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  1. I have all the DLC available on STEAM for horro but I sttll feel like I'm missing things, but I'm not sure what does anyone know any more horror or evil, or dark tile sets ?
  2. Whitewitchworks

    Combat AI for party

    I am bumping this topic as I still need help
  3. Whitewitchworks

    Animation size?

    Great Thanks so much ^^
  4. Whitewitchworks

    Animation size?

    Hi guys Ok so Part of the way I want to handle More powerful skills is by having an Image of a summoned creature enter the battle screen and blast the monsters right? Anyway I tried testing the Idea using a random Battler (A water sprite I think) anyway Her picture didn't fit. What Dimensions does the animation need to be so it's not cut off?
  5. Whitewitchworks

    Two different Battle types in one game?

    hrmm that is something to consider, I'll see how that works thank you, sorry for the late reply
  6. Ok simply put, in the game I'm working on, when our Main character gets to this magical world she discovered that Battle in this world plays by certaine rules (turned based combat ala genral RPG) However, because she's from another world, she's not tied by these laws, and by being in combat with her, her team mates and opponents are also freed from these restrictions, so Basically I need to know if it's possible for the game to switch between battle systems? A turn based battle system for if the Main character is on the team. and a freeform battle system when she is.
  7. Whitewitchworks

    Can't find any RPGVXAce files?

    Ah! Thank you so much, I was having such a hard time trying to find it ^^ Thank you ^^
  8. Ok, So for some reason when I got the full version of RPGVX Ace of Steam I now can't get any of the files for it. When I had light I was able to get like the Tile set files to edit but now I can't And I can't add anything like New option to the character generator or anything, does anyone else have this issues?
  9. Whitewitchworks

    Free Unofficial sequel? is it possible

    That's all true, I guess I'll go for it and if they say take it down, I will though honestly I don't think It would interest them at all, I have no illusion that people would get my game mixed up with the real 'Last Of Us' or anything So I honestly don't see what I'm doing as a threat to them. Thanks for the explanation and advice
  10. Ok So Basically I love the Idea behind the last of us, I want to see it explored more. Now seeing how good it did it is possible naughty Dog will do a sequel But theres never a garentee. I want to make one. But I'm not sure whether it constitutes Theft. I'd Offer it for free, And it wouldn't involve any characters from the first one (except infected of course lol) Basically I'm setting it in England. A safe Zone in the North is over run by infected while the PC is out on a scavenging mission. so her and the survivors decide to travle south to find a new safe zone. Do you think that would be ok as long as I credit Every one and Make it for free?
  11. Whitewitchworks

    Ice floor effect?

    Aha! That's exactly what I need thank you thank you thank you both your great
  12. Whitewitchworks

    Ice floor effect?

    Ok so here I am.. again... stuck again... I am so sorry so essentially what I want to do is make the floor of the puzzle room slippery and essentially make it and ice floor puzzle where you have to slide from stone to stone till your aligned with where you want to go. But I can't seem to find where to do that in the events panel any suggestions? or is this a full version needed sort of thing?
  13. Whitewitchworks

    Event keeps repeating?

    Yeah I was getting it crossed on how it neeed to be lol I can be a bnehead sometimes Honestly I'm just trying to build what I can with the lite version untill I can afford the full version
  14. Whitewitchworks

    Event keeps repeating?

    Ahaha! That was just it It's working now, Thank you loads I was so stuck LOL
  15. Whitewitchworks

    Event keeps repeating?

    Oh I'm sorry, that should have been obviouse, Ok here are the screen shots of the two pages for the event I want to stop. I tried switches but it's just not working