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  1. PnFforever

    Scene Themes 1.5

    Ive been testing this script. It works mostly great, tho I cant get some of them to work. But the important part is the chaging windowskin messges. Though, everytime I use the Wait for [x] frames command, there seems to be a small delay when a messagebox changes windowskin. and I had to manually change it to the default one for the next message. Was it something I did wrong when eventing?
  2. Is there a way to have each actor having different collapse sound and death message when they die? Example of message: "(Actorname) is defeated!"
  3. PnFforever

    Copy enemy skill

    How do I make this script work. I tested it with one skill, but the enemy skill is not copied. EDIT: I finally made it work
  4. PnFforever

    Disable Map Tint in Battles

    I got one question, I don't really get the whole switching ON and OFF of the script. How do they work?
  5. Allright. I'll try that @Second Post: It works! Thanks
  6. So. There's this fangame I created. And one of the items included is a device that allow transportation to other areas. I wanted certain maps to restrict the use of the item. Is there any way to have any map to restrict the use of an item?