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  1. Deniskam

    map Map of Italy

    im not sure if this post goes here but... This is the map of Italy.. you dont need to give me gredit for this... italy.zip
  2. Deniskam

    Shopkeeper have money and more request.

    i found how your script works...one edit on script and some eventing... in the script line 56 i changed the " $game_system.shopkeeper_money + (number * buying_price)" to "$game_system.shopkeeper_money += (number * buying_price)" else the shopkeeper dont increase his/her money. in the eventing it must go like this $game_system.shopkeeper_money = $game_variables[12] shop variable operation:[0012]=$game_system.shopkeeper_money before the shop event i added a autorun event when the player enter the shop to set the value of variable 12 each shop has a difrent variable... now we have two choices... 1] we can say that the script is ok if i [or someone else] follow this method and have tons of variables -who can easy change by eventing or 2] you can try to edit the script to include variables so we can later call the shopmoney with a script call like " $game_system.shopkeeper_money = shopmoney [x] " ?? to save event variables for other things... in any of thoose 2 choices the script still needs a Gold Icon window in the shop scene who will show the ammount of shopvariable during the shop scene... if this is not possible i will try a backup way of Napoleons "show text script" thnx
  3. Deniskam

    Shopkeeper have money and more request.

    1] when you cant sell an item because the keeper dont have the money to buy it . you simply cant sell it.. what the script needs is one of the two or both if you can. 1]the keepermoney to have an gold icon on shop screen so the player can know how much money the keeper have. 2]a message while the shop screen from the keeper ex:"i cant buy this"... 2] when you buy an item the money from the item ex:potion 1000 g they dont go to the keeper in skyrim the shopkeeper had by standar 5000 as you did but when you bought something from he/she ex potion 1000 g the result was [ 5000+1000] and when you sell something he/she loses money. maybe i ask to much the script is really good i didnt expect someone to reply so fast..
  4. Deniskam

    Shopkeeper have money and more request.

    forget part 3 it can be done with events .
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    star wars Star Wars Force Wars The Untold Story

    VERSION 0.6 is up After correcting a few errors we are preseding the new version here. Dagobah Story is almost Completed but hey... Check Coruscant again... Dungeons are more better and more close to the real thing.. and many many more changes... Download here.
  12. Game Title:The Untold Story Role Play Game in genre RPG. It has Five Planet's to Explore,each planet has it own Story ,the Galaxy had it own story and the protagonist had her own story. Each Planet has Secrets and Mini Games , the galaxy have many other Secret and non story Planet's for the Player to Explore.. Main Story:The protagonist of game, Thala is a Human from Alderaan who is trained to be a Je'daii Ranger (yes Je'daii not Jedi and that because the game is at the Force Wars Era at 25,793 BBY--Year's Before the Battle of Yavin--) , But somehow she had Contact with a great Menace...is the Galaxy Doomed or not?? that is for you to Deside. Features: About 20-60 hours of a gameplay. Game contains enough of secrets. Mini Games and Casino's. One Main Story of the Era besides Protagonist Story and the Planet's Stories. Difficult and interesting bosses. Screenshots: Minimum Requirements Windows XP (or Above) 1.40 GHz 448 mb Ram 400MB free space in Hard Disc Version :0.5a Credits: The Following includes all Pluged in Materials and Stuff used for the creation of the Game Star Wars (Force Wars) The Untold Story. SPRITES AND TILES future-joy-tilee.png -by- aweryn,Nomicom,Enterbrain,Shiro,Kaduki Future Kitchen -by- Hyptosis Star Wars Jedi Starfighter -by- Loppa92 Bobba Fet sprite -by- Weem Twi'lek Jedi sprite -by- Blake Ezra Frankened head sprite ,Astrodroid Blue & Red sprite,Special Twilek sprite,Mandalorian sprite,Protocol Droids sprites,Zabrak sprite,Jedi2 sprite,Yoda -by- SithJester airship2 sprite -by- ALX_Zero,Avadan Bobba Fet Head,Trooper Heads -by- Everaldo / Yellowicon Y Wing Ship,Trade Federation Battleship,Speeder Bike,Droideka,Imperial Probe Droid,Slave I Ship -by- Jonathan Rey Star Wars Battle Droid -by- kaio89 SciFiTiles -by- 512_zps6308a7e5,Enterbrain,Abyss flag sprite -by- vkraina.com ice dragon walk -by- Sen? dragon Eggs -by- Matsuo Kaito Predator Sprites -by- Blade3327 Fishs -by- Aindra sNOW Titleset -by- Titanhex N'Kata Del Gormo -by- Wookiepedia.com rpg_maker_2d_graphics -by- sexwithsexy-d3csn0e BATTLE SYSTEM ACTOR PICTURES Dragons -by- Zephyrskye Actors -by- Heromachine.com,Enterbrain,Degica Co., Ltd ENEMIES Rpg vx,Rpg vx Ace,Rpg xp General -by- Enterbrain,Degica Co., Ltd Beast's,Monster's -by- Sievel,Wookiepedia,tattooshowtime.com Wookie Warrior -by- battlefront.wikia.com Rakata and other Special's -by- Heromachine.com,vizk23 SYSTEM PICTURES IconSet -by- Mudducky Images -by- Wookiepedia.com Faces -by- Heromachine.com,Wookiepedia.com,Enterbrain,Degica Co., Ltd,Face Maker Red Dragon Face -by- grzanka Green Dragon Face -by- Karl Smink Wookie Face -by- William Beem rpg_maker_vx_ace_only_title1 -by- nicnubill-d6pnraa Dagobah -by- Hamten Kvothe -by- jodeee letter paper x -by- spidergypsy Pirate ship waallpaper -by- tinkerbell3 Elf Princess -by- Rebeccaweaver Elf Ranger -by-- Elle Walby Kashyyyk -by- Wutangclanshirt Star Wars Rakatan Life -by- Apneicmonkey SCRIPTS â–¼ BATTLE â–¼ Active_Bonus_Gauge,Active_Chain,ATB,ATB_Meter,ATB_CP_Animation,ATB_Schala,ATB_Skill_Name,Battle_Cry,Battle_Hud_EX,Battle_Command_EX,Battleback_EX,Battler_Motion,Battler_Shadow,Battle_Cursor,Battler_Poses,Aura_Effect,Blitz_Commands,Boss_HP_Meter,Combo_Count,Damage_Popup,Kekkai,Ougi_Animation,Scope_EX,Transition_EX,Actor_Picture_CM,Animation_+,Saga_Skill_System,Active_Timer,Ultima_Hud,Skill_EX -by- Moghunter Critical Flash -by- V.M. of D.T Actor Victory Exp -by- Tsukihime batlers convert -by- FenixFyreX Battle in Vehicle -by- BulletXt Undefeated Hidden Enemies Visual Fix -by- DerTraveler Actor Voices in Battle Version: 1.0 -by- DiamondandPlatinum3 Actor Voices -by- DiamondandPlatinum3 Enemy Hp Bars -by- V.M of D.T â–¼ CORE ENGINE â–¼ Victor Engine - Basic Module -by- Victor Sant Ace Core Engine v1.09,Adjust Limits,Ace Menu Engine,Ace Shop Engine -by- Yanfly Event in load game -by- Tsukihime â–¼ GAMEPLAY â–¼ Mouse System,Special Keybinds -by- V.M. of D.T ZoomingCharacter Sprite Zooming,Item Rarity,vehicle Events,Inventory Sorting -by- Tsukihime Pause Script Version 2 -by- Unsigned_Zero Playtime in Menu -by- Shadowmaster9000 Sprite & Window Smooth Sliding,Pixel Movement,Awesome Light Effects -by- Khas Arcthunder Sprite Reflection -by- TDS,Cozziekuns,voyager4383 Ace item Menu,Ace Status Menu,Engine Ace - System Options -by- Yanfly Region Effects -by- Galv spawn an event inside Area -by- Yanfly & Quack CP Passive Skills v1.1 -by- Neon Black Notebook System Version: 2.6 -by- Estriole Variable Shops -by- Mr. Trivel Chain_Commands,Diagonal_Movement,Elnard_Enemy_Encounter,Event_Sensor_Range,Pickup_and_Throw,Extra_Pattern,Monster_Book,_Character_EX,_Event_Text,_Parallax_EX,_Picture_Effects,_Weather_EX -by- Moghunter Hover Alerts -by- modern algebra â–¼ MENUS â–¼ Madoka Title Screen,Adv_Load_Bar,Character_Select,Menu_Cursor,Scene_File_A,Wallpaper_EX -by- Moghunter Video Before Menu -by- Lethrface Skip Title Screen -by- bStefan aka. regendo â–¼ MINI GAMES (scripted) â–¼ Fishing Mini Game -by- Galv â–¼ SYSTEM â–¼ Resource Checker,Test Edit,Character Sprite zoming,Data Backup -by- Tsukihime Correct Sprite Display V1.0 -by- Moby Gold Icon -by- Vindaca Region Effects,Parameter Names,Map Positions -by- Galv Graphical Object Global Reference -by- Mithran Victor Engine - Control Codes,Victor Engine - SFont -by- Victor Sant VXAce_SP1 -by- FenixFyreX Keyboard Input script Version 1.0a -by- Neon Black Engine Symphony - Pop Message -by- Yami Ace Message System v1.05 -by- Yanfly NAME INPUT USING KEYBOARD -by- Estriole â–¼OTHER â–¼ VX to Ace Conversion Program -by- FenixFyreX Tutorial for Comon Events -by- Despain Racer mini eventing -by- dinhbat3 Exe Icon Changer -by- Angus Johnson www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ Captain Harlock (Anime Series) â–¼CREATION â–¼ Map's -by- Wookiepedia.com Story -by- Wookiepedia.com,Jim Kama,Denis Kama,Maxim Codrat Story Creation -by- Jim Kama,Denis Kama,Maxim Codrat Map Creation -by- Denis Kama â–¼MUSIC â–¼ Midi Sounds Collection -by- Kickass Torrents.com,Demonoid.org (Unkown Seeder) El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido -by- Sergio Ortega Darth Malgus Voice -by- Jamie Glover â–¼PACKS â–¼ High Fantasy Mega Bundle -by- Jesse and Megan (Includes HF1,HF2, TD Expansion) Download: Download Here Known Issues: -is Version 0.5a so it might have many problems...but they all will fixed up. -Read The Blog For more.
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