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  1. Linnet5

    Music by Geluf

    Hey just wanted to tell you that I think this is some amazing work!
  2. Linnet5

    Music Feedback Thread

    Thanks for your feedback! I agree that my track is pretty centered at least in the beginning before the chiptune synth really kicks in. I like your track. It's very minimalistic and spacey. I think I'd personally add a breathy synth pad (or a strings ensemble) at 0:07 or maybe a little later when the lead comes in to fill up some of the empty space and make the sound of the track be more "breathy" as I think that'd go well along with your track. You could also experiment on adding some more high end sounds/melodies over the track to make it occupy even more of the sound spectrum. If you would like to make the sound of your song to be more tense you could add some bass strings or low rumbly bass synths to give the low end some tension as well Overall I agree with you that there could be more in this track and honestly the possibilities are quite endless, but this is what I would personally do. - - - - - - - - - https://soundcloud.com/linuskarlssonbtbs/nothing-like-home-longer-version-wip This is a track that I wanted to make sound very homely and cozy but also adventurelike. First it ended up a bit short and a bit too cozy so I basically changed the entire theme of the song and now you could say that the song is divided into two parts. The homely sound and the big anticipating sound in the second half. I want to know what you guys think about this track.
  3. Linnet5

    Music Feedback Thread

    I very much like the weird robotic sound you seem to be aiming for, and I think you capture it very well. Regarding if it's too weird... I'm going to have to say no there as well. Is weird what you're going for? Then yes you've succeeded brilliantly since it remains catchy even though there's some unexpected weirdness going on! Overall I really like your track as it's both something new and creative and since it's catchy! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - https://soundcloud.com/linuskarlssonbtbs/boss-transcendance-wip This is my Boss song TranscenDANCE. It's supposed to sound catchy get you pumped. I picture the boss to be some kind of robotic clown/joker, but that is not decided yet. Please let me know what you think .
  4. >tfw when you try so hard and got so far! but in the end it doesn't even matter #meme

  5. Linnet5

    Good VS Evil: The Fateful Curse

    I really like the autosave as well! as previously said very good job on this game!
  6. Just finished an 7 hour studio session with my band! Exhausted!

    1. JRolik


      Did you have fun?

    2. Linnet5


      Yes and no! It's fun when stuff gets done/sounds good but it makes you SO exhausted. It's worth it though! I just really need to wind down now :).

    3. JRolik


      I was in band at school but never had 7 hours of it. I admit, 7 hours sounds exhausting, but I'd probably have fun at the same time if it's with people I enjoy and stuff.

  7. Linnet5

    Good VS Evil: The Fateful Curse

    Alright awesome! I just managed to reach lvl 2. The difficulty seems just about right now (at least for me). No more button mashing means that I can focus on dodging which is good in a bullet hell shooter. By the end of stage 1 it got a little easy with the wide beam but as soon as I entered the forest the game felt balanced again (which is also good cause it makes the player feel progress). To be honest this is a really good little game, and I think you should definitely be proud of it !
  8. Linnet5

    Good VS Evil: The Fateful Curse

    Neat project! I haven't tried it out that much since I couldn't beat the first level (and I easily get frustrated when I suck haha ). If you'd like some criticism/review of the very small segment I played I would say that I think your game could benefit from automatic fire on the Z button since right now it's pretty much button mashing to get the fastest damage per second! I love the intro, and the art in it though! The music is great too! I'll make sure to follow this project! But I might not be able to beat the first level cause I'm such a noob haha !
  9. Linnet5

    Hi there!

    I agree! Some of my favorite music is from old games and it makes me glad that some producers still makes music like that even today! Also thank you very much!
  10. Linnet5

    Chill-out Corner (Fave Music Thread)

    A very good athmospheric song if you don't mind screaming vocals (as well as normally sung ones).
  11. Linnet5

    Hi there!

    I know that much (even though I'm still struggling with it at times not going to lie ^^) and since I've been playing guitar for so long it's kind of easy to compose using just ears and whatever I know about music theory! Thank you anyway though! . Nice to meet you Jaluna!
  12. Linnet5

    Hi there!

    ayo JRolik! (is it J Rolik, jrolik or just Rolik ?) I play guitar and sing! We've played many different genres but right now we're doing some kind of alternative poprock or indie rock if you will. It's fun that you mention piano/keyboard since I basically have been trying to learn more about keys for a few weeks now since it will help me compose music for my current game project! Thanks Cadh!
  13. Linnet5

    music Tunes of Leejionnaire

    This is very good! Not much more to say!
  14. Linnet5

    Hi there!

    Hi there RPG Maker community! I'm Linnet! I just wanted to introduce myself since I'm planning to use this site from now on to communicate with the rest of the community! I'm currently developing a game with my dear friend! I would love to meet some new friends to talk about and learn game making in rpgmaker with! A little about me! 1) I make music! And i have been playing in a band for about 5-6 years (give or take). So naturally the first step I've taken in the game making progress except from planning is to compose the soundtrack! 2) I love gaming old school. Call me a hipster if you will, but I adore pixel art, retro game music etc. My first ever game I played was Super Mario World when I was about four or five years old! (My family had to take away the super nintendo because they feared I would become addicted!) 3) I am an optimist. Might be a good or a bad trait, shining a little light onto certain situations usually helps me through hardships though! There's so much more I could be saying about myself, but let's not focus on me too much! I'm here to get to know you as well! I hope we'll get along well!