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  1. Okralord

    Threshold of a Dream

    Check it out! Get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dl5q57pl3truddd/Theshold_of_a_Dream_Master_Quest.zip/file This is a classic JRPG style adventure heavily influenced by Final Fantasy and Zelda. The story is based on various dreams the creator has had as well as adventures he had with his friends growing up in the woods. CREDITS: "Threshold of a Dream" written and created by Caleb Camp Story based on the dreams and childhood experiences of its creator Created using the RPG Maker MV engine Special thanks to Sean Sneed Music and Sounds: Animal Counterpoint (Animal Village) [prophetik] The Wind Outside (The Egg) [Ten19] Climb My Mountain, This High (Tal Tal Heights) [Benjamin Briggs] Fierce Melancholy of the Woods (Mysterious Forest) [Dj Mokram] Facies Templum (Face Shrine) [prophetik] Skoldpaddsklippan (Turtle Rock) [Dafydd] House of Frogs (Richard's Villa) [prophetik, Fishy] Preluematsude (Prelude) [Jeff Ball] Voices of the Deep (Catfish's Maw) [prophetik] Camelot Monastery -Darren Curtis Exotic Plains -Darren Curtis Fireside Tales -Darren Curtis The Magicians Sorrow -JStewartMusic Ice Sickles Melting -Caleb Camp Sound effects by Dreadshadow Engines & Plugins: Yanfly Moghunter Galv Victor Sant Mark Przepiora DreamX Shaz Mr. Trivel Hudell
  2. Okralord

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath LAG

    Ok so I removed the sound effect that plays for each tick of the exp bars and it seems to have fixed the lag. However, it would kinda suck to not have the satisfying beeps as those exp bars fill up. So I'm trying to find a way to fix it still. Are you running MV? What sound effect are you using for the bars? P.S. Thanks for replying, DarkEspeon! EDIT: Well, I'm actually still getting the slowdown...I've tried this out on different systems so I don't think it has anything to do with hardware.
  3. Okralord

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath LAG

    HELLO! I'm getting some pretty bad lag during the exp bars part of Victory Aftermath. I've tried changing the sound effect used for the bars, as well as the tick count. Neither of these things has helped. I saw another post that said he "resolved" the issue and that it was lag due to having to many tabs open in a browser, but I'm not running it in a browser. I don't even have anything else running in the background and there's plenty of RAM available. I also tested on other PC's and it's giving the same result. Link to the plugin: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/13/yep-7-victory-aftermath/ I would greatly appreciate any help with this. Thanks! -Okra