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  1. Apparently the script was affected by the site migration so you can download it here if you want a clean version https://www.dropbox.com/s/rloftmzysowo5f2/ffx_battle_order.rb?dl=0
  2. Shiggy

    Actor Idle Animation Script

    Following a request, the script has been updated: https://www.dropbox.com/s/frqs24vqutfn95q/idle_anim.rb -A license has been added (you can use the script however you want but there is no warranty and you need to include the license and copyright terms) -The animations now work only if a switch is turned on (but that switch will be turned on automatically at the start of the game) - Beside the idle animation, you can add a blinking animation, every few minutes the sprite of the character will change for 10 frames as if the character was blinking
  3. Shiggy

    Shaz's Region Common Events

    Ok good, I've updated the dropbox file in case someone else uses the script.
  4. Shiggy

    Shaz's Region Common Events

    Obviously, it's been a while so I'm not sure. But with a quick glance . I would say that at line 37, it should be @req.push(@reg_evt[next_reg]["trigger_face"]) instead of @req.push(@reg_evt[reg]["trigger_face"]) Try it, I will then update the file if it works.
  5. Shiggy

    Game Idea!

    I just discovered this thread. I love the plot. It goes through all the JRPG tropes I like while still being unique. I would make the weapons stay the same, but gain more stats or change names /appearance as you progress through the main quest. Thematically, I like the idea of the weapons being old artifacts that regain their power through the game. Mechanically, I like guaranteed power increases. Also I made an ace script for party tp a while back. https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/37825-party-tp/?tab=comments#comment-264743
  6. I updated the script, it should work wirh Yanfly battle engine core https://www.dropbox.com/s/hhil5y24yv4j4vx/ColoredEnemyName.js?dl=0
  7. Sorry there was some error in the plugin, it wasn't reading parameters properly. I fixed the script but it only works for the default enemy selection window. I amy be able to modify it for another pluging if you tell me which one makes the ennemy name appear.
  8. Try this plugin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hhil5y24yv4j4vx/ColoredEnemyName.js?dl=0
  9. Shiggy

    Help with checkIsAlive for Troops

    ok sorry the event trigger should be enemy below 0 % hp(not sure it would work with turn X event trigger) to make sure there no enemy left when reinforcement arrive try if script $gameTroop.aliveMembers.length == 0
  10. Shiggy

    Help with checkIsAlive for Troops

    Try using this plugin instead http://himeworks.com/2015/10/end-phase-triggers-mv/ and run an event that makes ennemies appear when the first ones are dead
  11. Shiggy

    Help with checkIsAlive for Troops

    It looks like you didn't define checkIsAlive checkIsAlive should be a boolean you should write something like $gameTroop.isTroopReinforcementAdded(1, true) or $gameTroop.isTroopReinforcementAdded(1, false) or even $gameTroop.isTroopReinforcementAdded(1)
  12. Shiggy

    💖My Little Pony: The Game

    You can't lock the resolution? This is the simplest solution. What are your targets platforms? I fiddled a bit with web games where resolution has to adapt to different browser windows sizes as well as work on mobiles, tablets. Here is what i did: I consider three different parts of the game: the HUD, the background and the game zone I plan the game zone for the lowest resolution (let's say 200x300) and I scale it up by full integer if I have enough space (so if my output device is 900 x 900, I scaled my game zone by 3) . All the game movement has to be scaled up as well (you are moving three pixels/frame instead of one pixel/frame) I then put my game zone in the center of the screen. The HUD size is determined the same way as the game zone buts its position is determined by percentage of the screen size. The background is the trickiest one, you can start with any resolution, you scale it up to the nearest integer but upwards this time so if your background base resolultion was 200x300 and your outputdevice resolution is 900x900, you scale it up to 1000x1500 but you put your background image origin at (-50, -250) . It looks nice but in this situation, you will have 100 pixels horizontally and 600 vertically that are not visible, horizontally you even have 300 pixels that are visible but not playable (because not in the game zone). This worked well for me because I knew the background would be totally separated from gameplay for me and was just decoration. So you would have to adapt this strategy to your game or use a background unrelated to gameplay just to fill the screen (think about these 4:3 to 16:9 fillers people use sometimes on youtube for retro games). Also this work well when you know your lowest resolution will be very low (smartphone) but with a 768x432 default resolution, it may not be as good. I know this is a bit complicated so I hope it helped. You can find more (and better) information about this online. Good luck with your project.
  13. Shiggy

    Shiggy Longer Item Description crash

    Honestly, I'm more surprised that it wasn't mentionned before (it seems weird but it could have disappear during site migration). I can't seem to be able to edit the post so I will ask a moderator I suppose. As for why I used cancel_enabled? It's because process_handle is a generic method from Window_Selectable and I wanted to make a new version of item for Window_ItemList And because I was beginning at the time , I copy paste the process_handling code. What you are supposed to do normally is this: def process_handling super return process_description if Input.trigger?(:SHIFT) #<===== change which button to press to show window end as a Ruby programmer (super calls the method with the same name from the supercalss) or alias longer_item_description_process_handling process_handling def process_handling longer_item_description_process_handling return process_description if Input.trigger?(:SHIFT) #<===== change which button to press to show window end if you are making a RPG Maker script (the alias makes a copy of the current method, let's say another script situated above this one modify the method by adding a button for :CTRL , it would be overridden by the super way of doing but not by the alias way, so script maker should favor alias for script compatibilities)
  14. Can you send of screenshot of what your pursuer event looks like, please?
  15. (I had an idea but I then realised it doesn't work)
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