Hello World !

    Welcome to the community! =3
  10. YEY! I have managed to recover my account! :D

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      Oh I was worried when you went quiet like this. Glad you managed to get it back. c:

    2. Chadzter01


      Thank you so much Riki, Couldn''t have done it without your help. =3 :giggle:

    3. Rikifive


      Heh, I don't even remember if I actually did something in the end, but you're welcome! :P 

  11. Looking to Establish a Team

    No problem, no need to rush things.
  12. The Follower Idea

    Not a bad idea, I shall go with the flow. =3
  13. Status update!!!  :D

    1. Amysaurus


      Status update reply!! :)

    2. Chadzter01


      Status update *Like* :giggle:

    3. Rikifive


      Status update image! :o

  14. Very nice parallax mapping! Love the tree combinations and grass contrast. Good job! =3 With regard to the castle/school map, I think you should move the fountain out a bit because it destroys the perspective if you put it too close to the wall.
  15. Looking to Establish a Team

    Hi Tarq~!... I think i should start being more active here. SOooo i shall start here. I am interested to join in a team and learn new things rather than focusing on working alone (though i like to work alone on my game, which is a secret for now,hihi) If there are any available spot left for an artist, I am willing to help. Though do not expect much as i am not "That" good. ( i mean, i know how to draw but still not that good).Sad to say that I can only work on my free time since real life is a pain in the ass. That's all thanks~!