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  1. In case the title wasn't specific (Which is my fault BTW ^^'), I don't know how to animate backgrounds (Or at least give them a sort of scrolling effect)
  2. Kirbster


    Oh, I thought it was a technical problem ^^'
  3. Kirbster


    Apparently, the character sprite for my game (Sonic Chronicles) won't show up. It did fine, but when I worked on the opening cutscene, nothing would appear (Not even forcing it through an event would work) Help?
  4. Yeah, it turned out the format was the problem :/ It worked fine on other games like Ib and FNAFB
  5. Kirbster

    Newbie questions

    Thanks! You really help a lot!
  6. It's me again, Kirbster Superstar! I have some questions because I really want to make my game good! 1. Is it possible to include voice acting and a few platformer moments in your game? I want to make an RPG fan sequel to Sonic 06, but I want to to stay true to the core elements of Sonic games: Speed and platforming 2. Is it possible to use movies in the beginning of your game? I've always had a thing for intros, especially in anime. I don't want to an intro when the game begins and have person dig into the game data to watch the opening intro again. Animated cutscenes is also a must for my game. Does anyone know a converter that supports MP4 to OGV? 3. Can you use different battle themes? 4. How do you use full body sprites for dialogue + with different emotional variations? I hope to have feedback, would be appreciated! (******I AM KEEPING THE BANNER HERE TO USE FOR MY SIGNATURE******)
  7. It didn't work Well, then... I don't know what to do
  8. Kirbster

    Sugar Sweet

    How do you get the (almost) full body dialouge sprites?
  9. (I'm new, so expect some cringe heading your way ^^') Hello, so I'm making a fangame called "Sonic Chronicles: Mephiles Reawakening" and I wanted to borrow some OST to use for my game. Problems have arose, however. I see a lot of people got stuck in this dilemma as well, and I used MP3s to play in the background. While trying to test the sound, none was to be heard. I tried importing the sound via resources, nothing. Importing in File Explorer, no. Anyway to fix this? Help will be appreciated!