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  1. Zielach

    DRC 01

    it looks nice, but that green is so saturated it burnt my eyes a bit.. XD
  2. Zielach

    Kotori's Mini Cat Contest

    congrats shin and tsarmina i guess ill take the two legacies of kain, so shin got a horror game XD
  3. Zielach

    Kotori's Mini Cat Contest

    good luck everyone!
  4. Zielach

    forum games Ask a random question

    i would personally use a machete, its more stealthy.. and it gets everything less dirty e_e which do u prefer, nyaaa, nyaaa or nyaaa?
  5. Zielach

    Kotori's Mini Cat Contest

    I drew another one! I like this one more so I wanted to replace it with my actual entry
  6. Zielach

    Kotori's Mini Cat Contest

    I think it's done! They are so cuteeee <3 I used this image as a huge reference though.. I had a lot of fun doing them
  7. being a god is cool! but now i turned into a neko and lost my god powers.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kayzee


      *cuddles Zielach* So cute! I think you will find that being a god is kinda lame. I rather be a fairy or a cute catgirl!

    3. Zielach


      *cuddles back* yeah, i was tired of ruling over things... being a god is such a huge responsability

    4. Kayzee


      *pets the cute neko* It's better to just lay back and play!

  8. Zielach

    Kotori's Mini Cat Contest

    I want to participate!!
  9. Zielach

    Isometric Forest Ruins

    © Zielach

  10. Zielach

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    It might not be enough to win, but I drew this...
  11. Zielach

    Isometric Medieval town

  12. Zielach

    Isometric Medieval town

    Just done this for practice

    © zielach

  13. Zielach

    withering of the forsaken

    thanks! i just wanted the character to look more detailed XD it would be way too big if it matched the background pixels xd
  14. Zielach

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    i order you to sign me up ill maybe do art okai btw once again i thought it already started and i did some crappy art even before i asked to be signed up lol
  15. Zielach

    withering of the forsaken

    a screenshot of my game. im working on the background and a few more stuff
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