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  1. In Ace you were able to use script calls in the damage formula of items to change their values. But when I use $gameVariables.setValue(31 ,6); it doe nothing, while $gameVariables.setValue(31 ,6) as script call works perfectly fine. So what am I doing wrong?
  2. I fixed it. I do not understand why but by making game_actor[1].equips[0].nil? the first condition and putting everything else into... "else" I made it work. I would like to know why it works this way, so I will keep it open for now. Will close it if no one bothers to explain.
  3. The issue with that is, that depending on that variable "x-Affinity" a different state is supposed to be applied
  4. So I wrote this commen event, which uses script calls to check which kind of weapon type hero1 has equipped on the main slot and depending on which weapon type that is and on the value of a certain variable the hero gains a certain buff and of course these buffs shall get removed if the hero has no weapon equipped or if a different weapon type is equipped. Right now I only have added the buffs for one weapon type, since I am just setting this up, but the part of receiving the buff works fine. The problem is, that if I remove the weapon entirely (changing weapon is no issue), the game crashes and I get the error I set all of this up by finding pieces via google search, so I only semi understand what these script calls are doing.
  5. Gabre

    N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats

    Question: I have created the stat "sres". But when I use the stat, for example with "b.xstat.sres" as an enemy resistence stat, the whole skill deals no damage. And yes, I have created the stat for enemies and it is by default 0 (":sres => 0,"). edit: (completly forgot about that one). I found out that I somehow managed to write ":sr'es" and did not noticed that until I picked up the project again
  6. Gabre

    Bind equipment slots

    Ooooh. I clicked on cancel instead of ok when putting the link! XD