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    Timed States

    Um..I dont know if you're still here but uh...there's something that's kind of a problem that I..uh..need to report. I tried testing the "Deathmark" skill from an enemy using this script. For the most part it works but at the same time it doesn't even want to affect the intended target. For example: the Deathmark skill hits Party Member #4, but it affects Party Member #3 instead. Even when he/she is not in the party. I've also tested this in a test game..same result. Seems to be a bug of some sort
  2. PnFforever

    Scene Themes 1.5

    Ive been testing this script. It works mostly great, tho I cant get some of them to work. But the important part is the chaging windowskin messges. Though, everytime I use the Wait for [x] frames command, there seems to be a small delay when a messagebox changes windowskin. and I had to manually change it to the default one for the next message. Was it something I did wrong when eventing?
  3. Is there a way to have each actor having different collapse sound and death message when they die? Example of message: "(Actorname) is defeated!"
  4. PnFforever

    Copy enemy skill

    How do I make this script work. I tested it with one skill, but the enemy skill is not copied. EDIT: I finally made it work
  5. PnFforever

    Disable Map Tint in Battles

    I got one question, I don't really get the whole switching ON and OFF of the script. How do they work?
  6. Allright. I'll try that @Second Post: It works! Thanks
  7. So. There's this fangame I created. And one of the items included is a device that allow transportation to other areas. I wanted certain maps to restrict the use of the item. Is there any way to have any map to restrict the use of an item?
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