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    art [Professional] Character Artist for Hire!

    Just wanted to update the thread with some commissions done last year.
  2. Hello! I'm a professional freelance illustrator that specializes in character art and character design. I've been freelancing for 4+ years and have a lot of experience working with clients of all kinds. Whether you need me to design a character for your project, make sprites with various emotions, or just create splash illustrations or CGs, I can help with your character art needs. I love collaborating with others on exciting projects! I am perfect for those of you looking to budget work out over the course of many weeks or months, but I'm also great with working on tighter deadlines for those of you needing to wrap your project up quickly. I am serious and dedicated about my work, so I expect you to be the same for yours. I have fast communication, free consultation, and I will work closely with you to make sure your commissions come out the best they can! You can email me at jwhitneyart(at)gmail.com for more information and prices. This is the best and fastest way to contact me. I try to quote each project individually, since I understand that everyone's project is unique and requires different kinds of assets. Thank you for your interest! Here's some samples of my work. You can view more work in my portfolio HERE CONCEPT ART CHARACTER REFERENCES ILLUSTRATIONS
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